30 grams of protein in foods, protein in food
30 grams of protein in food
Studies have shown that 20-30 grams of protein is enough for us to start and accelerate the processes of muscle building and recovery as much as possible, and increasing its amount does not give any additional benefits. Most trainees are aware of the 20-30 grams rule and which foods contain a lot of protein, but if you don't count all the macronutrients, it can be pretty hard to imagine what 30 grams of protein look like
cardio training on drying the body, how much do cardio
Cardio on the dryer
Aerobic exercise is one of the most effective ways to get rid of excess body fat when an athlete needs to lose weight. Aerobic loads in bodybuilding are used when it is necessary to indicate the relief of muscles, while cardio in bodybuilding has a completely different purpose than in other sports. The thing is that aerobic training not only burns excess fat, but also helps to reduce muscle mass
training during menstruation: is it possible to do, the benefits and harms
To achieve good athletic performance, you have to do a lot of hard and regular exercise. Women, unfortunately, sometimes have to deviate from this rule because of the menstrual cycle, since not all the fair sex are sufficiently aware of physical activity in this period. Most girls who want to stay in great shape try to use every opportunity for training
Franco Colombo tips.
Tips Franco Colombo.
Franco Colombo is an example of how to overcome difficulties. Only by overcoming difficulties do you gain strength. But without a fight, strength means nothing, because victory can be won only by fighting for it. Franco is a pleasant conversationalist with a great sense of humor, and he stays that way all his life
how to pump up a trapeze, the best exercises for a trapeze
Best trapezius exercises
Professional bodybuilder Joni Jackson deliberately did not develop his trapezius muscles. As a teenager, he simply performed extra shrugs at the end of each workout. As a result, he received an outstanding trapeze, for which he gained his popularity. After all, these muscles really help to achieve an impressive appearance
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Take care of the joints!
Content 1 Preventive measures to help protect joints 2 Miraculous drugs 3 Suffering Eases Vitamins 4 Fats Improve Joint Performance 5 No grease anywhere Preventive measures to help protect joints Bodybuilding is to many's liking. We love him and prefer not to know that practicing this sport sooner or later can lead to the destruction of joints
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Bodybuilding Nuts
Achieving tangible results in bodybuilding is associated with limited nutrition. Especially, this applies to those foods that have a lot of calories and which can affect the growth of adipose tissue. Many athletes suffer greatly from this, but you can always find an alternative. Nuts belong to those products that in bodybuilding can replace a lot of products that are useless for an athlete