The recipe for delicious diet fish cakes

One of the most useful and valuable components of the diet is fish. It is a source of easily digestible protein. The product contains 15 biologically active trace elements and the same number of vitamins, among which are fat-soluble E, A and D. Among the essential trace elements for humans, fish is rich in calcium.

Especially popular are fish cakes. Thanks to the addition of a variety of additional ingredients, this dish is distinguished by excellent aromatic and taste. The variability of the composition allows you to change the calorie content of cutlets in the direction of increase or decrease. It should be borne in mind that the energy value depends not only on the stuffing, but also on the cooking method used, as well as the side dish that is served to it.

To diversify the diet with delicious meatballs, it is necessary to use not the general recipes, which are presented in the cookbooks, but as sparing as possible. Since the caloric content of any dish, including fish, for a person who wants to lose weight, must be as low as possible.


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Fish diet cutlets in the oven - recipe with photo

Only the freshest river or sea fish is chosen for minced meat. Too dry species are not recommended to be taken, but it is also necessary to refrain from being too oily, since it is not suitable as a dietary one. A good option is to mix dry and fatty types together if you want a more succulent dish. The main thing is to comply with the measure. The ratio of oily and lean fish should be within 1: 7.

Fish should not be taken small, but larger. Preference is given to pike, cod or pollock. The larger the fish, the juicier the cutlets will be. The minor problem is that it is too bony. This drawback, of course, can be eliminated. For this purpose, the cleaned and washed small fish is passed through the meat grinder not once, but several, so that even small bones are ground.

Vegetables such as carrots, onions, and potatoes allow to improve the taste and increase the volume of minced meat. Potato rich in starch not only allows you to get more base, but also is a connecting element that allows cutlets to keep their shape, rather than disintegrate.

As a “sticking” and bulk ingredient, both whole and ground cereals can be added. This is semolina, rice, and oatmeal. White bread slices soaked in water, cream, milk, and raw chicken eggs serve a similar purpose. You cannot choose a binder at your own discretion, since not everyone is suitable for the preparation of diet cutlets.

Introducing white bread is not recommended, but if it is added, it is soaked exclusively in water. Eggs also need caution. Starch, semolina and flour are absolutely prohibited. Vegetables are best suited, but preference is not given to starchy potatoes, but to carrots with onions. Dark cereals are allowed, which include oatmeal.

Spices emphasize and enhance the taste of cutlets. White and black, and allspice, rosemary, cloves, coriander, basil are added. Attorney and sea salt are put in a minimum amount. It is also acceptable to add natural soy sauce.

Approximate step by step recipe


  • white fish fillet - 400 gr.;
  • small carrot - 1 pc.;
  • soy sauce that does not contain any preservatives or dyes - 3 tbsp. l .;
  • onions and green onions - 1 pc. / 1 ​​bunch;
  • sea ​​salt and ground pepper - to taste, but not much.

Step by step cooking:

Cutlets are made in the following order:

  1. the fillet is washed and cut into large pieces, the vegetables are peeled;
  2. grind fish and vegetables either in a blender or in a meat grinder;
  3. the resulting mass is mixed with finely chopped green onions;
  4. minced meat is salted, pepper and seasoned with soy sauce, and then mixed and beaten;
  5. rinse your hands in cold water and begin to form patties, which can be made oval and round;
  6. put baking paper on a baking sheet and lay out the formed patties in rows;
  7. bake the dish for about 40 minutes in an oven heated to 200 degrees.

The finished dish has a calorie content not exceeding 100 kilocalories in one hundred grams.

The benefits of fish dishes for a diet

The rate of assimilation of protein contained in fish is two times higher than that of meat. This nutrient supports and nourishes the muscles, which is especially important for a diet when the risk of losing muscle fibers is quite high. Fatty unsaturated acids, vitamins of group B, which are six in fish, trace elements, a set of vitamins PP, E, D, C, H and A, as well as magnesium with calcium, have beneficial effects on the condition of bones and skin, increase protective functions and enhance health.

Biologically useful substances, which are provided by fish cakes, steamed or in the oven, the body and low energy value, allow you to add this dish to the diet of a person who is losing weight and who wants to maintain harmony, as well as preserve muscle tissue. An important role is also played by the side dish with which it is used, since such an additive can turn it from a diet to a high-calorie one.

What products to combine fish diet patties ">

The following low-calorie side dishes are considered the best companions for baked, steam cutlets:

  • Baked, stewed, boiled, fresh vegetables, which can also be served in salads, as well as stews of various types of cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes, sweet pepper, pumpkin, radish, squash with zucchini, beets, lettuce, green peas, green beans, corn, carrot. Potato consumption should be limited due to the high concentration of starch.
  • Cooked in any form, except for fried, both purchased and mushrooms collected in the forest, which will not at all increase the calorie content of the dish, but will make it more flavorful and tastier.
  • Dark cereals cooked on water (buckwheat or oatmeal), as well as rice, which is better to take borax rather than white.

Pasta is definitely excluded.

How can I cook fish cakes during the diet ">


There is no doubt about the use of fish cakes, which contain a large number of useful biologically active components and are quickly absorbed by the body's protein, for the diet menu. The main thing is to abandon frying dishes in a pan, and also use exclusively low-calorie additives and side dishes, and make the mincemeat from moderately oily large fish.