calorie table - canned meat and smoked meats
Calorie table - canned meat and smoked meats
In the calorie table, products such as canned meat and smoked meats are presented. All data is indicated per 100 grams of product. Product Water Squirrels Fats Carbohydrates Kcal Braised Beef 63 16.8 18.3 0 232 Tourist Breakfast (Beef) 66.9 20.5 10, 4 0 176 Tourist breakfast (pork) 65.6 16.9 15.4 0 206 Minced meat 63, 2 15, 2 15
extension of the arm on the upper block while standing: execution technique
Extending arms on the upper block while standing
This exercise involves all triceps bundles, but to a greater extent - the lateral (external lateral) bundle. The main purpose of its use in bodybuilding is to give relief and clear detail of the contours of the triceps muscle, the visual separation of its bundles among themselves. Content 1 What muscles work 2 Technique 3 Recommendations 4 Priority What muscles work Triceps shoulder Auxiliary: ulnar muscle
swinging dumbbells to the side while standing: execution technique, photo examples
Mahi dumbbells standing sideways - execution technique
In order to develop the middle bundle of deltoid shoulders, athletes include in their training program, swinging the arms with dumbbells to the standing side, performed from a standing position. This muscle group is the main one in this exercise. In addition, there is a load on the trapezoid and on the rear deltas
how to increase immunity for an adult, folk remedies at home
How to increase immunity to an adult
There are many ways and recommendations to strengthen the immune system. Some do not bring any result, while others, on the contrary, can significantly increase the protective functions of the adult's body. In order not to waste time searching for suitable methods, you should immediately familiarize yourself with those approaches that are truly proven and effective
workout - beginner training program, exercises
Workout - a sport accessible to everyone!
The direction of workout , the name of which came from the English word workout , arose at the end of the twentieth century. America became its "homeland", or rather, the courtyards of the United States. A mandatory element of the workout is explosive strength and endurance training. There are some differences between the American and Russian styles
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Creatine - how to take, all you need to know
Many sports nutritional supplements do not contain something indispensable. So is creatine. This supplement has proven effectiveness, but it may well be synthesized in the body. We obtain creatine phosphate from amino acids, that is, with a sufficient amount of protein food. If there is a protein deficiency, the supplement will solve the problem of insufficient creatine
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Weight Training Program
Composing a training program in the gym is a lot easier than it sounds. It is enough to have an idea of ​​the basics of the training process to independently develop a program for muscle gain. The main thing is to understand the basics of what should be an effective weight training, performed in the gym, and how it is composed. Co