The effects of soy and whey protein

Proteins are believed to be of great importance to any athlete. It is logical that the growing popularity of food additives among athletes has led to a group of specialists interested in this phenomenon. An extensive study was conducted under the comprehensive title “ Effects of Consuming Soy and Whey Protein in Men ”. Research results were published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. The publication was a confirmation of previous scientific work that was devoted to studying the effects of the consumption of whey and soy protein on the levels of the hormone testosterone in the blood in response to weight training.

William J. Kraemer, who led the study, testifies that the information provided was unique regarding the use of protein by exercising men. The experiment involved 10 men who trained with weights. The age indicator of the representatives of the stronger sex was 20 years or more.

A group of men was divided into three types:

  • serum isolate;
  • soy isolate;
  • placebo control group.

Other additives were not consumed. Those citizens who consider themselves vegetarians or those on a high protein diet were excluded from the study. For two weeks, the participants in the experiment ate 20 grams of one of the nutritional supplements. Each morning after their adoption, they performed weighted squats, which consisted of six sets of 10 repetitions using a load of 80 percent of the maximum. As a result of the experiments, the results clearly demonstrated to the researchers that the consumption of soy protein lowered the level of testosterone in blood serum. For those men who were in the whey protein group, weakening of the release of cortisol could be observed. Based on this, eating protein supplements can alter the response of a physiological property to weight training. It all depends on the type of protein used. So say the creators of the study.