How to remove fat from the knees - a set of exercises

Thickening of subcutaneous fat is observed not only on the buttocks, abdomen, arms, but also on the knees. This problem is quite common, affects the fair sex and overweight, and fairly slender. Thick knees spoil the figure and limit the ability to choose a wardrobe wearing clothes that covers this part of the body. The reasons for the appearance of an aesthetically unattractive defect are different.

To restore harmony to the knees, it is necessary to take an appropriate set of measures, a special place among which is given to physical activity, but taking into account some features. It is simply impossible to achieve local weight loss in any one zone, but there are exercises that allow you to specifically affect fat deposits on the knees, which can be done at home without visiting the gym.


  • 1 4 causes fat on the knees
  • 2 A little information about the anatomical structure
  • 3 Set of 7 exercises for the knees
    • 3.1 Kneeling
    • 3.2 Exercise "Bicycle"
    • 3.3 Classic Squats
    • 3.4 Bounce Squats
    • 3.5 lunges
    • 3.6 Steps onto the platform
    • 3.7 Hopping on a bench
  • 4 More Kneeling Fat Loss Techniques
  • 5 Several movements before bedtime

4 causes of fat on your knees

You can make the knees slim and beautiful again, but you need to start looking for ways to solve the problem by understanding what causes it to arise:

  1. Improper nutrition. The main sign of an irrational diet is the presence in the daily menu of a large amount of fried foods and sweets. Such food leads to the consumption of a much larger number of calories than it is spent during the day. Excess is deposited in body fat.
  2. Low metabolic rate. The older a person becomes, the slower metabolic processes occur, and, consequently, fat begins to accumulate. It is deposited in the fat depot in front and behind the knees, on the hips and other problem areas, which deprives the silhouette of harmony and makes the figure of even rather thin women heavier.
  3. Genetics. A predisposition to thickening of subcutaneous fat is found in a large number of representatives of the perfectly sex, but this does not mean that one will have to put up with this. If you choose the right exercises and adjust the nutrition, the cellulite on the knees will disappear.
  4. A sedentary lifestyle without sports. If you do not compensate for the lack of movement by physical activity, the excess calories entering the body will not disappear anywhere, but will begin to accumulate in the fat depot, and the body will lose its elasticity and become flabby.

A little help on the anatomical structure

The knees are made up of cartilage, bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles. The following muscle groups provide the functionality of the knee joint:

  • The quadriceps femoral. Allows you to straighten your knee and bend your leg in the hip joint.
  • Thigh biceps. This group includes three muscles and is responsible for bending the knee.
  • Calf It sets in motion the foot and the knee joint during flexion.

The accumulation of body fat occurs around the knees, which become thick, depriving the legs of grace and harmony. They begin to take the form of either rollers or balls. Fat does not always accumulate only around the knee joint. Often it is deposited on all the muscles of the leg, when the beautiful natural curves are completely lost. Regardless of the location, the fight against body fat is to review the diet and exercise. The first involves a decrease in daily caloric intake, and the second is the selection of exercises designed to work out a specific problem area.

If you regularly train and adhere to the basics of rational proper nutrition, visible results will appear in a month. It is possible to consolidate the effect and give the desired harmony to the knee joints only when they engage in clearly and purposefully during the year and do not allow themselves excesses in food. This is due to the fact that losing weight is not the only goal, because women want to have not only fat-free, but also slender, embossed legs. To achieve such a result becomes possible only with the constant study of the muscle groups of the legs.

A set of 7 exercises for the knees

It is necessary to draw up a home training program taking into account your own individual needs and characteristics. You should take into account the initial level of physical fitness, body type, state of health, the amount of excess weight and some other factors that can allow large or, conversely, require sparing loads.

