How to increase the waist of a man

The main indicator of a beautiful physique in bodybuilding and fitness is a thin waist. To make it such athletes not only train hard, but also perform special exercises, as well as go on a diet. A similar situation is typical for most athletes, but not for all.

Ectomorphs are people who by nature have too thin physique, on the contrary, want to make their waist wider. Given the fact that they experience certain difficulties even with mass gain, a special approach is also required in this particular case. There are several methods, each of which has its own characteristics.

An increase in waist sizes is beneficial not to all ectomorphs, but only to those who really need it, and also when there is some experience in bodybuilding and fitness. Too thin an athlete must first take care of gaining good mass by increasing the calorie content of his carefully thought out and developed diet, as well as enhanced training.

If even such a regime doesn’t allow you to make the waist too narrow wider, you can already think about increasing it. But, first of all, it should be remembered that the standard of beauty in bodybuilding are wide shoulders and a narrow waist. And if you decide to increase the volume of this part of the body, it is solely for a good reason, when the figure thereby acquires a more beautiful and proportional silhouette.

We increase the waist due to the oblique muscles of the abdomen

The dimensions of the oblique muscles of the abdomen directly affect the width of the waist. And if you need to increase this part of the body, you should perform exercises to pump the side press.

Such a training consists of:

  • Lateral twists designed to work out oblique muscle groups of the abdomen and increase the volume of the waist. It is well suited even for beginners and can be done at home.
  • Lateral slopes with a kettlebell or dumbbell, performed with additional weights. Exercise should be done with a gradual increase in load, but not to a state of failure. The optimal number of repetitions on each side is 10.

Basic exercises for increasing the waist

To increase the waist, you can resort to exercises for the development of the lower back:

  • Hyperextension is a safe exercise aimed at working out back straighteners, supporting muscle tone and positively affecting the tendons of the spine. It only slightly increases the waist, but the effect is present.
  • Deadlift is the most powerful stimulator for expanding the waist, which is clearly demonstrated by the figures of powerlifters performing this exercise as one of the main disciplines. A sharp increase in this part of the body occurs due to the created intra-abdominal pressure. Bodybuilders who want to have a thin waist, refuse this exercise or perform it extremely rarely.
  • Squatting with a barbell, like a deadlift, leads to powerful abdominal pressure, and, consequently, an increase in the waist area. To increase the effect of the exercise, it is performed with less weight and without a belt.
  • The thrust on the lower block perfectly works out the broadest spinal muscles, which is beneficial for those athletes in whom they are too long.

You should not devote your workouts solely to these exercises that increase the width of the waist. In most cases, this “flaw”, as some believe, can be turned into an advantage if you work on a proportional increase in total and lean muscle mass.