One-arm pull-up training

Pulling up on one arm is quite a difficult task. This needs to be studied for a long time, in total it can take from six months to several years. This requires a special training program, a sequence of training, which will be presented later.


  • 1 Hand position when pulling up
  • 2 What cannot be considered a pull on one arm (OAC)
  • 3 muscle movements
  • 4 Possible injuries
  • 5 Preparation for pull-ups on one arm
  • 6 Strong grip
  • 7 Training mode
  • 8 First training
  • 9 Double-arm pull-ups with double load
  • 10 Power pull-ups
  • 11 French-style pull-ups
  • 12 One-Hand Pull Training
  • 13 Muscles of the whole body
  • 14 How to keep balance
  • 15 Check achievements
  • 16 Work on bugs
  • 17 Concentric movements
  • 18 Pullups with a rope
  • 19 Towel pull-ups
  • 20 Pullups
  • 21 Eccentric Movements
  • 22 First positive result
  • 23 Continuation of training

Hand position when pulling up

When you are pulled back grip, your palms clasp the bar with your palms facing you. This position is called the supination position.

The position of pronation is that you grab the bar with your palms away from you. This situation is known as ordinary grip.

There is also a mixed grip when one arm is in supination and the other is in pronation.

To achieve better results, you need to constantly change the position of the hands. Thus, the strength of all the muscles that are involved in the pull-up process will develop.

Note: you will come across terms and abbreviations that you may not understand right now. In order to make it easier to read, we present to your attention their transcript. “Pull”, “OAC”, “OAP” and “chin” - all this in this text will mean both pulling up a normal grip and pulling up in the supination position. If necessary, clarifications will be made.

What cannot be considered a pull on one arm (OAC)

Pulling on one arm involves using only one arm. If you pull up on one hand, but hold on to the other hand, this is not a proper exercise.

Most likely, this method can be called pulling with a brush. Because you still use two hands to pull yourself up. Any professional will tell you that with a hand you can pull up as many times as on two hands. When someone boasts that he can pull himself up on one hand so many times, in most cases a person means pulling up with a brush.

Muscle movements

Next, you will learn what muscle movements you need to control in order to learn how to pull up on one arm. To do this, increase muscle strength.

Concentric muscle movements are movements when muscle strength is greater than the resistance it encounters. This happens when you pull yourself to the horizontal bar.

Isometric movements mean that muscle strength equals resistance. This happens when you delay and maintain a position on the crossbar.

Eccentric muscle movements - a force less than the resistance it encounters. This happens when a person lowers his body.

If the force was developed and trained in the best way, a person would be able to control most of the weight with eccentric muscle movements. Next would be isometric, and then concentric movements. It is necessary to remember this order of movements.

The crossbar is the best tool for training.

The crossbar is the most popular way to learn how to pull up on one arm. And this is not surprising, because there are beams in almost every yard. School gyms are also equipped with rungs where students take pull-up tests.

Some people use rings for training. However, this is not the best option in this case. A person must learn to balance on the crossbar, to control the position of the arms and body so that it does not rotate from side to side. With the help of rings it will be quite difficult to learn this.

There are people who claim that pulling up on one arm can have a negative effect on a person’s elbows and cause some kind of disease, such as ulnar tendonitis. However, this opinion is erroneous. Tendonitis can appear only if you do not adhere to the correct training program. For example, excessive repetition during exercise can cause such a disease.

Many rock climbing people also learn to pull themselves up on one arm. For such people, you can advise a special climbing grip, you can work with ledges or slats. You can pull right on the veranda. This method is always available, and the results may exceed your expectations.

Possible injuries

Next, you will get acquainted with the injuries that may result from training.

Many professionals have encountered such a problem as knee tendonitis. The famous athlete Jasper Beninkaz, who was tightened on one arm 19 times, once said that tendonitis cannot be avoided. All you can do in this case is relax. Knee tendonitis is a common injury, but it is worth recognizing that it occurs most in those who play sports professionally.

Elbow tendonitis is no less common during training. Symptoms of the disease are simple and obvious - terrible sharp pains appear in the elbow joints. The treatment of this injury is unambiguous - rest is necessary. You need to stop all workouts, and do not pull up on the bar until the pains completely disappear. Rest can last even several weeks. After this, you should gradually resume training.

All of these injuries can, in principle, be avoided. To do this, you need to responsibly approach training. When you start to do difficult exercises, take your time, move slowly. It is better to slow down the pace of training a little, listen to your body if you feel pain in the elbow or knee joints.

