Dorian yates


  • 1 Anthropometric data
  • 2 Biography
  • 3 Key Achievements
  • 4 Dorian Yates Training System
  • 5 Recommendations for Beginners by Dorian Yates
  • 6 Dorian Yates Training Program (1995-1997)
    • 6.1 Split
    • 6.2 Workout day 1
    • 6.3 Workout day 2
    • 6.4 Workout day 4
    • 6.5 Workout day 5

Anthropometric data

  • Height - 178 cm.
  • Competitive weight 121 kg, off-season 131 kg.
  • The size of the biceps is 54 cm.
  • Hip Size - 81 cm.
  • Chest girth - 148 cm.
  • The size of the waist is 86 cm.
  • Shank size - 56 cm.


The full name of bodybuilder Dorian Andrew Menges Yates is Dorian Yates. Yates was born on April 19, 1962 in the small village of Staffordshire, which is located near the city of Birmingham, in England. The mother of the famous athlete worked as a riding instructor, and his father died when Dorian was 13 years old from heart disease. His father was then only 42 years old. A year later, the family moved to Birmingham, where after some time his mother met a man. Unfortunately, they were not destined to be together, as the man died before the wedding. After receiving a severe moral shock, her mother left Birmingham and returned to Staffordshire, and Dorian was stuck in Birmingham for 16 years. During this period, Yats just didn’t work and wherever he tried himself, since someone had to pay bills. During this time, he became a skinhead and dressed accordingly, and also constantly walked with a shaved head. Dorian at one time even worked in a slaughterhouse to earn a living.

This period of his life was also marked by the fact that at the age of 19 he was in the Watt youth correctional center. He received 6 months of correctional labor for participating in the riots. In the UK, persons under 21 years of age are considered youth, so he was sent to this center.

Here he went in for sports. This was the only thing that could be done without restrictions in such conditions, which many other prisoners did. Thanks to the presence of strength and fitness, he managed to gain universal recognition. While in custody, Dorian often thought about his future. He had few options: either take up the mind, or spend the rest of his life behind bars, sitting in one or the other prison. Realizing this, he chose the first and promised himself that he would be an exclusively law-abiding citizen of his country.

As the future showed, it was the right decision and, after a certain time, he found a gym located in the basement and signed up for it. In this room there was good sports equipment for that time. He trained on his own and at the age of 21 he took part in competitions. In 1986, Dorian Yates was the first in the British Championship, performing in the 100+ category. At this age, he had a dry muscle mass of 100 kg, which few people achieved, much less such success. Already in 1987, Yats managed to acquire his own gym. In the same year, Yats was very unlucky, and he injured his thigh muscle. Similar failures often happened to him. It would seem that everything! You can forget about training for a long period, but he did not give up and in a short time was able to return to training. It was very important for him to return to its former form and gain lost weight. It was important for him to fulfill what he promised himself.

In 1990, the athlete left for New York, after which he took part in the “Champions Night” tournament. Dorian managed to take second place, having conceded only Mohammed Benaziz ahead. At that time, Benaziz was very popular among fans of this sport and not by chance. After that, he managed to get a PRO card, which allowed him to take part in professional competitions. In 1991, he competed in Mr. Olympia, where he also won second place, and Lee Haney, the eight-time winner of Olympia, became the winner. Despite this, Dorian was constantly aiming for victory, although the second place in this prestigious tournament cannot be considered a defeat. For the first time, at such competitions, few were able to achieve such a serious result. The very next year, he achieved his goal by winning at Mr. Olympia. This fact indicates that Dorian Yates was a very gifted athlete.

In 1997, he again took part in this tournament, but not without problems, since before that, three weeks before the start of the competition, he injured the triceps. Despite the strong stretch, the athlete did not stop training and took first place. But this did not pass for Yats without a trace. Due to the seriousness of the injury, he had to leave the sport. Over the entire competitive period, he won 15 first places and 2 second places, which indicates the unique data of the athlete.

Dorian Yates has earned two nicknames during this time thanks to his fans. Basically it was called "Shadow." This nickname came up with the editor of the British publication Peter Mac Goach in 1988. He was also called the Birmingham Lion, which is associated with his hometown.

In 1991, he married and the daughter of Teni and son Lewis were born. He lived with his whole family at Sutton Coldfield. After a while, he divorced. He is currently training his son Lewis. As you can see, the example of his father had a very positive effect on Lewis. Many children follow in the footsteps of their parents, and sport is no exception.

Key Achievements

Dorian Yates is one of the most famous and titled bodybuilders of the whole world. He won the prestigious Mr. Olympia tournament 6 times in a row, from 1992 to 1997. He participated in competitions of the ABM level 17 times, losing only 2 times, and then only at the beginning of his sports career. It happened in 1990, at the “Night of the Champions” tournament, where he lost to the then-famous Mohammed Benaziz. The very next year he became the first. He took second place in 1991, taking the first time participating in the Mr. Olympia tournament, losing only to Lee Haney. Next year, no one could compete with him. Until 1997, he did not have worthy rivals, and he did not lose a single competition. He participated in tournaments of the Grand Prix of Spain, Germany and England, and won them several times. In 1998, he occupied the first line in the ranking of professionals according to the IFBB among men, although 1997 was the last competitive year for Yats in bodybuilding. Not many people know that he won most of his victories thanks to his mentor, Mike Mentzer, who developed his bodybuilding training methodology.

