Alcar by SAN

The SAN Alcar Fat Burner is an athlete's supplement for fat loss. The main active ingredient of the drug is acetyl L-carnitine. It is one of the most easily absorbed forms of carnitine. The drug is very popular in bodybuilding during the drying period or in preparation for competitions. A sports supplement triggers fat burning processes and makes training as effective and efficient as possible.


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Effect of taking

Alcar, manufactured by SAN, has many positive features:

  • transforms fats into energy spent on training;
  • improves performance and endurance;
  • lowers bad cholesterol;
  • improves cardiovascular health.

The main advantage of the L-carnitine-based fat burner is the absence of the depleting effect on the nervous system that caffeine preparations have. A monthly course of the supplement does not cause any side effects and does not have a rolling effect.


One serving of the supplement contains 750 milligrams of pure acetyl L-carnitine. It does not contain any unnecessary chemistry and extraneous inclusions.

How to use

Fat burner is recommended to drink 1-3 capsules per day. The best time is considered to be before training. The supplement is taken half an hour before the start of classes. In days free from training, the drug is taken between meals. The duration of the course is from 3 to 4 weeks. Then take a break of about one month. If you take the supplement on an ongoing basis, the level of production of your own L-carnitine will decrease. This will lead to the need for constant intake of sports nutrition.

To increase the effectiveness of taking the drug, Alcar is recommended to drink with other additives that are aimed at improving the athlete’s body surface. The company's specialists recommend taking the drug with other fat burners with caffeine, yohimbine, synephrine. This combination is not recommended for those who have heart problems. The course of the supplement is taken along with amino acids, whey proteins, and other anabolic drugs. This improves the effect of fat burning. L-carnitine does not cause any harm to health and has no negative side effects. However, wishing to take this drug, do not consume more than 2 grams of the substance per day. Studies show that increasing the dosage does not increase the effect of the drug on the body.


Today, acetyl L-carnitine, manufactured by SAN, is considered one of the most popular drugs among analogues. Fat burner athletes are mostly satisfied with the high effectiveness and quality of the supplement. The main advantage of the composition is that it is quickly absorbed and has an affordable cost. Experienced athletes take the drug in conjunction with other fat burners, as well as drugs with caffeine and BCAA. Experienced athletes take two or three capsules at once half an hour before the start of training. Beginners should not immediately drink large dosages.