When pulling on one arm, the shoulder can also be damaged. This part of the body is most vulnerable to such training. To avoid such an injury, it is necessary that the shoulders are always strained. Even if you are in a low position, be careful, as a lot of weight is placed on the shoulders.

Preparing for one-arm pull-ups

Before you begin to pull up on one hand, you need to be able to do some things. This will help you learn how to do these exercises faster and safer.

Firstly, you should be pulled on two hands at least 12-13 times. It should be given to you easily and naturally. When you do this easily, the number of pull-ups should be increased. Such exercises will allow you to build muscle more, which will be beneficial for future workouts.

If pulling up on two hands is difficult for you, you must do everything possible to fix it. Otherwise, pulling up on one arm is clearly not for you. Work on the crossbar, on the rope ladders, with the help of a bar and dumbbells as much as possible, and then the dream can become a reality.

Many people think that if they learned to quickly and much pull up on two hands, then they can easily go to pull-ups on one arm. However, such an opinion is not correct. Pullups on one arm require special, special training. When you pull up with two hands, it builds up muscle and develops its endurance. A huge number of approaches are useful, relevant and necessary. But it’s worth understanding that this is not enough. Pulling with one hand requires muscle strength. You must raise your weight, your whole body with one hand, so you need to focus on muscle strength.

Strong grip

A strong grip is required to pull up on one arm. It is useful in order to maximize all the muscles of the upper body. If your grip is not strong enough, it will be difficult to control your muscles and body. The body will revolve around the crossbar, and pull-ups will not be possible to perform.

In order to make your grip strong, you can use a device such as an expander. It uses a spring that has a high resistance. The main task of man is to squeeze the expander to the end. However, this is not always easy to do. Although the consequences of this device will please you.

If you want to purchase an expander, you can go to the desired section. There you will find all the information you need about his characteristics, about the features of training with him.

You can train a strong grip with ordinary towels. To do this, take two towels, throw one end of each of the towels over the crossbar. Then grab both ends of the towels with your hands and pull up.

There is another way that you can train a strong grip. It consists in simply hanging on the bar with one hand. It is worth paying attention to the condition of the shoulder, as it can jump out of the joint. Be extremely careful.

Training mode

First, consider two-handed exercises. The same exercises can be done in the case of work with the spinal muscles. Although it should be noted that there is no need to overdo it. The best option is to do 4 to 6 pull-ups in one go. Only three approaches, between which you need to take a break, but no more than 2 minutes. During this time, you will have time to regain your strength. If you complicate pull-ups, you should perform fewer repetitions (from 3 to 5). You can choose any of these options. The main thing to remember is that you should be careful not to tear your muscles and not break off the crossbar.

Pulling up on one hand requires a slightly different mode. There is an even greater risk of injury, so you need to reduce the number of repetitions. Starting such training, you can perform the same three approaches, with only 2 pull-ups. You can catch up to the third approach only once. This will be enough to build muscle strength and is safe for your health.

You can alternate exercises. For example, 2 days a week you are pulled on one arm, the next two days you perform exercises with two hands. Once again, we should carefully monitor your elbow joints. Elbow tendonitis can occur out of the blue. Therefore, if necessary, reduce the number of sets or reps.

First training

When you feel that you are easily given a large number of pull-ups, it is time to increase the load. It is recommended that you always start your first workout with exercises for two hands. You should not even do just bouncing on one hand, if there is not enough preparation.

Two-arm pull-ups with double load

Pull-ups on two arms with weights favorably affect subsequent pull-ups with one hand. Moreover, dual-load exercises are much more useful than regular pull-ups. This is much better than doing many sets and reps. Weighting is a sure way to train your muscles.

Power pulls

Strength pull-ups should not be given all the time during training. These types of exercises should be devoted to the time at the beginning of training, when the muscles are not tired, and they are full of strength. Experts advise just to hang on the bar on straight arms. After that, you can make sharp pull-ups. Thus, you make your muscles tense, teach them endurance. This experience will be useful for you in pull-ups on one arm.

French-style pull-ups

In order to perform the French pull-up, it is necessary to pull up to the crossbar, and there linger for 5-6 seconds. Then you need to return to its original position, dropping in straight arms. After that, immediately pull up so that with the help of your hands an angle of 90 degrees is formed. In this position, you should also linger for a while (5-6 seconds). Again, drop down on straightened arms. The next position - the hands should form an angle of 135 degrees. This exercise is called French pull-ups.

All these three positions, when the hands form different angles, are isometric positions. With their help, the muscles are loaded evenly.

