Mass Up by ActivLab

The Mass Up gainer manufactured by ActivLab is a premium product. The supplement has an average calorie content and is intended for use during mass collection. This gainer is recommended to use ectomorphs - people who by nature have a thin physique and are experiencing problems in weight gain. The rest of this supplement is better to abstain, giving preference to proteins. Otherwise, in addition to muscle mass, extra subcutaneous fat is also accumulated, since a large amount of carbohydrates is present in the product.


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  • 2 ActivLab Mass Up Composition
  • 3 How to Take Mass Up
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Reception effects

Mass Up helps:

  • muscle growth;
  • increase indicators of strength and endurance;
  • reduction of manifestations of catabolic processes;
  • improving training performance.

An athlete becomes sturdy not only in strength, but also in cardio. The latter is due to the presence of creatine in the supplement.

ActivLab Mass Up roster

For one hundred grams of the supplement (1 serving), 393 kcal falls, of which:

  • BCAA - 1 g;
  • taurine and creatine - 2 g each;
  • protein - 10 g;
  • fat - 0.5 g;
  • carbohydrates - 87 g.

The gainer contains flavorings, colorings, as well as sweeteners.

How to take Mass Up

On the day, according to the recommendations of the company's specialists, you should drink from 1 to 1.5 servings. To prepare the gainer, the substance (100 g) is poured either with milk or water (300-350 ml). Drink the drink after training, when exposure to carbohydrates gives the maximum effect. You should not drink the supplement in the evening and between separate meals, as the risk of accumulating subcutaneous fat increases.

When the mass is practically not added, that is, there is a calorie deficit, in the mornings you should take another half of the gainer, that is, 50 g. Athletes who, on the contrary, do not need to increase the daily calorie intake, drink no more than half the dosage, and add protein to compensate gainer egg white or BCAA.

To enhance the effect obtained from gaining a gainer, ActivLab experts advise using it together with the following products:

  • Creatine to increase the strength and speed of the mass gain;
  • BCAA Xtra to improve recovery quality and better training performance.

These supplements are also produced by ActivLab, so they are excellent combined with the product in question for gaining muscle mass.

The gainer is completely safe and has no side effects. Some athletes may sometimes have digestive problems, but no other negative effects were found after taking the supplement.

Gainer Reviews

Most of the comments that bodybuilders leave about supplements on forums and online stores are positive. Athletes note a good value for money, as well as good taste characteristics. The additive is produced with the taste of chocolate, vanilla, cherry yogurt, wild berries, bananas. Not all of them are popular. Most bodybuilders like a product that tastes like vanilla and chocolate.

The composition of this product should be considered. It contains a large number of fast (simple) carbohydrates, which contribute to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. This is the main reason that experienced athletes are advised to take a gainer only to those who do not have a tendency to be overweight. The rest is better to give preference to other additives. Otherwise, there will be an excess of subcutaneous fat.