Casein protein

Among the existing types of protein, casein is the most widely used in bodybuilding. It is a multi-component protein. It is obtained in the process of enzymatic curdling of milk. This protein, unlike others, provides the intake of amino acids into the athlete’s body over a long period. This is due to the fact that casein, getting into the stomach, forms a clot, which q is digested for a long time.

Reception of casein protein slows down the process of digestion of other proteins, leads to suppression of appetite. He, unlike other types of protein, has a much higher anabolic effect. However, given the fact that it provides long-term nourishment of muscle tissues with amino acids, bodybuilders take it, as a rule, immediately before bedtime.


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Casein Protein Efficacy

Casein demonstrates a much lower mass gain than other types. Its use for a set of muscles is advisable when the athlete has a decent amount of whey protein.

Weight gain with casein suggests the right timing. A protein of this kind is best drunk at night. This helps to slow down the rate of catabolic processes, protects the muscles from the effects of cortisol, called the stress hormone.

Eight hours spent in a dream imply a lack of nutrition, which entails a slowdown in anabolic processes. The use of casein allows you to provide good anti-catabolic protection for this period of time. Whey protein is best consumed in the daytime.

Taking Casein for Weight Loss

Casein protein copes with hunger. It allows you to save muscle mass during the drying period. To reduce subcutaneous fat without losing muscle, casein is recommended to be taken 60 minutes before bedtime, and whey protein throughout the day.

Athletes who want to lose weight, it is recommended to drink casein protein from two to four times a day - in the morning, before training, between meals, 60 minutes before bedtime. The advantage of this protein is that it becomes an excellent substitute for egg and whey, if an athlete suffers from individual intolerance to these proteins.

How to take casein "> Benefits and possible side effects

The use of casein gives an increase in muscle mass and increases strength indicators. This supplement becomes an excellent source of protein when an athlete is allergic to whey or egg protein.

Casein protein helps preserve muscle tissue during the drying period, helps in the process of losing weight. It is well absorbed and digested, great for diet food. The composition of this protein contains almost all amino acids, except glycol, which is synthesized in the body, being easily replaceable.

The simplicity of the technology for producing casein has led to the fact that this protein is produced by many companies, not all of which, unfortunately, produce a high-quality product. This imposes certain requirements for the purchase of this supplement. You should not buy products from an unknown company about which there is practically no data.

Casein protein does not have any negative effect on the body. Side effects occur when dosage is not observed. If you systematically abuse the protein, its excess will adversely affect the liver and kidneys. It’s enough for an athlete to consume from 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day to ensure growth and progress from training. Professionals using pharmacology need twice as much protein.

The best casein proteins, TOP5

Gold Standard 100% Casein is considered the leader among additives. This is a complex manufactured by Optimum Nutrition, one compartment of which contains 34 grams of protein, 24 of which are pure casein. This product is a leader among analogues, it is a valuable source of protein, suppresses catabolism, stimulates muscle growth.

The second line is occupied by Elite Casein, manufactured by Dymatize, containing 24 grams of protein per serving. The complex is a protein of the highest quality, allowing you to provide the athlete with all the necessary amino acids, helps the athlete to obtain the desired muscle gain.

The three leaders closes Casein, manufactured by MusclePharm . The amount of protein in the product is 80%. It helps to stimulate muscle growth, demonstrates high efficiency in the fight against the process of night catabolism. Enzymes and priiotics, which are part of the product, help better absorption of protein.

In fourth place is Casein Pro, manufactured by Universal Nutrition, marketed with the taste of vanilla, biscuit cream, and chocolate. The basis of the complex is pure micellar casein. The amount of protein in one serving is 24 grams. Its reception allows you to save your own anabolic environment.

The fifth place goes to MRM 100% . This is micellar casein, characterized by a gradual and slow process of assimilation, a unique composition of amino acids. It has an excellent anti-catabolic effect. Ease of product assimilation is provided by biologically active enzymes contained in additives.

Casein protein reviews from athletes

Bodybuilders, as a rule, respond extremely positively to this type of protein. Athletes who opt for casein from trusted and reputable companies get a truly high-quality and effective product.

There are negative reviews, but they are few in number, left by athletes who purchased low-quality protein products from a manufacturer with an appropriate reputation. Casein, according to reviews, does not have a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract, is easily digested and absorbed by 100%.

Judging by the discussion of the time of protein intake, its use at night allows you to get a more pronounced effect than in the daytime.