Engaged to get the desired result, should be at least three to five times a week. Daily training is not for everyone. Most, and especially beginners, are advised to train every other day, that is, to alternate rest and activities. The advantage of the exercises included in the complex is that most of them are suitable not only for daily execution, but also several times during the day. They give the legs harmony, have a beneficial effect on the body. Regular performance of the complex strengthens ligaments and muscles, improves the respiratory system.

The main thing is not to engage in exhausted and tired condition, as well as after a dense meal. The exercises should be preceded by a good warm-up that warms the muscles of the legs.


Exercise is walking on your knees and was borrowed from oriental practice, it is often used in the treatment of various ailments. In the practice of oriental medicine, it is considered an excellent remedy for diseases of internal organs and vision problems. It connects to the work all the muscles responsible for the functioning of the knee joint. Exercise has a targeted effect on body fat on the hips, inside and outside of the knees.


  1. Kneel down. In the first classes, it is best to put it under a towel, and only then you can immediately stand on a gymnastic mat or other suitable cover.
  2. Keep your back straight. The head must not be tilted. Some people who start the exercise may experience pain at first, so you need to start walking on your knees with a few steps (from two to three). The optimal execution time is 10-15 minutes, but you need to start with 60 seconds, and then increase the duration.

You can do the exercise not only daily, but several times a day.

Such walking, according to Dr. S. M. Bubnovsky, helps with arthrosis. It activates the points located on the knee joint, which has an excellent therapeutic effect.

Exercise "Bicycle"

This exercise, familiar to almost everyone, is no less useful. It connects to the work the muscles responsible for flexion and extension of the knee joints. The load on the knees themselves is quite soft, which is an undeniable advantage. The exercise works well on the knees and is included in the rehabilitation program after injuring this joint.


  1. Their backs lie on a hard surface. Legs and hands should be positioned so that there is no discomfort. The spine must be relaxed, so you need to roll left and right several times.
  2. When a comfortable position is found, they are pressed to the floor with their lower back, hands are raised behind the head, and the shoulders are slightly raised.
  3. The legs are bent at the knee joints so that the hips are positioned relative to the floor at a right angle. To reduce the load on the lower back, the legs are lifted, but kept at an angle of 90 degrees.
  4. They begin to bend and unbend their knees, similar to how they do when riding a bicycle, but at the same time pull the elbow to the opposite knee (left to right, and right to left).
  5. In order to work out the muscles as efficiently as possible, the pace is kept high, that is, they quickly “pedal”.

Do at least 10-20 repetitions and 2-3 approaches. You need to breathe as freely as possible, and not hold your breath. Otherwise, the load on the cardiovascular system will increase sharply.

This exercise must be done several times a day, including before going to bed. "Bicycle" perfectly relieves stress from the lower extremities and is an excellent prevention against varicose veins.

Classic squats

They work out all the muscle groups of the hips and buttocks, give the legs harmony, adjusting their shape. Squats performed according to the classical scheme burn excess fat, tighten the knees from the inside and outside. Dumbbells allow you to increase the load.


  1. Get straight. The shoulders turn around a bit. The chin is lifted. Legs are held apart across the width of the shoulder girdle. This posture is retained by the entire exercise.
  2. The feet should be parallel relative to each other. The arms are bent at the elbows and located on the belt.
  3. Begin to crouch, constantly monitoring the position of the knees. They should bend at right angles.

The recommended number of sets is from two to three, each of which does at least 10-20 repetitions.

Do not do deeper squats. They give too much strain on the knee joints.

Bounce Squats

Perfectly load the muscle groups of the legs and are performed in various variations. The most widespread are two options, each of which is equally effective, since it involves jumping and a certain position of the hands. The second option connects the muscle groups of the body to work, which allows you to get even more load. And if you want to speed up the process of getting rid of fat on your knees, you should do just that.

First option

  1. Get straight. The legs are at shoulder width, and the socks are slightly turned outward.
  2. The feet are parallel to each other. Hands are bent at the elbows, laid on the chest with palms on the elbows.
  3. Squats are made so that a right angle is formed, and then, pushing off with their legs, straighten the knee joints.