The pull-up of the French type contributes to the fact that the hands receive a fairly large load. You do not need to do a huge number of repetitions. Also, this exercise can help when regular exercises, pull-ups become easy for you.

One-hand pull up workouts

Before describing special exercises for pull-ups on one arm, you need to know about the position of the body in which it should be when hanging from the crossbar.

Full body muscles

It is necessary to use the power not only of the hands, but of the whole body. The following method of finding the body is recommended. The hand on which you will be pulled should be held as close to the body as possible. She will fit to the chest and stomach. Thus, the back muscles will also be involved in the pull-up.

Once again, it is worth mentioning a strong grip, without which nothing will work. It is difficult to overestimate its importance for pull-ups on one arm. It will help you to remove part of the load from the hand and redirect it to the whole body. Abdominal muscles can also be used. It is necessary to strain them when pulling up. During training, there is the option of squeezing your free hand into a fist. This will help you engage other muscles in your work.

How to keep balance

Performing pull-ups with one hand, it is difficult to maintain balance on the crossbar. This requires special training. When you pull up on your right hand, the body deviates counterclockwise, when on the left, the opposite is the case - the body moves clockwise. To prevent this from happening, you should press your hand closer to your body. The free hand should be across the body. Thus, you can control all body movements. This will allow you to maintain balance, the body will not rotate from side to side.

Pulling with one hand makes the body bend relative to the working arm. This should not cause you to stop training. Let your free hand move in any direction. The main thing here is to remember safety. The shoulder can be injured by hitting the crossbar.

Over time, you will be able to learn to maintain balance when pulling on one hand, if you apply maximum effort and energy to this.

Achievement Achievement

When you achieve visible success in pull-ups on two hands, you will want to try your hand at pull-ups with one hand. The first attempt is recommended to be done on low beams. You have to get to it, standing on the floor. So it will be much easier for you at the initial stage. Remember that step-by-step compliance with the rules is required, not haste. Therefore, you will always have time to move to the high crossbar. After all, you need to grow to such a level, constantly training and not giving up under any circumstances.

At the very beginning, try to pull up on one hand from a low position. Pull with your hand so that your hand is at an angle of 90 degrees. Have tried ">

Error handling

Since much does not work out at the initial stage, it is worth collecting all your strength and continuing your training. Some people psychologically surrender from the very beginning, can not do the work on their mistakes.

Their weaknesses must be turned into strengths. Where to start "> Concentric movements

You can work on concentric movements with insurance. After all, it is precisely such movements that we need to achieve with pull-ups with one hand. First of all, it will increase the load on your muscles. Secondly, you will understand the very essence of such training. Concentric movements help especially those people for whom it is difficult to catch up with outstretched arms.

Pull-ups with rope

This exercise is very helpful. A big plus is that the load can be controlled independently. You do not need to buy any additional weights or dumbbells for this. So, a rope is taken, the length of which is 3-4 meters. The rope must be strong (it is designed to support the weight of your body). The comfort of the girth is important here, as you will hold the rope with your hand. Also, it should not be stretched. Otherwise, the exercise, at best, will not work, and at worst, you can get hurt at all.

The exercise is as follows: you take a strong and comfortable rope, tie a load to one of its ends. Другой конец веревки перекидываете через перекладину. Для таких целей лучше использовать скользкую перекладину, чтобы веревка не перетерлась о нее.

Не рекомендуется выполнять подобное упражнение, если на веревке находится груз свыше 11 кг. Так вы можете надорвать мышцы, получить травму. А это никак не улучшит ваши достижения, а, наоборот, придется начинать с самого начала. Данное упражнение не требует дополнительных тренажерных приспособлений, его легко можно делать в квартире.

Следующий шаг – одной рукой хватаетесь за перекладину, в другую же берете веревку с грузом. Теперь начинайте подтягиваться на одной руке. Груз начнет тянуть все ваше тело вниз. Ваши мышцы будут больше напрягаться, вследствие этого, быстрее расти. Груз может начать подниматься, однако не стоит этого делать, иначе не сможете закончить упражнение.

Если перекладина достаточно скользкая, может произойти большое трение. Как результат – увеличится вес груза. Чтобы предотвратить это, уменьшите вес груза на одном конце веревки.

Подтягивания с помощью полотенца

Вам снова понадобится обыкновенное полотенце. Его необходимо перебросить через перекладину. Затем схватить той рукой, на которой вы будете подтягиваться. Будет намного труднее, если вы возьметесь за самый край полотенца. Такое упражнение сильно помогает для наращивания силы в руках, также для их выносливости.

