Extending arms on the upper block while standing

This exercise involves all triceps bundles, but to a greater extent - the lateral (external lateral) bundle. The main purpose of its use in bodybuilding is to give relief and clear detail of the contours of the triceps muscle, the visual separation of its bundles among themselves.


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What muscles work

Triceps shoulder
Auxiliary: ulnar muscle.

Execution technique

  • The exercise is performed on a block device, to the cable of which a D-shaped handle is attached. Approach the simulator so that the working arm is in the same plane with its cable, with the foot of the same name, step back a little so as not to interfere with your arm during extension. Lean the body forward, otherwise the exercise will be inconvenient.
  • Hold the simulator bed with one hand, and grab the handle with the lower grip with the other so that the palm and thumb are pointing in your direction, then, bending your arm and bringing your elbow to the body, pull the cable and lift the weights above the stops. This is the starting position.
  • Inhale, and while holding your breath, pull the handle down, extending the arm at the elbow joint. Extending your arm to the end, exhale, and after a short pause, begin to bend your arm in the opposite direction.
  • During the negative phase, do not let the load pull your hand, resist, try to make every effort to hold the handle. Of course, the negative phase should last at least twice as long as the positive. After completing all scheduled repetitions with one hand, turn to the block with the other side and repeat again.


All the time the exercise is performed, the back should be in the position that was originally taken, no movements in the lower back are allowed. The wrist is strictly fixed until the end of the exercise, and the elbow is firmly pressed to the body. If you “let go” your elbow, the back muscles will immediately join in the training process, and with movements in the wrist joint - the muscles of the forearm. These errors are forced to arise when working with excessively large weight, so do not load the simulator, use a weight that will allow you to technically perform the exercise 10-12 times.


at the end of the training, after heavy bench presses and extensor exercises, in combination with, for example, “back” push-ups from the bench and French bench press, or bench press with a narrow grip and extension of the arm with a dumbbell.