Fat Burner China White 25 Ephedra

China White 25 Ephedra is a high performance fat burner manufactured by Cloma Pharma. Its action is based on a time-tested combination - ephedra, (extract), caffeine, aspirin.

The supplement activates the nervous system, increases the speed of metabolic processes, irritates adrenoreceptors in adipose tissues, and provokes an increase in lipolysis. Taking capsules makes it easier to endure all the restrictions of dietary nutrition.


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Composition of China White 25 Ephedra

Active active substances are caffeine with ephedrine, taken in proportions of 10 to 1, that is, 250: 25 mg. Thanks to the adjusted ratio, the fat burner has a strong stimulating effect.

Taking the supplement, the person begins to get tired less, it is easier to tolerate a diet. The action of China White is not limited solely to the burning of fat reserves. It is also accepted as a pre-workout complex, which allows you to fully concentrate on the lesson.

China White has a thermogenic effect due to methylsinephrine, green coffee, guarana extract, raspberry ketones. This leads to heavy loads, but the manufacturer prudently introduced Rhodiola rosea into the preparation, allowing the body to quickly adapt to the "new" mode of operation.

How to take China White

The fat burner is specially designed for dietary intake, the diet of which is practically devoid of carbohydrates. The manufacturer’s experts advise combining the use of capsules with regular physical training and special nutrition, which implies the exclusion of carbonated sweet juices and fast food. In the diet should be present no more than 40% of carbohydrates.

Cloma Pharma Fat Burner reduces appetite. This helps to maintain a diet and not break down. The drug “drowns out” the side effects of low-carb nutrition, that is, a person does not feel weakness, can easily concentrate on training, and does not lose the clarity of his thinking.

It is not recommended to adhere solely to the instructions. When taking a fat burner, you should focus on your own feelings, reducing the dosage, if there is a feeling of great discomfort. The main thing is to observe the following points:

  • drink one capsule with a meal;
  • add another capsule, if there is no desired effect, it is possible only for 4-5 days of the course;
  • do not take more than three capsules per day.

Lack of weight loss requires a review of your workout plan and diet.

Side effects from China White

Beginners taking a high dosage of ephedra for the first time may feel a strong excitement of the nervous system. China White 25 is not suitable for all athletes.

The drug is indicated for those involved in fitness and bodybuilding, but with a transition to more moderate training. The supplement is absolutely not suitable for crossfit, martial arts, weightlifting.

The main thing is to avoid too tedious training. Only healthy people need to drink fat burner. You can not take the drug for problems with the liver, kidneys, thyroid gland, heart, nervous system, chronic or frequent insomnia.


The China White 25 Ephedra Fat Burner is designed for women, but it is also used by men. Reviews on the effect of the drug are mostly positive. They boil down to the fact that even non-strict diets and simple physical activities allow you to lose weight, gain the desired relief on the press for two weeks, if the desired percentage of fat is normal. A side effect in the form of heat after taking the drug passes after a quarter of an hour, does not affect performance. Many women drink the supplement while doing aerobic workouts and lose fat without strength training.