Подтягивания на пальцах

Вы можете попробовать следующий метод для того, чтобы создать дополнительную нагрузку на руку. Используйте пальцы той руки, которая не участвует в подтягивании. Каждый должен индивидуально решить, сколько пальцев использовать для данного упражнения. Сначала попробуйте держаться четырьмя, затем постепенно убирайте, пока не дойдете до одного.

Эксцентрические движения

Когда вы начнете достигать определенных результатов с помощью концентрических движений, настанет время переходить к эксцентрическим. Ведь вы уже знаете, насколько они сильны. Если даже у вас не получится подтягиваться вверх, то опускаться вниз – не составит большого труда. Такие упражнения будут также развивать вестибулярный аппарат. Но лучше не совершать подобные занятия, если вы не научились контролировать свой корпус и все тело.

Можно сделать вывод, что эти упражнения делаются как раз перед тем, как уже начать подтягиваться на одной руке. Это, так сказать, завершающий этап подготовок к более серьезному уровню. Если вы сможете контролировать свой корпус, полностью не опускаясь вниз, то вы практически готовы к подтягиванию с помощью одной руки. Это огромный шаг к победе, не сдавайтесь.

Следующий шаг – вам необходимо забыть про утяжеления и пробовать подтягивания на одной руке. Но еще пару слов о нагрузках. Они, конечно же, зависят от веса самого человека. Например, при собственном весе в 70 кг будет достаточно работать с весом 45-50 кг. Здесь вы должны лично для себя подобрать тот вес, который будет удобен и полезен для вас. Исследуйте свой организм, свое тело. Если чувствуете, что тело находится не под вашим контролем при выполнении упражнений, сбавьте вес.

Одним из лучших методов, при совершении негативных повторений, можно считать подтягивание с помощью двух рук разным хватом. После этого пробовать отпускать одну из рук. Перед тем, как будете опускаться, проследите, чтобы ваша голова находилась в положении над перекладиной. Сам процесс опускания должен проходить медленно. Когда вы будете достаточно натренированы, иметь все виды мышечных сил, можно применять изометрические задержки в положении снизу, сверху и посередине.

После этого подойдет время выполнять тренировки с утяжелениями. Нагрузку также необходимо увеличивать постепенно. Занятия следует продолжать до тех пор, пока вы не будете задерживать положение вверху, внизу и посередине.

Первый положительный результат

Итак, вы много тренировались, у вас было множество попыток подтянуться на одной руке, и, вот, у вас это получается сделать. Может показаться, что прошел целый час, прежде чем вы подтянулись над перекладиной. Однако это не час, а всего несколько секунд, и все нормально, так и должно быть. Поздравляем вас! Первый шаг к успеху выполнен.

Рекомендуется не забывать о подтягиваниях, если у вас получилось это сделать. Теперь нужно подтягиваться так хотя бы один раз каждый день. Вы самостоятельно решите, когда это сделать – перед началом тренировок, во время их или после. Помните, что здесь важно не остановиться на достигнутом. Необходимо быть психологически готовым к продолжению физических нагрузок и упражнений.

Когда вы подтянитесь на одной руке первый раз, эмоции будут переполнять вас. Вы можете не верить своим глазам. Однако после каждого очередного повторения этого упражнения уверенность в своих силах будет возрастать.

Если вдруг на следующий день вы не сможете повторить попытку, не сможете подтянуться и один раз, не расстраивайтесь. Первый раз не был случайностью, поэтому продолжайте работать. Не забывайте, что терпение и труд все перетрут. Возможно, ваши мышцы устали, силы на пределе. Может, вы психологически не поверили в себя, убедили себя в том, что первый раз был случайностью.

Продолжение тренировок

Продолжайте тренировки, начатые вами. Увеличивайте силу с помощью подтягиваний с утяжелениями. Можно сосредоточиться на подтягиваниях на одной руке и отрицательных подтягиваниях с задержками.

Вы можете сами решить, какие упражнения будут самыми эффективными для вас. Воспользуйтесь всеми советами, упомянутыми выше. Можете разработать свои упражнения, которые принесут вам положительные результаты.

Помните, что тренировки должны быть вам не в тягость, а приносить радость и удовольствие. Никогда не отчаивайтесь, не впадайте в депрессивное состояние, если что-то не получается сразу. Будьте спокойны, наберитесь терпения, ведь для сильных людей нет ничего невозможного.