delicious whey protein from qnt: how to take protein reviews
Delicious Whey Protein by QNT
The European protein, marketed under the trade name Delicious Whey Protein, is a complex based on whey protein. The supplement is of high quality and content of all amino acids and nutrients required for muscle tissue growth. The amount of carbohydrates with fats is minimized. The protein complex is intended for use both during drying and for mass gain
extension of the arm on the upper block while standing: execution technique
Extending arms on the upper block while standing
This exercise involves all triceps bundles, but to a greater extent - the lateral (external lateral) bundle. The main purpose of its use in bodybuilding is to give relief and clear detail of the contours of the triceps muscle, the visual separation of its bundles among themselves. Content 1 What muscles work 2 Technique 3 Recommendations 4 Priority What muscles work Triceps shoulder Auxiliary: ulnar muscle
training program after 12 weeks
Training program after 12 weeks
When you have crossed the line at 12 weeks, you should change the training program. First of all, orient yourself, the initial program continues to work for you or not "> Keep in mind that for the first few weeks, the power effects grew extremely nimbly, not so much with the help of increasing strength and muscle mass, but with the help of getting your body accustomed to a more economical form of performing procedures
we build biceps "according to the recipe" of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Build a prescription biceps by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Times change, and with them undergo changes and criteria for assessing certain achievements, which can be clearly seen on the development of bodybuilding standards. Nevertheless, in this area there is a classic that has not lost its real relevance in modern times. We are talking generally about the arms and, in particular, about the biceps of Arnold Schwarzenegger
athletic gymnastics: a set of exercises for beginners
Ageless Athletic Gymnastics
Athletic gymnastics occupies a special place among sports, since the complex of exercises allows not only to improve strength indicators, but also teaches them how to spend them correctly. It is not for nothing that athletic gymnastics is considered a recreational sport, since it is permissible to engage in any kind of exercise
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L-carnitine Liquid by Biotech USA
Sports supplement L-carnitine Liquid, manufactured by the American company Biotech, is pure L-carnitine. The supplement helps to accelerate fat burning processes and increase the relief of muscles. The main advantages of this sporpit over analogues are the purity of the composition, affordable cost, optimally balanced dosage
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Eleutherococcus in bodybuilding
Climbers and people working in extreme conditions of highlands and the North, widely used extract of Eleutherococcus. This plant is an adaptogen of natural origin, which has a stimulating effect and a general strengthening effect for health. Eleutherococcus is used in bodybuilding. Bodybuilders who take this plant adaptogen leave mostly positive reviews