9 Ways to Look Younger and Live Longer

Most people mistakenly believe that youth can be restored only through plastic surgery, cosmetic preparations and procedures. There are much less dramatic ways to look younger than your true age, which have a beneficial effect on both appearance and the body. There are many ways to prolong life and look younger, and the following nine are recognized as the most effective.


  • 1 1. Coffee - the secret of longevity
  • 2 2. The relationship between testosterone levels and life expectancy
  • 3 3. Maintain estrogen levels
  • 4 4. Overeating - the worst enemy for health
  • 5 5. Curcumin needs to be eaten daily
  • 6 6. Chile - a source of nutrients and longevity
  • 7 7. Antioxidant levels should always be normal.
  • 8 8. Short-distance running
  • 9 9. Aspirin - another assistant in the struggle for youth

1. Coffee is the secret of longevity

A person who has decided to extend his life needs to drink at least three or four cups of aromatic invigorating drink daily. It can be ordinary or decaffeinated. The mechanism of the effect of coffee on the body is not fully understood. The invigorating, aromatic taste of this drink allows you to feel a surge of vitality and strength. And the more coffee a person drinks, the longer he will live.

Evidence of lower mortality among fans of this drink are two studies. One was carried out in 2012, when deaths among 400 thousand people were 6–16% higher among those who refused to drink coffee. Japanese scientists conducted a similar study, but took data for 19 years, and the numbers rose sharply, showing that coffee lovers die 24% less often than those who don’t drink it at all.

The standard norm is 3-4 cups per day. However, the more, the better. A similar conclusion can be reached if we analyze another study. According to its results, among people drinking 6 cups per day, the number of diabetics was reduced by 36%.

Drinking coffee avoids many health problems. By drinking coffee, a person reduces the risks of developing diseases such as Parkinson, Alzheimer, the cardiovascular system, and the liver.

2. The relationship between testosterone levels and life expectancy

The lower testosterone, the higher the probability of mortality. If it is low, this also entails a problem such as being overweight. People know that testosterone has a direct effect on male libido, body fat, muscle and energy stores, but not everyone suspects that it has a direct bearing on survival. Many television programs claim that a person needs to be wary of high testosterone. Its significant excess in relation to the norm, of course, has negative consequences, but it is much more dangerous when it is reduced.

Due to low testosterone:

  • narrowed carotid arteries;
  • ECG becomes abnormal;
  • increased risk of cardiovascular disease;
  • a tendency to heart failure develops;
  • the frequency of angina pectoris increases;
  • increased body mass index;
  • metabolic syndrome occurs;
  • the risk of developing type II diabetes is increased;
  • insulin susceptibility decreases;
  • insulin resistance is produced;
  • increased risk of death due to general weakening of health.

One study, in which 858 men over 60 took part, showed that the chances of death increase by about 88% in those who have low testosterone, since it affects obesity, makes the body more susceptible to disease.

Not all large men have high testosterone. Trained athletes often have much lower levels of male hormone than untrained representatives of the strong half of humanity. This is evidenced by a study showing that the amount of testosterone in cyclists, swimmers, rowers, weightlifters, the level of this hormone is from 60 to 85% of what untrained people have.

A similar discrepancy, some researchers say, is due to changes in the renal and non-renal metabolism of the hormone, which the body of athletes are not able to compensate for. The decrease may be due to the fact that due to the load, the globulin rises, which binds steroid hormones, and testosterone ceases to penetrate into the tissues.

Decreasing testosterone is a serious problem for many weightlifters. Rising hormone levels that occur after intense training are temporary. A surge in testosterone soon passes, and it again becomes low.

In order not to risk your own life and youth, you must constantly monitor your level of testosterone. Support the hormone allows special natural boosters, which are taken at a critical decrease. If testosterone remains fairly low, you should consult with a specialist who can prescribe hormone replacement therapy.

3. Maintain estrogen levels

Increased estrogen increases the risks of developing a degenerative disease, and, therefore, causes early mortality. A similar relationship was confirmed by a study that tracked estradiol levels. This is one of the forms of estrogen, the norm of which in men varies from 21.80 to 30, 11 ng per ml.

The observation lasted three years. The probability of death in a man with normal estradiol was the lowest. In a worse situation were those whose rates were more than 37.99 ng per ml. In this group, deaths increased by 113%. But the most at risk, as it turned out, are people with low estradiol (less than 12.90). In the group with such indicators, mortality was 317% higher.

Some doctors have come to the conclusion that estrogen is simply vital for men. Such doctors do not prescribe medications to their patients that can lower its level. This approach was not correct, since increased estrogen is much more common than lowered. In addition, when it is stably high, the risks of degenerative diseases increase dramatically. The highest likelihood of developing atherosclerosis, stroke, prostatitis, gradual extinction.

Negative excess estrogen affects sports activities. It becomes much more difficult for athletes to cope with an increase in the load during the training, build muscle and improve strength indicators. Neither low nor high estrogen bodes well. He should always be normal. You can take various antiestrogenic supplements, and if the situation is really critical, consult a specialist. The doctor will prescribe a drug that will bring the estrogen level back to normal.

