PCT - Recovery from a Steroid Course

After the end of the steroid course, you need to minimize losses in muscle mass and restore your natural level of testosterone.

Remember: when you finish the course of anabolic steroids - you will always lose weight. Always lose muscle mass, no matter what PCT you use, no matter what super techniques you use, you will always burn part of the gained muscle mass. Why ">

The fact is that the male body on average produces + -5 mg of testosterone per day - this is one methane tablet. Suppose you have 700 mg of methane per week on a course, 100 mg of methane is obtained per day, and a natural dosage of 5 mg is produced.

This is the advantage a person receives in chemistry, the dosage of sex hormones is 20 times more than the natural dosage of an ordinary person. The body cannot provide such amounts of testosterone growth. That is why when a person slays off the course of steroids, he always loses part of the gained mass.

Conclusion: the PCT does not have the task of preserving your muscles recruited on the course, the PCT has the task of not destroying them even more than is provided by nature. When a person begins to ineptly experiment with his hormonal system, or when he gives large excess loads in the gym.


    • 0.1 We need to minimize losses
    • 0.2 Reduce muscle loss in PCT
    • 0.3 Restore hormone balance
  • 1 Drugs that help on PCT
    • 1.1 Letrozole
    • 1.2 Dostinex
    • 1.3 clomiphene citrate
    • 1.4 Tamoxifen Citrate
    • 1.5 Clomid
    • 1.6 Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG)
    • 1.7 Proviron
    • 1.8 Carsil
    • 1.9 To restore cholesterol
    • 1.10 Increased pressure on the FCT
    • 1.11 Decrease in cortisol

We need to minimize losses.

  • The more doses of steroids you used on the course, the greater the loss in muscle mass and strength will be after the course (more rollback).
  • The longer the course of using anabolic steroids was, the greater the rollback after the course.
  • The less you use the dose of the drug you use during the course, the less growth you have, and the losses are correspondingly less, exactly the same in terms of admission.

Reduce muscle loss in PCT

  • We need to concentrate on restoring the natural balance of sex hormones. In order to have their own production, and women need to be lowered, because there will be more of them after the course of steroids as a result of aromatization.
  • It is necessary to achieve restoration of libido, and spermatogenesis.
  • Tidy up the condition of the liver so that bilirubin is normal, cortisol helps for this.
  • Cholesterol. Good nutrition, a lot of oily fish, fish oil (omega-3) and monitor the state of cholesterol.
  • Reduce cortisol levels. On the course, we are used to working with a very high training intensity, and after a course of steroids, this intensity must be reduced in order to lower the level of cortisol.

Restore hormone balance

The male body also contains estrogen, and they are in a certain proportion with testosterone. The natural proportion is from 1 to 200 mg.
Everything in our system is regulated, if you have a lot of testosterone, then your own does not start to be developed. Before you raise your natural testosterone level, you need to wait until the artificial testosterone is over. To do this, take into account the decay time of certain drugs.

Let's say after testosterone enanthate and Sustanon you need to wait ~ 2-3 weeks.

If your system has a lot of estradiol and prolactin, then they greatly inhibit the production of your own testosterone.

Drugs that help on PCT


Letrozole is against estradiol.

Letrozole - blocks estrogen and stimulates the production of testosterone. Experiments show that 0.5 mg of letrozole in 2 days increase the level of own testosterone by 50%, and 2.5 mg (1 tablet) after 2 days increase the level of own testosterone by 75%.

Reception of letrozole

When and how to start taking letrozole. There are two uses for aromatase inhibitors.

During the course - you need to use it in the situation when you have excessive aromatization, when your body converts too much testosterone into estrodiol. The likelihood of gynecomastia, obesity of a female type, etc. increases.


Dostinex - struggles with prolactin. Dosages are the same as for letrozole.

Which contributes to a faster recovery of testosterone.

Faster testosterone recovery protects you from such effects as gynecomastia, female-type obesity, and poor potency.

Clomiphene citrate

Weaker antiestrogen, but better stimulates testosterone production

Tamoxifen citrate

A stronger antiestrogen and worse contributes to the production of testosterone.

There are drugs after which it is better not to use tamoxifen on PCT, these are drugs with prohistogenic activity:

  • Trenbolone
  • Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone)
  • Anapolon

Tamoxifen should not be taken with these drugs, because it increases the number of histogenic receptors, so you can get a lot of unpleasant side effects because of this.

Dosage of Tamoxifen Citrate

  • 1 day - 80 mg
  • 40mg per week
  • Then a couple of weeks for 20mg


Dosage Clomid (clomiphene)

  • 1 day - 200 mg divided into 4 doses of 50 mg
  • After a week, use an increased dosage of 100 mg (2 tablets of 50 mg).
  • After this week, switch to a reduced intake of Clomid 50mg per day.
  • The total duration of taking Clomid + is 1 month.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG)

HCG is a luteinizing hormone, this is the drug that makes your testicles produce testosterone. But this thing is artificial, so after your hCG steroids have stopped functioning in your system, it works poorly.

Human chorionic gonadotropin is best used during the course and after the course of steroids, so that your testicles continue to produce testosterone.

HCG dosage

  • 2000 hCG every other day for a week. Monday 2000, Wednesday 2000, Friday 2000.
  • There is an option to use 500 units of hCG every day for 10 days.


  • Blocks aromatization
  • Blocks globulin action
  • Increases libido after a course of steroids

Proviron dosage

  • 50 mg per day, divided into two doses in the morning and evening.


It copes with all the basic tasks associated with the liver. Restore liver cells and protect them.

Carzil dosage

  • 270 mg per day - 3 times a day for 90 mg, the duration of administration is about 3 months.

To restore cholesterol

  • Eat Omega-3, Fish Oil, Fatty Fish.

Increased pressure on PCT

Pressure should be 140 at 90 beats per minute.

To stabilize the pressure, there are such drugs as:

  • Enalalryl - 5mg per day
  • Metoprolol - 50mg per day

Lowering cortisol

The main catabolics are:

  • Clenbuterol
  • Glutamine
  • Insulin
  • A growth hormone