Dorian Yates Training System

Each exercise is carried out in one working approach, but before that it is necessary to carry out a couple of warm-up approaches with small weights. A warm-up is necessary to prepare the muscles for more serious loads. This athlete did not make unnecessary hard approaches, although for the sake of justice it is worth noting that this philosophy of the approach to the training process belongs to Mike Mentzer, who coached Dorian Yats.

All phases of movements are performed at a slow pace. In this case, it is important to perform the exercises correctly, since you have to deal with serious weights. The slightest neglect of the technique of performing the exercise can lead to injuries, which often happened to Dorian himself.

Split Dorian Yates performs when the muscles are fully restored, so you should take some more time to rest. In addition, it is necessary to have a healthy state of the body and spirit. If the condition does not predispose to training, then it is better to transfer it, but you should not completely abandon the training.

Recommendations for beginners from Dorian Yats

To obtain the desired effect, the weight needs to be increased at each workout, as the muscles increase after each load. At the same time, it is necessary to increase the weight of the shells gradually and carefully, not forgetting the performance technique. Some exercises do not require a significant increase in weight, especially when it comes to small muscle groups.

The optimal weight is the one with which you can perform from 6 to 8 repetitions, adhering to the ideal technique. If the weight is increased or decreased, then this will not result in any effect. In this case, you can damage your health.

You should not reinvent the wheel, as there are basic, proven exercises. Some novice athletes who draw information from nowhere, begin to invent something, experimenting with movements. As a rule, this does not lead to anything good, and athletes leave the sport at a loss, having not achieved any results. From the athlete is only required to carefully and wisely perform basic exercises, not forgetting the technique, which leads, in the end, to the desired results.

You should never work with excessive weights, as this will not allow you to develop good coordination of movements and will not allow you to perform the exercise technically.

Dorian Yates Training Program (1995-1997)


Day 1: Deltas, Trapezes, Triceps, Press

Day 2: back, back deltas

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: chest, biceps, abs

Day 5: Hips, Shin

Day 6: Rest

Workout Day 1

Warm up: 10 minutes on an exercise bike, then stretching all the groups that will train today (so before all workouts)

  • Press on the deltas in Smith's simulator: 1 * 15 (54kg), 1 * 12 (108kg), 1 * 8-10 (153kg)
  • Wiring to the sides sitting: 1 * 12 (2 * 35kg), 1 * 8-10 (2 * 32kg)
  • Leaving the arm to the side on the block: 1 * 20 (16kg), 1 * 8-10 (32kg)
  • Shrugs with dumbbells: 1 * 12 (2 * 63kg), 1 * 10-12 (2 * 83kg)
  • Triceps on the block: 1 * 15 (36kg), 1 * 12 (60kg), 1 * 8-10 (80kg)
  • French bench press with EZ-bar: 1 * 12 (45kg), 1 * 8-10 (64kg)
  • Triceps on the block with one hand: 1 * 8-10 (32kg) or Extension of one hand in the simulator Nautilus: 1 * 8-10 (maximum weight)
  • Twisting on the press: 3 * 20-25
  • Reverse Twists: 3 * 12-15

As you can see, the first approach with a reduced weight is a warm-up.

Workout Day 2

  • The back on the Hammer simulator: 1 * 15 (60kg), then the pull of the vertical block: 1 * 12 (100kg), 1 * 8-10 (128kg) or (change at each workout) pullover on Nautilus: 1 * 15 (100kg), 1 * 12 (144kg), 1 * 8-10 (198kg)
  • Inclined rod pull: 1 * 12 (128kg), 1 * 8-10 (169kg)
  • Thrust in Hammer with one hand: 1 * 8-10 (110kg)
  • Horizontal block pull: 1 * 8-10 (maximum weight)
  • Hammer back deltas: 1 * 8-10 (2 * 25kg)
  • Breeding dumbbells in the slope: 1 * 8-10 (2 * 43kg)
  • Hyperextension: 1 * 8 (140kg - body weight)
  • Deadlift: 1 * 8 (182kg)

Workout Day 4

  • Bench press lying on an inclined bench head up: 1 * 12 (60 kg), 1 * 10 (100 kg), 1 * 8 (140 kg), 1 * 8 (191 kg)
  • Bench press in Hammer sitting: 1 * 10 (100kg)
  • Bench press: 1 * 10 (100kg), 1 * 6-8 (158kg)
  • Wiring dumbbells lying on an inclined bench head up: 1 * 10 (2 * 34kg), 1 * 8 (2 * 50kg)
  • Crossovers: 1 * 10-12 (2 * 40kg)
  • Lifting dumbbells for biceps while sitting on an inclined bench: 1 * 10 (2 * 23kg), 1 * 6-8 (2 * 32kg)
  • Lifting the biceps with an EZ bar: 1 * 10 (45kg), 1 * 6-8 (63kg)
  • Arm curls in Nautilus: 1 * 6-8 (54kg)
  • Twisting: 3 * 20-25
  • Reverse Twists: 3 * 12-15

Workout Day 5

  • Leg extensions in the simulator: 1 * 15 (60kg), 1 * 12 (90kg), 1 * 10-12 (122kg)
  • Leg Press: 1 * 12 (347kg), 1 * 12 (470kg), 1 * 10-12 (570kg)
  • Hack Squats: 1 * 12 (198kg), 1 * 8-10 (297kg)
  • Bending the legs on the simulator lying: 1 * 8-10 (59kg), 1 * 8-10 (81kg)
  • Flexion of one leg in the simulator: 1 * 8-10 (23kg)
  • Standing shin in the simulator: 1 * 10-12 (405kg), 1 * 10-12 (585kg)
  • Shin in the simulator sitting: 1 * 10-12 (112kg)