4. Overeating - the worst enemy for health

Overeating should not be taken as a term that describes only those meals when they are full “from the belly”. This word applies to those who eat a lot throughout the day, and not at a time. If you often eat a lot, sugar will be kept at a high level constantly, and this entails many problems.

The meat becomes brown if it is slightly warm, due to the Maillard reaction, that is, when sugar binds to protein. This illustrative example describes what happens to muscle tissue in the body. If this happened with pork or beef chop, there’s nothing wrong with that. In relation to humans, this is an unpleasant picture, but this is precisely what often happens.

This is typical for situations where during the day sugar is maintained at a level above 85 mg per dl. When a similar situation is observed day after day, problems with the kidneys, joints, atherosclerosis develop, connective tissues become denser, insulin susceptibility decreases, and, therefore, there are all risks of getting type 2 diabetes. Another negative point is that a person is gaining excess weight.

By the middle of this century, as scientists have calculated, only one in three or even five Americans will be slim, moderately slim, or at least well-built. A similar trend is the result of a modern lifestyle, when overeating becomes the norm, the digestive system is almost constantly busy with the breakdown of carbohydrates, and physical activity and activity are minimized. Do not think that small frequent portions of food will correct the situation. This is absolutely untrue. Even such a diet provokes an increase in sugar and leads to insulin immunity.

Frequent meals negatively affect health. The more often a person has a snack, the more jumps in insulin per day occur, and the cells become more immune to insulin. To compensate for the emerging resistance, the amount of insulin released is getting higher until the battle is ultimately lost. The result is constantly elevated sugar.

If you turn to the competent opinion of specialists, the normal fasting sugar level should be below 100. Exceeding this indicator up to 126 already indicates that a person becomes prone to diabetes. When this extreme point is passed, the person becomes a diabetic. Maillard reaction begins to be carried out at rates of 85 or more.

In order to prevent an increase in sugar, you can go in several ways. One option assumes that the person switches to three or four meals a day, but with the right products. Food should be rich in protein and healthy fats, contain a minimum amount of carbohydrates, especially for fast-digesting and simple ones.

The second method is to take cyanidin-3 glucoside, which increases insulin sensitivity. The drug stimulates the body to process carbohydrates, which begin to be deposited not in the fat depot, but in the muscles, which helps maintain the sugar level at the optimal, that is, normal level. Thus, a person not only feels great, but also looks great even at 55.

5. Curcumin needs to be eaten daily

Curcumin has many beneficial properties. With a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, it perfectly relieves pain, affects all organs and systems in the human body. And if you use curcumin daily, it will help to stay young.

The use of curcumin contributes to:

  • decrease in cognitive decline;
  • improving the cardiovascular system;
  • maintaining healthy cholesterol;
  • decrease in arterial plaques;
  • reduce the risk of diabetes;
  • increase testosterone;
  • reduce body fat.

Being a plant product, curcumin is an antioxidant. It is contained in turmeric, and Indians are considered champions for the use of this spice. Logically, they should be the healthiest nation on the planet, but this is not entirely true. The problem is that curcumin is poorly absorbed in the body. If you use it as a component of curry powder even in large volumes, the effect of this will not increase.

To consume curcumin with maximum health benefits, it must be combined with piperine, which enhances the absorption of antioxidant up to 2000%. And, then, you will not need to take a large amount of substance, a few grams per day will be enough. This small amount of product will be enough to extend life.

6. Chile - a source of nutrients and longevity

The diet must necessarily consist of foods that are rich in nutrients and valuable substances. Most of the food consumed by a person daily cannot be considered healthy. Therefore, you must make every effort to enrich your menu with useful products, one of which is chili pepper. It is rich in protein, contains substances that are highly rated on the scale of the index of density of nutrients - ANDI, has a low GI (glycemic index).

Chile is so nutritious that it can completely replace other products, and also has excellent taste. There are many recipes that allow you to cook a wide variety of dishes, and one of them is presented below.


  • one and a half kilograms of turkey or beef meat;
  • 450 g of red and white beans;
  • 800 g of tomatoes in their own juice;
  • 1.3 l of vegetable acute juice;
  • 5 chopped carrots;
  • 2 cups green spinach;
  • 1 cup cashew nuts, which are crushed raw almost to an oily consistency;
  • 2 chopped medium onions and red peppers;
  • a couple of pressed garlic cloves;
  • 2 teaspoons of salt iodized and oregano;
  • 5 teaspoons of chili (powder);
  • red pepper flakes on the tip of a spoon.

If there is such an opportunity, beef liver is also added to the dish. It is enough to take 100 g and cut into pieces. Adding or excluding this ingredient from the composition of the dish does not affect the taste characteristics, so it is not necessary.


  1. They put meat in a large stewpan, cook it, and then clean it.
  2. Further, red pepper, garlic, onions, carrots are fried in olive oil.
  3. Tomatoes, juice, spices, beans, cashews are added to the fried vegetables. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
  4. Cover the stewpan with a lid. Stew the seasoned vegetable mixture for at least two hours, stirring occasionally.

Last added spinach. It is laid 10 minutes before the dishes are completely ready.

