The biggest bodybuilders in the world

It is a well-known and long recognized fact that at the Olympia competitions, bodybuilders usually have a height of not more than 180 cm. So to speak, the unwritten law is that, despite the participation of tall athletes (above 180 cm. ), reward "undersized" bodybuilders. An exception to the rule is the tall Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose height is 188 cm, who nevertheless won the victory in the competition “Mr. Olympia”. The reason for this phenomenon is unknown and unfounded. Many fans are familiar with real bodybuilding athletes with unrivaled growth. Here are a few athletes who are taller than 180cm.


  • 1 1. Noah Steere
  • 2 2. Ralf Moeller
  • 3 3. Lou Ferrigno
  • 4 4. Greg Kovacs

1. Noah Steere

A real bodybuilding giant appears before the viewer with a height of 204 cm and weighing 160 kilograms. The volume of his biceps is 66cm. in girth. Its unique physical characteristics make it popular among famous bodybuilders. The record he achieved in the competition is equal to fifth place, which for him is a successful result. At the moment, Noech rarely takes part even in demonstrations.

2. Ralf Moeller (Ralf Moeller)

Being a German by birth, Ralph has a height of 197 cm and a weight of 129 kg. Known for the fact that after a career as a bodybuilder, he followed in the footsteps of the great Arnie and even starred later in the series Conan Barbarian. On his account, several excellent militants - such films as The Universal Soldier, The Viking Saga, Batman and Robin, Tourist, Gladiator, Scorpion King, etc. The former bodybuilder found his recognition in participating. in the filming of films and does not regret it at all.

3. Lou Ferrigno

The athlete is 197 cm tall and weighs 132 kg. The most amazing fact is that usually tall boys can be seen even in childhood, and Lou was not at all distinguished by an enviable high growth, rather, on the contrary, he was a thin and short guy, not at all impressing the future bodybuilder. The boy’s extraordinary desire to find a beautiful athletic body nevertheless led him to the fact that many soon began to pay attention to the fact that Lou pulled himself up and got stronger. Despite the trainer's exhortations that he could not cope and nothing could come of it, the boy continued training already at home, in secret from everyone, and soon no one could recognize Lou. Thus, the athlete once entered the second place of the competition “Mr. Olympia”, which significantly increased his popularity among bodybuilders.

4. Greg Kovacs

A descendant of the “Viking giant” of his grandfather and the same tall giant of his father, famous for the whole district with his power and growth, Greg is truly a giant bodybuilder with a height of 191 cm. His weight is 183 kg. The athlete does not think to stop on his weight and in the future wants to increase his weight to 200 kg.

The article is devoted, of course, to the most outstanding high bodybuilders who are famous for their physical data. Perhaps we did not mention many of the “big” guys, but the fact remains that a large number of people live on earth with the approximate characteristics listed above. The 4 athletes described in this article are the most successful and recognized bodybuilders in the world. Thanks to bodybuilding, our athletes broke into the world of cinema and the world of show business.