what to drink after exercise for muscle growth and recovery
What to drink after training?
To fix the result achieved after the training, to get rid of fatigue and pain, to increase the general tone, athletes take special drugs. This must be done no later than an hour after the completion of the lesson. Thanks to the use of the right supplement, training becomes much more effective, as the achievements obtained are consolidated, and recovery is many times faster
narrow grip bench press: a technique for performing which muscles work
Narrow grip bench press
The narrow grip bench press is used in bodybuilding and powerlifting to work out triceps. It is also more demanding for the anterior delta, and is not indicated for those who have an active injury to the shoulder joint. Many people squeeze narrow and medium grip even more than wide, 81 cm. This is due to the predominance of triceps
how to look younger than your age and live longer, 9 ways
9 Ways to Look Younger and Live Longer
Most people mistakenly believe that youth can be restored only through plastic surgery, cosmetic preparations and procedures. There are much less dramatic ways to look younger than your true age, which have a beneficial effect on both appearance and the body. There are many ways to prolong life and look younger, and the following nine are recognized as the most effective
5 tips from Arnold Schwarzenegger
5 tips from Arnold Schwarzenegger
What is a typical American success story, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who came to the United States at the age of 21, knows perfectly well. Then he was a very young teenager, he had practically no money, and his ability to speak English left much to be desired. However, this guy from Austria possessed such qualities as self-confidence, ambition and hard work
the most popular sports in Russia, rating top 10
The most popular sports in Russia - TOP10
Sports competitions have always occupied a leading place among other types of active time spending in Russia. As various polls show, most of the country's inhabitants have tried themselves in one or even several sports. Such statistics, of course, involuntarily raises the question as to which particular sport is most popular in Russia "> Content 1 The relationship between the spread of certain sports and the development of society 2 Ten Most Popular Sports 2
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Gainer - for gaining mass
Balanced sports special nutrition is just as important as well-designed and regular training. A rational diet is necessary not only for athletes who are fond of power sports, but also for those who promote an active lifestyle. And in order to eat properly, you should know about what a gainer is , how it differs from protein
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Leg Press
Being a good alternative to squats, especially for athletes who have back problems, this exercise will work out a large array of muscles of the front surface of the thigh and provide an incentive to increase their mass and strength. In terms of load, it is slightly inferior to squats, but exceeds the degree of isolation of the power work of the quadriceps femoris