Muscle gain nutrition

It is impossible to find a powerful and inflated body without decent muscle mass, for the recruitment of which you need a properly and correctly composed diet. Equally important are the exercises that shape the muscles, but they are useless if there is no “material” for work.

Those who want to have good muscle mass should always start by building a carefully calibrated menu that should fully coincide with the goals and objectives. This can be done with a clear idea of ​​the basics of building nutrition for mass recruitment and which products should be included in such a diet.


  • 1 Nutrition Principles for Muscle Gain
    • 1.1 Frequency of food intake
    • 1.2 Calorie content
    • 1.3 Harmony of proteins, fats and carbohydrates
  • 2 Water and its amount
  • 3 Optimal time for eating
    • 3.1 Before training
    • 3.2 After training
  • 4 What foods should be included in the menu for muscle growth?> 4.1 Carbohydrate-rich foods
  • 4.2 Protein-containing foods
  • 4.3 High fat foods
  • 5 Muscle building: the main stages
  • 6 Tips from experienced bodybuilders to build muscle
  • 7 Summary
  • Principles of Nutrition for Muscle Gain

    Based on four basic principles. They give a clear idea of ​​what should be the menu of an athlete who wants to gain muscle.

    Food frequency

    In order for muscle mass to grow, a person needs to eat. Together with products, a person receives energy and substances, thanks to which all vital metabolic processes are carried out, tissues receive material for development and increase.

    Muscle gain occurs only when three essential nutrients are present in the body - proteins, fats, carbohydrates. If they do not come with food at a certain time, the muscles simply stop growing, which, of course, is a serious problem for the athlete.

    An ordinary person who does not seek to become more, just eat three times a day. Such a schedule is not suitable for a bodybuilder, as long pauses between meals create a nutrient deficiency. He needs to eat with breaks of no more than 3 hours, that is, adhere to five meals a day or six meals a day.

    This mode allows the body not only easier to digest food, but also receive all the necessary nutrients for the smooth operation of building muscle tissue.

    Calorie content

    The fundamental principle of building good muscle mass is that you must always clearly know how many calories are consumed per day. Otherwise, it will never be possible to achieve the intended goal.

    Muscles grow only when the body receives calories. They do not all go to the construction of tissues. This process takes only a certain part. Therefore, the energy value of incoming food should always exceed the number of calories burned.

    Harmony of proteins, fats and carbohydrates

    A carefully calibrated ratio of nutrients allows you to accurately build a diet for mass recruitment:

    • Squirrels. Their number varies from 30 to 35%.
    • Fats. Should be 10-20% of the diet, and preference should be given to walnuts, sea fish, fish oil, polyunsaturated fatty acids.
    • Carbohydrates. They make up most of the menu, ranging from 50 to 60%.

    The presence of a “window” of 5-10% implies that the exact ratio of BJU should be determined and adjusted individually, depending on the characteristics of the body and goals.

    Water and its amount

    It is impossible to gain good muscle mass for those who do not pay attention to water - the presence of a sufficient amount of moisture in the body. A lack is fraught with a lack of progress in the task assigned to the athlete. The optimal daily norm for those who build muscle is considered to be from two to four liters. The exact amount is determined by the weight of the athlete.

    Do not drink while eating. This creates a barrier to the natural digestion process and the absorption of nutrients, prevents the digestive system from working for one hundred percent. Water is best consumed between meals.

    The best time for eating

    Before training

    It’s better not to have a lesson, but at least two hours before it. Preference should be given to products in which complex carbohydrates prevail. They allow you to get a large charge of energy to ensure effective and efficient training.

    You can eat a serving of pasta, cereals, as well as vegetables with fruits. Protein-carbohydrate mixture does no harm. It can be drunk about half an hour before training.

    After training

    Do not neglect the meal after class. This time is most favorable for the assimilation of all the nutrients necessary for building muscle mass, while in the greatest quantity.

    Immediately after class, you can either use a portion of the gainer or eat two bananas. A full meal should be after 40 minutes and consist primarily of proteins and slow carbohydrates.

