How to exercise on a treadmill

Classes on the treadmill completely replace outdoor training. On this simulator, you can practice walking, light or high-speed running, completely controlling the intensity and speed of the exercises, while in the zone of the target heart rhythm. The acquisition of this sports equipment allows you to fully enjoy all the benefits of regular workouts right at home, maintain overall tone, improve health, and get rid of extra pounds.

Modern treadmills are significantly different from their predecessors. The technologies built into many models of the latest generation of iFit make it possible to engage in “virtual” running - to compete with athletes, choose any coach, including a famous person, as an instructor.


  • 1 Efficiency and effectiveness of a treadmill for weight loss
  • 2 Expected Results
  • 3 Best Treadmill Weight Loss Workout
    • 3.1 Training program
  • 4 Effective Fat Burning Exercises
    • 4.1 Interval training
    • 4.2 Training plan
    • 4.3 weight loss
    • 4.4 “Running” plus “Walking”
  • 5 Workout for burning five hundred calories
  • 6 Workout for all muscle groups
  • 7 Useful Tips for Beginners to Lose Weight
    • 7.1 For beginners
    • 7.2 Recommended exercises
    • 7.3 Increased loads
  • 8 What are the benefits of treadmill training?> 9 Treadmill and bench press - Video

Efficiency and effectiveness of a treadmill for weight loss

The popularity of the simulator for running among those who want to lose weight is incredibly high. First of all, this is facilitated by the incredible ease of handling and ease of operation, which do not require any special skills from the athlete. Home models have more limited functionality than professional ones installed in gyms.

The equipment of the former assumes the presence of a timer, the counting of the “covered” distance displayed on the display, and the latter, as a rule, includes special sensors for monitoring the heart rate. Having the ability to track the heart rate, the athlete can coordinate the goal of the activity, which can be aimed at training the cardiovascular system or burning body fat.

Options for some models include:

  • personal trainer;
  • strength training;
  • fat burning.

Expected results

Depend on the running speed and body weight of a person. Running at an average speed burns 100 calories every mile. Half-hour training at a speed of 5.5 km per hour allows you to get rid of 121 calories. The higher the speed, the faster calories are burned. Similarly affects weight. The more the runner weighs, the more intensively the kilograms leave.

The pace is important. It should be such that the person is a little out of breath, but be able to talk with someone from those around him. Once the right pace is set, it should be maintained. This applies to training and weight loss, and the cardiovascular system.

The effectiveness of the treadmill in the fight against excess weight is beyond doubt. The only obstacle to achieving the result may be your own laziness. Hardy and persistent people with a clear intention to lose weight achieve high results with this simulator.

Best Treadmill Weight Loss Workout

The simulator, regardless of model and functionality, supports several types of workouts. It allows you to exercise and with the goal of losing weight, and to maintain good physical shape.

The mistake will concentrate on one type. The desired effect is given by a combination of different methods. This is due not only to the correct distribution of loads, but also to the preservation of motivation. A variety of workouts will never get bored.

Training program

Walking must be alternated with jogging. This can be done cyclically, for example, run for 3-4 days, and devote the rest of the time to walking or change modes every time.


Intensive and short trainings break down body fat and slow down the process of forming new ones more effectively than long ones.

The body does not have time to adapt to the loads if the training is diverse. When classes begin to get bored, two simple methods allow supporting motivation:

  1. Watching TV

The option is present in all modern models of treadmills. You can watch your favorite shows and programs not only at home, but also in the gym. In order not to disturb others, headphones are connected to the simulator and the desired channel is selected.

  1. Listening to music

You can choose your favorite song or a dynamic melody. An excellent solution would be to create a selection of compositions specifically for performing exercises on the track.

Effective Fat Burning Exercises

The right treadmill in the fight against excess weight is made by correctly selected exercises that fully open up the capabilities and potential of this simulator.

Interval training

They demonstrated consistently high results in the fight against extra pounds and involve a combination of periods of performing various exercises with respite. The most effective are training with alternating exercises.

