Build a prescription biceps by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Times change, and with them undergo changes and criteria for assessing certain achievements, which can be clearly seen on the development of bodybuilding standards. Nevertheless, in this area there is a classic that has not lost its real relevance in modern times. We are talking generally about the arms and, in particular, about the biceps of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Their shape, size, expressiveness, structure, sharpness of outlines can very well be considered as today's standards.

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Psychological background, mood training

The importance of a positive attitude towards training can hardly be overestimated. According to the Austrian Oak, it included imagination, imagined visible to the eye muscle growth, such that the arm became the size of a room. These are fantasies, but motivational fantasies.

Arnold says that one should not limit the size of the biceps in the mind; on the contrary, one needs to imagine something resembling a mountain. Then psychological restrictions disappear regarding the achievement of a certain result. A big goal (even in real life unattainable) implies great results. A realistic goal, even if achieved, is a mental limitation of one’s own aspirations.

The subtleties of supination

Arnold himself describes the supination by the example of flexions with dumbbells. Initially, the arms are lowered, palms and thumbs pointing towards each other to fully stretch the biceps. Then, as the dumbbells rise, you should turn your thumbs in opposite directions. At the moment of the end of the lifting, the arms are completely bent, and the hands are turned as much as possible (if possible, of course). The supination movement is called the inversion of the wrists and hands.

According to Schwarzenegger, barbell bending is the most effective exercise in mass building. He himself begins to move the bar from the hips (with a classic grip, determined by the width of the shoulders), pushing it slightly with the body to give inertia; inertia gives time to concentrate. After complete contraction of the muscles, the projectile slowly lowers to its original position. At the moment of turning the palms up, the supination movement occurs. This technique allows you to raise the external heads of the biceps during the entire time of their contraction; in addition, it contributes to the development of the entire central part of the muscles, called balls.

A few technical recommendations from Arnold

Arnold believes that in the process of training biceps, the following technical principles should be observed:

  • the need for variety - training equipment (dumbbells, blocks, bars) should be changed;
  • the obligatoriness of the isolated load specifically on the biceps, which should work without the help of the back muscles, deltoid muscles, etc .;
  • the desirability of using the full range of movements (excluding shock training with intense movements);
  • finding the optimal natural line of all movements and its use;
  • work with full concentration on the training - physical, psychological, mental.