Twisting in the simulator for the press

This exercise is an analogue of twisting, but it requires a special, sometimes quite difficult to use simulator, which is not in all rooms. He has no special advantages over twisting on a bench or on the floor, except for the ability to control the weight of the load. Accordingly, the prerogative of its implementation belongs to athletes who want to diversify their abdominal muscles, athletes during weight loss, women, because it is quite light, originally from fitness rather than from bodybuilding. It is not recommended for beginners with experience of less than a year.


  • 1 Target muscles
  • 2 Equipment
  • 3 Technique
  • 4 Major mistakes
  • 5 Priority

Target muscles

Rectus abdominis muscle (upper part)
Auxiliary: muscles of the lower back.


The simulator, consisting of a base, to which the emphasis is movably attached, allowing you to tilt forward along the arc, pressing on it with your chest.

Execution technique

  • Sit on the edge of the simulator seat, bring your legs together so that your knees are close, your pelvis in line with your shoulders. Put your arms crossed in front of you on the upper surface of the emphasis and at the same time rest your chest against it. The stop plate at this time should be in the axillary region.
  • As you exhale, make a forward movement, tensing the abdominal muscles, and, pressing the chest against the stop, bend towards your own knees. They do not need to be touched, the exercise should be performed in an incomplete amplitude, approximately the same as twisting.
  • When moving down, the body seems to roll down, while the back should be rounded. At the bottom point, do not pause, the movement must be performed clearly and quickly, at least 20 times in each approach. During the reverse movement, exhale, gradually straightening your back. Try not to work too low back!

Main mistakes

The pelvis is not in line with the shoulders, but is shifted back - in this case, the muscles of the anterior thigh begin to help flex the body. In this case, the elbows fall further, almost to the knees, the amplitude increases sharply, which automatically activates the lower back.


At the very end of the abs workout, second or third counting exercise. A combination with any basic exercise for the development of the abs is permissible, the effect of which is shifted to its lower part, for example, by raising the knees in the hang.