Workout plan

IntervalMiles traveledSpeed
Warm up00.0 - 1.06.50-7.00
Respite1.25-1.303, 50
Respite1.55-1.603, 50
Third1, 60-1, 858.00
Respite1.85-1.903, 50
Respite2.15-2.203, 50
Respite2.15-2.503, 50
Sixth2, 50-2, 758.00
Respite2.75-2.803, 50

All intervals are divided into separate segments. They suggest performing simpler and then more complex exercises. The former should have a duration of ten to forty seconds, and the latter should be shorter and last no more than half a minute. Such an approach allows exhaustion to such an extent that after the end of a workout a person simply cannot do even the lightest exercise.


Intensive training should be carried out at least three to four times every week. It is necessary to make sure that it is really complex, that is, it is not easy. Otherwise, no effect will be achieved.

It is best to start training with walking. No need to take high loads immediately. The next task after this is the choice of pace for jogging and maintaining it for half a minute, further slowing down with the transition to walking for forty seconds.

In other words, interval training is a combination of running and walking. Each mode is done at a specific time interval. This leads to an increase in metabolic rate and an increase in the rate of burning extra calories twice.

Weight loss

Great exercise for weight loss, which is perfect for those who don’t really like to just run in one place. Speed ​​at the first lessons can be kept on the order of five miles per hour.

You need to start with a three-minute warm-up at the same pace. Then turn left and run for another thirty seconds, a similar action is repeated to the right. Importantly, rearrange, but do not cross your legs.

As soon as the run to the left and to the right is completed, they return to their original position, that is, they turn forward with their hull and face, and jog for another three minutes.

The entire procedure is repeated until the total duration of the training is half an hour. It should end with a three-minute "jog" jog.

“Running” plus “Walking”

Ideal for trained people involved in sports on a regular basis. Training involves, as the name implies, a constant alternation of the "running" and "walking" modes.

A great alternative between walking, jogging and slow. Thanks to a more intense approach, this type of training allows you to burn about three hundred calories.

Workout for burning five hundred calories

It does not require spending a huge amount of time. It is enough to do about forty minutes. The secret to performance is to perform interval intensive training, which must be arranged four to five times every seven days.

Of course, you need to try to find time for classes. The result is worth it. For seven days of training, the student will lose almost half a pound, that is, about 200-225 grams. This allows you to give your silhouette so desired harmony in a short time.

Workout for all muscle groups

The author’s program from the trainer Melissa Paris from New York, which for several reasons can be considered the best. It includes many exercises aimed at working out not only the legs, but also the arms, the press.

The versatility of training is the main secret of success for those who seriously decide to do their weight. A daily workout with this technique gives a stunning result. Giving classes 35 minutes, after 10-14 days, the arrows of the scales will show a change in weight towards a decrease of 3-5 pounds (1.36-2.27 kg).

Useful recommendations for beginners to lose weight

Jogging has always been and remains the best solution for those who want to lose weight. However, running on the simulator is much more comfortable than on asphalt and concrete surfaces. If there is such an opportunity, then it is impossible to imagine a better solution than buying a treadmill.

Thanks to a well-thought-out design and ease of handling, the risks of injury on this simulator are practically reduced to zero. Classes on it are useful not only for losing weight, but also for those who want to get in shape after a long break, previously had a sad experience of joint damage.

Note for beginners

Accustomize the body and muscles to the loads gradually. It is recommended to start with a half-hour workout.

Recommended Exercises

If there is no physical preparation, the first lesson can last about ten minutes. Increase the speed by three points should each subsequent training.

When the training ceases to cause difficulties and discomfort, you can increase its duration to a quarter of an hour. In this case, it is better to set the fifth (5.0).

During training, the speed can be increased to 3.5 units and gradually reduced. As soon as these loads become comfortable, the total duration of the training is brought to twenty minutes and so on.

Load increase

You can change the type of training after a month of training on a treadmill. The best option is walking. It perfectly stabilizes the frequency of contractions of the heart muscle, contributes to a good study of leg muscles.

The recommended initial training duration is about twenty minutes. Further, an increase in the angle of inclination, i.e. the position of the track, is made. By changing the angle of inclination, the loads change. If it is increased, the loads increase, and when they decrease, then, on the contrary, they decrease.

The main thing is to comply with the following requirements:

  1. adhere to the usual duration of classes at 20 minutes;
  2. increase speed within 1.5-3.5 units for 5-7 minutes;
  3. change the angle of inclination within 2.0-3.0.

What are the benefits of treadmill training?> Treadmill and bench press - Video