Finger exercises

Exercises for training the muscles of the fingers are not always included in the general training programs. However, strengthening this muscle is very important and useful, including for people who are seriously involved in martial arts or other sports. This material is intended to deepen knowledge about various methods of training hands, both to strengthen them and to maintain tone.


  • 1 Warm-up exercises for the fingers
  • 2 Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the fingers
    • 2.1 Exercises
  • 3 Finger exercises borrowed from sports
  • 4 Exercises for the development of finger strength, borrowed from martial arts
  • 5 Special capture techniques in power sports
  • 6 Exercises for wrists, fingers and elbows - Video

Warm up exercises for the fingers

These simple exercises are recommended to be performed daily as a warm-up and to maintain muscle tone. Since they do not require any special adaptations, they can be done anywhere, for example, at the workplace or at the institute. If the correct technique is followed, they are absolutely safe for health.

1) A simple and effective exercise, which everyone knows - raising fingers to the sides with a fan. You need to try to make maximum efforts and move your fingers as wide as possible. The final position is fixed from 3 to 5 seconds. Exercise is performed 3 times, can be done simultaneously with two connected palms.

2) Bend your fingers into a fist so that it is not completely closed, then maximize muscle tension. The final position is fixed from 3 to 5 seconds. Exercise is performed 3 times.

3) The starting position is similar to the initial stage of the previous exercise. Tighten the muscles of the fingers as much as possible, as if making efforts to unclench your fist. Fix this position for 3 to 5 seconds, repeat 3 times.

4) Press with palms on each other with the maximum possible effort. The number of approaches and the time to complete the exercise is similar to the previous options.

5) Hook one by one the fingers of one hand with the fingers of the other in the lock, starting with large ones, and try to break this clutch. Perform 3 sets of 3 seconds.

6) Alternately rest with the fingers of one hand in the palm of the other. Perform 3 sets of 3 seconds for each finger.

7) Alternately squeeze each finger with the thumb, folding in a position similar to the original for the famous click. The lead time is 3 seconds per finger.

Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the fingers

General rules for performing finger muscle strengthening exercises:

  • The rest time between sets in one exercise should not exceed 1 minute.
  • The pause between sets in one endurance exercise can be up to 2 minutes.
  • Before doing the exercises, you must perform a thorough warm-up. Before each new repetition in the exercise, you also need to pull and wrinkle your fingers.
  • In order to avoid injuries, you need to carefully monitor the sensations during the exercise and avoid discomfort and pain.


1) Exercise machine for fingers. This exercise is very popular among climbers. It must be carried out very carefully to avoid damage. Requires a preliminary workout. First of all, carry out large hooks. One approach should take 15 to 20 seconds. The pause between sets is 1 minute. Unfortunately, a simulator for performing this exercise can be found far from every room.

2) Hanging on fingers. It’s best to place a piece of cloth under your fingers. Perform the maximum possible number of approaches for 15 seconds.

3) Performing an open grip hang. The lead time is 1 minute, for convenience it is better to use a thick bar. Exercise is effective and safe for the fingers. To increase the load, you can hang on one arm in turn.

4) Carrying out the rotation of the wrists using weights, for example, maces, sledgehammers or even a heavy book. It is carried out on a flat horizontal surface. Pay attention to the quality of the grip. The number of repetitions in the set is 20 turns, the number of sets is 3.

5) Flexion of the wrist. Starting position - the forearm is located on a horizontal surface, the brush with the load gripped by a direct grip hangs down. The amplitude of movement is until the brush reaches a horizontal surface. To reduce time, you can do it simultaneously with both hands using a barbell.

6) Exercise with an expander. The simulator, as well as the number of sets and reps, is selected individually.

7) Bending the fingers with a barbell, lower grip is applied. This exercise also effectively strengthens the muscles of the forearm. Starting position - forearms lie on a horizontal surface, hands gripping the bar with a lower grip freely hang over the edge. Raise and lower the bar, locking in the upper and lower points. Opening the palms in the lower position increases the effectiveness of the exercise.

8) Rotational movements of the stick with suspensions. As a simulator, a gymnastic or any other stick is used, to which the rope is tied. A weighting material is suspended at the other end of the rope. Take a stick with a medium grip and twist the rope by rotating the neck. Raising the load to the maximum point, begin to slowly unwind the rope. Make sure that all work is done only with brushes.

Finger exercises from sports games

1) Performing falls on the wall. The starting position is standing parallel to the wall at a distance of 1-1.5 meters. Fall towards the wall in a position similar to the emphasis lying on the fingers.

2) Squeezing the ball. Press the tennis ball with your fingertips as much as possible, avoiding palm touch.

3) Rolling balls. Move 2-3 small balls in the fingers in a free manner. You can use sand-weighted ping-pong balls.

Martial Arts Finger Strength Exercises

1) Pullups. They are performed on the fingers, as you master the exercises, you can use additional weighting.

2) Performing push-ups at your fingertips. This exercise must be performed very carefully so as not to damage the joints. Be sure to pre-arrange a warm-up. Fold your fingers so that they form a wide bowl. As you master the exercise, it can be complicated by several options: use one rather than two hands as a support, reduce the number of support fingers or raise your legs on a support.

3) Raising the water tank with the upper hand grip. Starting position - the hand is lowered. Raise to navel level. Increase the amount of fluid as the level of fitness increases.

4) Pulling a stick from the ground, which is previously driven there by 6 cm. Perform at the expense of finger strength.

5) Tossing the core. The core is held by the upper grip. The weight and size of the core are selected individually and gradually change upwards.

6) Blows with open fingers to loose or loose surfaces. As a simulator, you can use mounds of sand or cereals. As training increases, you can switch to harder materials, such as cardboard, plywood, and wood or tin sheets. This exercise is used in martial arts and an important part is the creation of a certain mood. Performing it, it is worth concentrating on thoughts about the penetration of the hand through the plane.

Special capture techniques in power sports

The tricks below were well known to old-school athletes, but are now in vain forgotten.

1) The use of instead of the usual special thickened barbells for the bar helps to strengthen the muscles of the fingers. This type of vulture is now quite rare, so you can try to make a thickening on the neck with the help of improvised materials. For example, you can wrap it in several layers with a band-aid or adhesive tape. A significant amount of consumable will pay off more than increasing the strength indicators of the muscles of the fingers. This simple technique gives truly enormous results, because the development of the muscles of the hands occurs side-by-side in all presses and rods.

2) As household weights, you can use various household items, the shape of which is not too convenient to capture. For example, lifting bags of contents, barrels, and other things is easier for a person than classic bodybuilding exercises. Meanwhile, they help to work out almost all muscle groups and especially the muscles of the fingers.

You can learn more about the old-school training system in the book “Dinosaur Training, ” written by Kubikov Brooks. This work sets out in detail interesting and proven training techniques. You can read the book on our website.

The methods of training the muscles of the fingers described in the material can be discussed on our forum. Here you can also get answers to your questions.

In conclusion, we recommend using special exercises with sports rubber to strengthen the fingers.

We wish you a great mood and sporting achievements!

Exercises for wrists, fingers and elbows - Video