Omega 3 by Ultimate Nutrition

The sports complex "Omega 3" is available in the form of capsules. Each contains 1 gram of omega-3 fatty acids. They are indispensable acids necessary to accelerate metabolic processes and improve the quality of growth of lean muscle mass and burning of subcutaneous fat. Ultimate Nutrition sports nutrition is taken during the drying period, as well as during muscle gain. In bodybuilding, the supplement is considered one of the best for maintaining the health of athletes and increasing the effectiveness of training. The main advantage of the supplement is that it does not adversely affect the body. The intake of the complex is not accompanied by any side effects.


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Effect of taking

In bodybuilding, the supplement is taken because it has the following positive effects:

  • speeds up the metabolism;
  • contributes to a faster increase in muscle mass and a decrease in subcutaneous fat;
  • reduces blood pressure and the risks of developing cardiovascular disease;
  • increases overall body tone and endurance indicators;
  • improves brain activity and activity;
  • inhibits catabolic processes and stimulates the production of male hormone (testosterone).

This complex effect has made sports nutrition popular among bodybuilders.


Each Omega 3 capsule contains 10 kilocalories and 1 gram of fat. It contains:

  • EPA - 180 mg;
  • DHA - 120 mg;
  • a mixture of fatty Omega-3 acids - 30 mg.

There are no chemical additives in the preparation. This explains the absence of any adverse side effects and allergic reactions.

How to take Omega 3 from Ultimate Nutrition

Fatty omega-3 acids are recommended to be taken three times a day. Each serving contains a capsule. They are taken with meals. Specialists of the manufacturer recommend taking the supplement in courses lasting 4 weeks three times a year.

To improve the effect of eating sports nutrition, it is recommended that the complex be combined with other supplements. The choice of drug depends on what goal they want to achieve:

  • BCAA 12000, if you want to speed up the recovery process after training and reduce body fat, inhibiting catabolism.
  • L-carnitine in order to accelerate the burning of subcutaneous fat and increase the achieved performance during training.
  • Muscle Juice Revolution to enhance lean muscle mass gain.
  • Creatine Monohydrate, which allows you to increase strength and accelerate muscle gain.

The recommended dosage is reduced to one or two capsules per day when there is a food rich in useful fatty acids, such as seafood and fish, in the daily diet.

Omega 3 Reviews

Ultimate Nutrition is an American manufacturer whose products are of high quality and are deservedly popular among bodybuilders. Taking Omega-3 fatty acids produced by the brand, judging by the reviews on various forums and online stores, in most cases is of great benefit. Athletes are satisfied with the affordable cost and natural composition. Among the people leaving reviews about the complex, there are also those who take sports nutrition exclusively for prophylactic purposes with vitamin and mineral complexes. This allows us to say with confidence that the supplement is not intended exclusively for bodybuilders and is suitable for almost anyone.