Which whey protein is better

Wanting to be healthy and physically developed, most people include in their routines not only sports, but also review their own eating habits. Ordinary food can not always provide the body of a person who has begun to actively train with the necessary amount of nutritious and valuable substances. To cover the deficit allows the intake of various additives, among which whey protein is most in demand.

It is quite difficult for a person who has never played sports regularly to navigate in the variety of special nutrition, to make a choice in favor of a particular product. Not everyone can understand why to use such supplements, what they are, what benefits they bring. To understand this issue, it is necessary to study the composition and effect of this sports nutrition on the body of one who is engaged both in the gym and at home.


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What is whey protein?

This is a sports nutrition that includes protein. It is extracted from serum by filtration, and then dried. This nutrient incorporates special amino acids. They, getting into the digestive system, contribute to the restoration of a variety of tissues.

There are twelve amino acids in total. They are divided into interchangeable and irreplaceable. The former are synthesized in the body, and the latter can come exclusively from the outside, that is, with food. The protein in which all eight essential amino acids are contained is complete. It is he who contains whey protein. High-grade protein is a part of fish, meat, eggs, dairy products.

The high demand and popularity of whey protein is due to the safety and usefulness of the supplement. This kind of sports nutrition is perfect for those who set out to gain mass.

The benefits of the supplement are as follows:

  • amino acids that make up the constitute a building material for maintaining and increasing muscle mass;
  • stimulates the production of insulin, which exhibits an excellent anabolic effect;
  • reduces the synthesis of cortisol, adrenaline and other hormones that have a destructive effect on muscle tissue;
  • provides the necessary charge of energy during training.

Thanks to these four essential properties, whey protein is consumed by many people who include sports in their daily schedule.

The benefits and harms of whey protein

The value of whey protein is not limited solely to the benefits of achieving specific sports goals. Of course, the supplement is most often taken to gain muscle mass or for weight loss, but it also has another positive effect. Regular use of whey protein strengthens the protective functions of the body, increases the concentration of glutathione - one of the most important antioxidants for the body.

In people who are actively engaged in exercise machines, the supplement makes the muscles more powerful. Serum protein intake at the end of each workout helps muscle fibers and tissues recover faster. In addition, complete proteins reduce both neutral fat and “bad” cholesterol. The main thing is to observe the measure.

Uncontrolled and improper protein intake can negatively affect the state of the cardiovascular system. People with impaired kidney function are not recommended to get involved in this supplement. Protein compounds break down under the influence of enzymes.

The more protein that enters the digestive system, the more enzymes are required. If the enzymes are not present in sufficient quantities, there is a high probability of flatulence and pain. This explains the fact that these enzymes are present in high-quality whey proteins.

You should not start taking sports nutrition without first consulting a specialist. This applies to absolutely any supplement, including whey protein.

Protein Selection

To date, many companies produce whey protein. They differ in cost and composition. Each variety has its own characteristic properties. They must be taken into account. Therefore, deciding to introduce this or that supplement in the diet, you should first familiarize yourself with the product features in more detail. When choosing a protein, be sure to consider if it contains lactose, flavorings, sweeteners, fats, how much protein it contains.

Whey protein is divided into four varieties. The classification depends on the processing and filtration of the protein. Therefore, its percentage is due to the type of additive:

  1. Concentrate. It contains the least protein, which on average is about 55-89%. The rest of the composition is represented by various useful peptides, fats, lactose. Its cost, as a rule, is lower than for other varieties.
  2. Isolate Contains about 90% protein. The concentration of lactose and fat is minimal. The supplement is high in nutrients. The cost of this sports nutrition is much higher than concentrate.
  3. Hydrolyzate. Almost completely consists of protein (99%), which is an indisputable advantage and makes the supplement expensive. It has only one drawback - not quite a pleasant taste.
  4. Whey multicomponent protein. Obtained by mixing the concentrate with the isolate. The exact percentage depends on the manufacturer. Along with protein, it contains vitamins and minerals.

Often a person starting to use whey protein has problems with the digestive system. A similar reaction is based on the characteristics of the body. Due to the fact that lactose is present in the composition of the additive. Its processing requires lactase, a special enzyme whose production in the body ceases between the ages of 15 and 20 years.

