Letrozole in bodybuilding: how to take on PCT, contraindications
Letrozole in bodybuilding
Among nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitors, the drug Letrozole has gained wide popularity among athletes. The tool is in demand in 65 countries. It blocks aromatase enzymes. The drug is actively used by athletes and bodybuilders. Letrozole is widely used as a supplement while taking a steroid course in order to achieve a decrease in estrogen concentration, as well as to increase the hormone testosterone
cardio workouts for weight loss, how to properly perform cardio for burning fat
Cardio Slimming
In order for cardio training to achieve your goal, you need to know the basic rules for performing this type of physical activity, as well as when it is best to perform cardio - before or after strength training. Content 1 What does “cardio” mean?> 2 Cardio and weight loss 3 How dangerous can jogging be? 4
4 ways to quickly remove fat from your hands
4 ways to quickly remove fat from your hands
After I was on a diet and doing sports, I managed to lose a few pounds. However, even after everything I did, there was one problem - excess fat in the arms. I really wanted to get rid of him, and so I started looking for special exercises that could help me with this. I did it, and now I want to share my experience with you
de may's tenacity and his secrets of pumping hands
De May's tenacity and his secrets of pumping hands
Injury opened up new training opportunities for De May Of course, the technique that most of his sports life used in his training, Berry de May, a famous bodybuilder and a charming athlete, was by no means unsuccessful. Even at the age of twenty, he won thanks to this technique the title of champion in his native Netherlands, and a few months later with the same unchanging confidence went to the European Championship, where he was prepared for an equally amazing surprise: first place in heavyweight
tai-bo: what is it, exercises for beginners, exercises for weight loss
Tai bo
Tai-bo is an aerobic group program aimed at those who want to lose weight. In one lesson, up to 900 kcal is burned. Great "> Content 1 What is Tai Bo 2 Ty Bo Beginner Workouts 3 Stamina Development 4 Technique of performing various elements of martial arts 4.1 Source Rack 4.2 Direct hit with the left hand 4
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Fish Oil by Optimum Nutrition
Optimum Nutrition's Fish Oil is an essential health supplement for athletes and ordinary people. Gone are the days when fish oil was an unpleasant addition to the child’s diet, they drank it with spoons and nobody liked it. With Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil Capsules, you will not feel any unpleasant taste - only benefits for the heart, blood vessels, hormonal system and recovery.
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Sean Ray
Anthropometry Height: 170 cm Competitive weight: 98 kg Biography Sean Ray - a famous bodybuilder who was called a genetic miracle, Sean Ray was born on September 9 in the town of Fullerton, California, USA. He was the eighth child in the family. After Sean Ray went to college, he began to engage in the gym