How to remove fat from the back and sides

If the goal is to get rid of fat folds only on the back, then this is hardly feasible. However, it is quite possible to tone the muscles and strengthen them throughout the department.


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    • 2.1 No. 1. Pull-ups
    • 2.2 No. 2. Dumbbell Exercises
    • 2.3 No. 3. Renegade Thrust
    • 2.4 No. 4. Boat
    • 2.5 No. 5. Push ups
    • 2.6 No. 6. Jump rope
    • 2.7 No. 7. Exercise bike
    • 2.8 No. 8. Traction simulator
    • 2.9 No. 9. Plyometric Movements, Cardio

How to remove excess fat from the back?

The fact is that you can’t burn fat only in a certain small area of ​​the body. In any case, you need to work out the whole body and only then you can expect a really good effect. Of course, you can tone up specific muscles and make them stronger and thereby get rid of the problem in this area. The necessary result can be obtained by combining such exercises with cardio training (jogging, exercise on the simulators - it does not matter what exactly to use, most importantly, that the training is fun).

So, when the back is the most problematic area, it is recommended to start with training aimed at strengthening it. Most often, girls do not pay due attention to this area, concentrating on other muscle groups and ignoring the problem of excess fat on their backs.

In principle, this is normal, since rarely a person sees a reflection of his back in the mirror, he is always more interested in the front. Therefore, many simply forget about the back, and its strengthening is very important and not only from the point of view of aesthetics.

The study of this muscle group allows you to improve and improve posture, which implies a strengthening of the lower back. In addition, the shoulders in general, the upper back becomes stronger. The bent back may give the impression of having fat folds, even if in fact they are not.

Effective exercises from fat folds on the back

As mentioned above, by concentrating on working out the muscles of the back, you can improve your posture and gain a slender, beautiful figure.

No. 1. Pull-ups

Such training is the best in order to improve posture. No need to be afraid of these exercises, they only seem very complex. Moreover, there are many different variations that mimic motion data. In addition, some of them can be performed at home and in the gym to increase the load in order to double the process of obtaining the desired result.

Since the back consists of a large number of different muscles, such training is necessary that would be aimed at working out the entire number. Such exercises are pulling up, thanks to which all the muscles begin to work as one. Naturally, not everyone manages to hold out and not give up classes at the very beginning. But this is a bad example to follow. The goal is set and you need to achieve it!

It should be noted that this exercise will be most effective if it is performed with an external grip (the crossbar is clasped with the palms out). Of course, the other option is much easier, but in this case, almost all the load falls on the biceps.

Variations that mimic the usual pull-up:

  • Negative pull-up using stand. Stand on the stand so that the body is in the position of a complete jerk. Slowly go down, controlling the movement.
  • The use of mechanisms. Those are in all gyms and most often they are empty, scaring everyone with their terrible appearance. But in terms of mastering the breakthrough, these are great helpers. First, it is recommended to look at a good example of how to work with them, and then find a trainer and ask him to show exercises and talk about the specifics of classes with these mechanisms.
  • Use of rope (TRX). An excellent exercise to work out the top of the back, namely the largest muscles of the body. Most gyms have such a rope.

No. 2. Dumbbell Exercises

It will take a bench, a table or something like that. Put the right knee on the stand and take a 1-2-pound dumbbell in the left hand. Lean back slightly and raise the projectile, bending your arm up. Tension should be felt in the upper back. Run 12 times and change hand.

No. 3. Renegade Thrust

Take the position as when push-ups and slightly push the right leg to the side. Rest your hand on one dumbbell (up to 3 kg) and take the other in the other hand. Raise the projectile until the elbow reaches the limit level.

Number 4. Boat

It is performed in the supine position. You can use a sports ball for this exercise. Pick up kilogram dumbbells and strain your back, slightly raise your chest. Raise your hands up, then spread them apart, and then forward, touching your head (shown in the photo).

Great exercise for the deltoid muscle involved in building posture. Most often, it is very weak, so it is recommended to perform this exercise with light weight to create a load.

No. 5. Push ups

It is a basic exercise to strengthen the chest. However, when performed correctly, the spinal muscles also receive their energy impulse. Take a classic push-up position and lower the body so that tension is felt in the back. Slopes should be done smoothly, without rushing, concentrating on reducing. Hold the body below 3 seconds, return to its original position, while straining the thoracic region.

No. 6. Jump rope

At first glance, it seems that when doing this exercise, only the shoulders work, in fact, the entire back is straining. In addition, it is a good cardio exercise for weight loss. The only requirement is a serious attitude to this element of the training.

Number 7. Exercise bike

This is an excellent simulator for working out the upper back, which will help to quickly return to good shape. It is difficult for beginners to train on it for more than 5 minutes, so start with reasonable loads.

Number 8. Traction simulator

The popularity of this device is due to the effective rapid strengthening of the back. A simple but effective exercise, during which the back of the body is strengthened. It is recommended to deal with these simulators under the supervision of a trainer.

No. 9. Plyometric Movements, Cardio

To increase the effectiveness of the training after each exercise, plyometric movements should be made. It is necessary that, along with the lower back, the upper one also work. That is, the same muscle groups are used, but more dynamically.

After performing any of the above exercises, discharge should be done within 30 seconds. One option is to raise a 5 kg gymnastic ball overhead. It is important to feel the tension of the back muscles. Then make the strongest throw. It uses the strength of the spinal muscles. However, caution should be exercised, as the pulse increases during this exercise. However, in the issue of the effectiveness of burning fat, this type of exercise is not equal.

All of these elements are recommended to be performed in 3 sets 2-3 times a week. You can also select from a list of several exercises you like and concentrate on them. Soon, the result will be noticeable not only for you, but also for those around you: a beautiful posture, an ideal back without excess fat. You even get taller, albeit a couple of centimeters, but it will be noticeable! Your gait will become easy, your movements confident, and your figure perfect!