Thus, diluting the mixture with milk, a highly concentrated portion of lactose is obtained. And if, drinking a glass of milk, a person usually has no problems with digestion, then together with a complete protein they can occur. Therefore, when purchasing an additive, you should always pay attention to the lactose content. It is completely absent from the isolate. This explains the better absorption of this supplement. The combination of concentrate with isolate is well tolerated. There are exceptions, but rather rarely.

Biologically active substances are present in large quantities in concentrate, and in small quantities in isolate. They are completely absent in the hydrolyzate. In addition to protein, protein mixtures contain minerals, immunoglobulin, as well as vitamins.

How to take whey protein

The right amount of mixture is diluted either in non-skim milk or in water. All are thoroughly mixed with a shaker. Do not use hot water. It leads to the fact that the protein simply folds. The regimen for taking the supplement is completely determined by the goal that the person sets himself:

For gaining muscle mass

To add volumes, for every kilogram of body weight per day you need to consume at least two grams of protein. A similar amount of protein is quite difficult to obtain from simple products, which is why they take the supplement.

It is best to consume protein half an hour before class. This time is enough for its full assimilation. There is no unequivocal opinion on taking the supplement after training. However, given the fact that the load does not allow the digestive system to work for one hundred percent, it should be understood that the body is simply not able to immediately absorb a complete protein.

Isolate can be drunk 30-60 minutes after completion of classes. Immediately at the end of the workout, only a hydrolyzate is allowed.

For weight loss

Whey protein must be treated as a dietary supplement, not a weight loss supplement. Take this sports nutrition for weight loss should be as a substitute for the main meal. It is best to drink a protein shake instead of dinner or before meals, but significantly reducing the subsequent portion of food.

From the concentrate should be abandoned and those who want to lose weight, and during the drying period. It contains carbohydrates and fats. The hydrolyzate is absorbed too quickly, causing a surge in insulin, which arouses appetite. An ideal choice would be isolate.

It is undesirable to drink the supplement as a supplement to the main diet, as this will lead to weight gain due to:

  • enhancing the production of insulin that can convert glucose to fat;
  • calorie content, which even in one serving of a protein shake is quite high;
  • decrease in the production of hormones that help break down body fat.

It is also impossible to switch exclusively to whey protein, replacing a full-fledged dietary supplement. It is unhealthy.

People who are gaining weight or losing weight should not take more than 30 grams of protein at a time. This amount is simply not absorbed. Drink a cocktail should be three to five times a day. The first method must be necessary after awakening, which allows you to get strength, energy, protect muscles from catabolism.

Whey protein is not the only source of complete protein. Its amount in meat protein reaches 18%. You can’t completely switch to such food, since almost a third part is fats. Trying to get protein exclusively from a single product will not benefit. You need to eat balanced. It is recommended to consume not only meat, but also cereals, as well as eggs (one contains 10 grams of protein). Protein shakes are taken to make up for a protein deficiency.

How much is whey protein ">

The price is determined by the degree of purification, quality of taste, brand. Not always the cost corresponds to the quality, because sometimes you have to overpay for the famous name of the manufacturer. The assortment of taste also plays a significant role. On average, a kilogram package will cost between 24-26 dollars. If the cost is too low, then the likelihood that the quality matches the price is high.

Top Whey Protein Rankings

The easiest way to avoid mistakes is by purchasing a protein supplement if you are guided by the rating of the best:

  • 100% Whey Gold Standart . This Optimum protein contains special whey-derived peptides that accelerate the action of the protein. Due to this, the additive is not only perfectly mixed into a cocktail, but also easily digestible.
  • Zero Carb. Produced by VPX Sports, it practically does not contain carbohydrates with fats, it is processed quickly, it is offered with the most different tastes, but it has a high cost.
  • Syntha -6. A multi-component mixture from BSN that has a pleasant taste, does not cause any side effects, does not form precipitation.
  • Elite Whey Protein . Dymataze offers whey protein not only with familiar but also exotic flavors. The composition of the additive includes enzymes, and even a shaker is not required to make a cocktail.
  • 100% Prostar Whey Protein . Easy to mix. Rich in amino acids. It has a pleasant taste.

It is important to consider not only the beneficial qualities and value of whey protein, but also what harm it can cause if you abuse the supplement, choose a low-quality product. Having fully studied the rules of admission, depending on the goals, playing sports for both losing weight and gaining weight, it is important to follow all the recommendations, and a complete protein will certainly work in the direction that a person needs.