    What foods should be included in the menu for muscle growth ">

    Nutrition should consist not only of well-absorbed by the body, but also healthy products, which contain the necessary nutrients. Such cereals as semolina, buckwheat, rice, and also oatmeal and potatoes are rich in carbohydrates. Mackerel, herring, tuna, and salmon contain a lot of fat.

    There is a clear gradation of products for the high content of a particular nutrient:

    Carbohydrate-rich foods

    • bread (black);
    • cereals;
    • noodles;
    • muesli;
    • cereals (oat, rice, buckwheat, wheat, millet, corn);
    • pasta;
    • hazelnut;
    • walnuts;
    • mushrooms;
    • peanut;
    • potatoes;
    • apricot seeds.

    Protein Products

    • peas;
    • eggs
    • walnuts;
    • beans;
    • boiled fish;
    • fat cottage cheese;
    • yogurt;
    • poultry meat;
    • Fried fish;
    • kefir;
    • milk;
    • caviar;
    • semolina;
    • mutton;
    • sausages;
    • cooked sausage;
    • Beans
    • beef meat.

    High fat foods

    • sardines;
    • anchovies;
    • salmon;
    • red meat;
    • ghee;
    • butter;
    • sour cream;
    • crisps;
    • cream;
    • fat;
    • walnuts;
    • crackers;
    • cake;
    • chocolate;
    • mayonnaise;
    • sausage;
    • bakery products;
    • cheese.

    Based on this information, making a diet is not difficult. The main thing is to observe the ratio of nutrients.

    Muscle building: the main stages

    In order for the muscles to increase in mass, it is necessary to understand that this process takes place in a certain sequence. If you follow each step exactly, the result will not be long in coming:

    1. Starting to train, you must immediately take vitamins, amino acids, trace elements.
    2. Further, various specialized specialized food additives are introduced into their usual diet, and the main dishes will be supplemented with protein.
    3. Then begin to drink gainers. This should be done gradually. First, use a mixture with a small concentration of protein, and then increase it.
    4. Three months later, the gainers are replaced by carbohydrates and proteins.
    5. Having achieved that the muscle mass has increased significantly, you should start to use fat burners. They are accepted within a few weeks.

    It is recommended to control that the body has enough nutrients and nutrients. For this purpose, tests should be taken. This will allow you to timely adjust the power.

    Tips from experienced bodybuilders to build muscle

    Bodybuilders with experience have vast experience in how to build muscle. If you analyze what recommendations they give, then success in achieving the goal set for the athlete to gain good muscle mass is as follows:

    1. Have a good meal. You need to eat a lot, but not everything. A correctly and correctly formulated strategy to increase muscle is that you need to eat much more than an athlete can spend during the day, including taking into account the fact that a certain amount of calories is spent on a regular metabolism.
    2. The best exercises. For training, it is recommended to choose only those that have managed to prove themselves on the positive side and bring real results - deadlift, squats, bench press, as well as flexion with a barbell in hand.
    3. Progress. It is not recommended to arrive in one weight for a long time if it is necessary to increase it. You always need to strive for the desired mass, a lot and hard training, eating right.
    4. Weight lifting precautions. In order not to get injured and not harm the body, you need to take only the weight that is really within your power. Otherwise, you can fail for several months.
    5. A full and good rest. Lack of recovery inhibits the process of mass gain. The body should always be given a good rest, sleep is especially useful.
    6. Do not cool, but work in training. Indulgence should not be given. The gym needs a lot and hard work. Breaks between individual sets should never exceed more than three minutes. This is enough to gain strength for the next set. Turning to training, you must be prepared for a fruitful and effective occupation.

    Following these recommendations will allow you to achieve success and the goals set by the athlete. The main thing is to have motivation and desire.


    So, in order to build muscle, you should remember the following important points:

    • training only partially determines success;
    • a balanced diet is required;
    • own health should not be neglected in pursuit of a goal;
    • recovery and rest are an integral part of the muscle building process;
    • never be lazy in training.

    If these points are observed, then the result is ensured.