Exercise is done 10 and 20 times, performing 2-3 approaches.

Second option

Squats with jumping do the same as in the first embodiment, but keep your hands along the torso and throw it up when jumping.

To maximize muscle load, exercise is done as slowly as possible.


The gluteal and other muscles are involved, which are responsible for flexion and extension of the knees. Exercise allows you to get rid of body fat.


  1. Become smoothly. Spread legs shoulder width apart.
  2. Bend your knees slightly and step forward.
  3. Keep your back straight, transferring body weight to that leg, which is put forward and bent.
  4. Hold for a few seconds at the extreme point.
  5. When the emphasis is shifted to the feet of the legs set forward, they rise and return to the starting position.

They change their legs and complete three sets with 10 repetitions each.

The main thing is that the knee joint cannot be bent at an acute angle, as this will result in injury. The knee, a straightened leg, which is located behind, the kidneys touches the surface of the floor.

Steps to the platform

This exercise loads the knee joints, hips, buttocks. Classes with a step platform allow you to give your legs harmony in a short time. You need to walk along with dumbbells, but in the beginning you can train without using weights.


  1. Hands with dumbbells in their hands are held down. The right legs are placed on the platform at right angles so that the thigh is parallel to the floor.
  2. The right leg is straightened and the left leg is raised to the platform.
  3. Descend, but try to maintain balance.
  4. Change the leg.

You need to do at least 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

This exercise must be done with alternating left and right legs, since it is not recommended to perform all repetitions on one side at once. Otherwise, the steps will be much more difficult.

Hopping on a bench

It loads the gluteal and femoral muscles, allows you to give your knees a beautiful look, burns extra calories and eliminates the ears on the hips.


  1. A bench is selected, the height of which is about 40 cm from the side, they are next to it, holding their legs together.
  2. They wave their hands and push off with both feet from the floor, jumping onto the bench.

The number of repetitions is 10 or more.

A few more methods to get rid of fat on your knees

Training is only part of a set of measures, in addition to which you must adhere to other important recommendations:

  1. Eat right. High-calorie foods should be removed from the diet, low-fat fish, as well as vegetables and herbs, should be included in your menu. Every day you need to use fermented milk products - kefir, fermented baked milk with a fat content of not more than 2.5%, kefir.
  2. Take a bath with salt. These water procedures improve metabolism, accelerate fat burning, which has a relaxing and calming effect. When the bath is taken, it is necessary to grind the problem areas, lubricate the skin with a nourishing cream.
  3. Massage area with body fat. Thanks to kneading, rubbing, tingling the problem area, the blood and lymphatic flow improves. The session is best done using massage mittens. When the active grinding is finished, the skin is smeared with cream. Massage is done exclusively on greased areas. Joints cannot be massaged. Forceful influence on them is contraindicated. Only light stroking is acceptable.
  4. Physical daily activities. It is necessary to perform not only a set of exercises, but also engage in other types of activity. You can swim, run. Thanks to this, it is possible not only to make legs slimmer, but also to give a good shape to the whole body, to improve the body.

A few movements before bedtime

You can fight fat on your knees even in bed, about to go to bed, making several movements:

  • Lie on your back, relax your muscles. As they exhale, they pull the socks toward themselves, and while breathing in, they relax their legs. This rather simple movement helps to strengthen the muscles around the knee joints, improve blood circulation. The alternation of tension and relaxation allows you to relieve muscle cramps and fatigue accumulated over the day.
  • While in bed, lying down, they begin to shake their raised legs for a minute. Do a few repetitions. This exercise perfectly reduces the risk of developing varicose veins and relieves fatigue, improves lymphatic and blood flow.

Excess body weight and fat deposits on the knees are not only an aesthetic defect, but also increase the load on the joints, increase the risks of varicose veins. Therefore, returning harmony to the knees, they become not only more beautiful, but also healthy.