How to do an injection in the buttock yourself

Injection into the muscle is the easiest and most convenient way to introduce the medicine into the human body. For the injection, you need to choose the largest muscles. Also, the injection site should be removed from the nerves and blood vessels.

The most suitable muscle is the gluteus. It has the largest amount of muscle tissue, as well as a small number of nerve endings.


  • 1 Preparation for injection
  • 2 Injection
    • 2.1 There are 4 rules for intramuscular injection:
    • 2.2 Procedure for intramuscular injection at home:

Injection preparation

When conducting intramuscular injection, at least basic hygiene must be observed. You need to prepare an ampoule with a drug, a syringe in a sealed package, a nail file to open the ampoule, as well as a piece of cotton or a cotton ball and an antiseptic. Try to choose the best quality syringes possible, because the sharper the needle, the less painful the injection will be.


When conducting intramuscular injection, there are 4 rules:

  1. The patient should be in a horizontal position.
  2. The buttock must be mentally divided into 4 parts and injected into the upper right square. Otherwise, there is a risk of touching the sciatic nerve.
  3. The needle must be fully inserted into the muscle.
  4. The slower the drug is administered, the less pain the patient has.

The procedure for intramuscular injection at home:

  1. Open the syringe package and connect it to the needle.
  2. Check the name of the drug on the ampoule and its concentration.
  3. File the ampoule with a nail file.
  4. Moisten a cotton wool with an antiseptic and use it to open the ampoule. If the ampoule bursts, the fleece will protect you from cuts.
  5. Collect the drug into the syringe. If possible, do not touch the walls of the ampoule with a needle.
  6. Wipe with a cotton swab with an antiseptic injection site.
  7. Check that there is no air in the syringe. To do this, press the piston and release a small stream of the drug. If you notice the presence of large air bubbles in the syringe, you can click to beat on the walls of the syringe. Small parietal air bubbles can be ignored.
  8. With a sharp movement, insert the needle into the muscle at a right angle.
  9. Slowly press on the plunger of the syringe to administer the drug.
  10. Lower the piston not to the end, but to the last risks. This is necessary so that parietal air bubbles remain in the syringe.
  11. Remove the syringe and apply a cotton swab with an antiseptic to the injection site.

If you are piercing a course of drugs, then try to alternate the buttocks, and also apply warm warmers to them to prevent the formation of abscesses.