Potato in bodybuilding

Potato has a special place among vegetable crops. The root crop is popular all over the world, and both adults and children love french fries and chips. This vegetable is served for dinner in almost every Russian family. However, given the fact that the diet of those involved in sports and watching their figure, implies certain limitations, properties and the effect of potatoes on the physique of interest to many athletes, including amateurs.


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What are the disadvantages of potatoes?

In bodybuilding, potatoes are included in the diet for carbohydrates. Many people like the taste of root vegetables, but it is not recommended to get involved in vegetable culture. The potato contains a high concentration of starch. Its peculiarity is that when it enters the body, it is converted into glucose, which provokes a surge in sugar in the blood.

The root crop is considered a simple carbohydrate. This does not make it similar to sugar or other sweets. The combination of potatoes with fats turns the vegetable into an entire effective dish that contributes to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, which, of course, is not the goal that the bodybuilder wants. The most “dangerous” for the figure is the potato, which is fried in fatty oil, as well as fries.

The benefits of potatoes for bodybuilding

The root crop should be eaten sparingly. It is recommended to include it in the diet when the bodybuilder builds muscle mass. This does not mean that the vegetable can be consumed in absolutely any form. The cooking method is crucial. You should abandon the fries in favor of boiled, baked, grilled, and also in uniforms.

This allows you to not saturate the vegetable with harmful fat and preserve nutrients:

  • fiber;
  • potassium;
  • phosphorus;
  • calcium;
  • ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

When the athlete is drying, the amount of potatoes consumed must be limited to a minimum. People who want to lose the maximum amount of fat should abandon the root crop, preferring complex carbohydrates in the form of buckwheat and rice.

How to eat potatoes in bodybuilding

The assignment of potatoes to fast carbohydrates is conditional. To get the most benefit, but not harm the figure, it is recommended to eat the vegetable in the morning, when the body needs to quickly replenish energy reserves and suppress catabolic processes. The root crop exhibits similar properties when it is used after training. It is best to combine potatoes with dairy products, fish and meat.

Young potatoes have the greatest benefit. It contains the most vitamins and minerals. The old root crop loses almost its entire valuable composition. Therefore, the vegetable is best consumed young. However, choosing potatoes, they pay attention not only to the time of "harvesting". You should not buy vegetables from unknown farms, as unscrupulous farmers can pollinate potatoes with chemicals to increase their size.

Dish with potatoes for athletes

Of course, potatoes can be cooked in various variations, but taking into account the balance of nutrients, that is, the ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. A vegetable should preserve the maximum possible amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber. It is boiled, baked, grilled, stewed.

If stew is preferred, then it is best served with meat and salad. It is recommended to take ham, tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers. One serving of such a dish contains approximately 500 kcal. BJU will completely depend on how much meat and potato are taken, but on average 25-30 will be needed for protein, 15-20 for fats, and 35-45 for carbohydrates. This dish is ideal for replenishing energy after an intense workout.