7. The level of antioxidants should always be normal.

A reduced and increased concentration of antioxidants is equally hazardous to health. There is a theory that arose in 1927 about free radicals. They, according to her, have an effect on cellular mitochondria, which sets in motion enzymes whose cascade cuts and destroys cells. This provokes the destruction of organs, and later, if you blindly believe the theory, and the whole organism.

In other words, antioxidants become a kind of protection against chemicals, poor nutrition, including not the best and most healthy diets, excess sunlight with ultraviolet light, polluted environment and time, which is the main cause of aging. Such a judgment led to the fact that most people, following the described theory, consume a huge amount of antioxidants.

Such an approach cannot be called absolutely correct, since the production of free radicals must have its limitations. Excess is also fatal. It is not always possible to control exactly which antioxidants and when the body needs it. If free radicals completely stop leaking through antioxidants, the collapse of mitochondria will begin to leak into the cell, that is, the membrane potential of the energy-generating cellular organelles. When this happens not with one but with a large number of mitochondria, inevitable cell death occurs. If they die massively, then the organs and the body as a whole begin to suffer.

Free radicals are essential for the body. They are important for health. Their task is not only to "destroy" the cells, but also in setting up cellular respiration. Without the latter condition, it is impossible to produce the energy currency of a cell known as ATP. The latter is crucial for the overall life of the body.

Antioxidants should be kept normal. They should not be lowered or raised. And to do this, most likely, you need to refuse to take antioxidants in tablet form or in capsules. In the science of nutrition, they took a different path, choosing some separate ones in large dosages. It turns out that a person takes only a limited amount of antioxidants, which were given preference, to the detriment of others. This, apparently, was the main reason that many people have an excess of ascorbic acid or vitamin E.

Consuming antioxidants is best with food. In a small thyme branch, for example, there are at least 30 of them, and they are all different. Therefore, it is best to replenish antioxidant reserves from vegetables and fruits. An alternative may be complexes like Biotest Superfood, which contains a huge amount of phytochemicals, several thousand antioxidants of natural origin. The balanced composition of such additives allows you to get the right concentration of substances that allow you to control free radicals as efficiently as possible, to prevent premature aging and maintain health, avoiding an excess that can provoke cell death.

8. Short-distance running

It is impossible to look younger without physical activity. This does not mean that you will need to literally exhaust yourself with exhausting exercises. It’s best to run, but not for hours on the treadmill, but sprints. Короткие дистанции позволяют оставаться в подтянутой форме, улучшить состояние здоровья, а также стимулировать работу митохондрий. Спринты гораздо эффективнее, нежели занятия на беговой дорожке.

Основными преимуществами забегов на короткое расстояние являются:

  • увеличение окисления жиров на 75% после завершения спринта, что свидетельствует об отличном жиросжигающем эффекте;
  • хорошее развитие для мышц корпуса и нижних конечностей;
  • повышение синтеза белка глубоких мышц у женщин до 222%, а у мужчин — до 48%;
  • улучшение восприимчивости к инсулину.

Спринт помогает поддерживать функциональность митохондрий, улучшает общее состояние здоровья. Интенсивные тренировки, к которым относится и бег на короткие дистанции, повышают в клетках число митохондрий. Чем больше последних, тем лучше состояние сердечной мышцы и других систем. Занимаясь спринтом, человек гарантировано обретает отличное самочувствие и выглядит гораздо моложе своего реального возраста.

9. Аспирин — еще один помощник в борьбе за молодость

Эти таблетки прекрасно справляются с контролем свободных радикалов, а, следовательно, улучшают состояние здоровья, продлевают жизнь. Есть вероятность и того, что аспирин помогает избавиться от жира. Кроме того, он свободно продается в аптеках, имея невысокую стоимость.

Еще одной положительной особенностью аспирина является то, что он помогает снизить количество сердечных приступов. У людей старше 50 лет, принимающих по 83 г ацетилсалициловой кислоты, вероятность сердечного приступа снижается на 22, инсульта — на 25-80%. Есть данные, согласно которым, употребление детского аспирина помогает уменьшить риски того, что у человека возникнет рак толстой кишки.

Подобные доводы, конечно, имеют значение в преклонном возрасте, но для молодых людей и кому исполнилось чуть больше 40 они могут показаться не совсем достаточными. Чтобы обрести уверенность в том, что аспирин действительно нужно пить, необходимо рассмотреть и другие свойства данного препарата. Ацетилсалициловая кислота оказывает респираторное мягкое расщепление, то есть клеточный процесс, в ходе которого электроны движутся по дыхательной цепи вниз, выделяя энергию, вырабатывая митохондрии. Свободные радикалы при этом ограничены, что помогает поддерживать здоровье, повысить продолжительность жизни и даже терять жир.

Полное прекращение продуцирования свободных радикалов, что и происходит при передозировке антиоксидантами, приводит к смерти клеток. Прием аспирина не дает подобного последствия. Однако злоупотреблять им тоже не рекомендуется. Ежедневно следует выпивать по 1-2 таблетки детского аспирина, в зависимости от массы тела. В больших количествах он может спровоцировать кровотечение в ЖКТ.