Calorie table - meat, offal, poultry

The calorie table presents such products as: meat, offal, poultry.

All data is indicated per 100 grams of product.

ProductWaterSquirrelsFatsCarbohydratesCalorie content
Mutton67.616.315.30203 kcal
Lamb Heart78.513.52.5082 kcal
Lamb Kidneys79.713.62.5077 kcal
Lamb liver71.218.72.90101 kcal
Cooked Sausage Diabetic62.412.122.80254 kcal
Cooked Sausage Dietary71.612.113.50170 kcal
Cooked sausage Doctor60.813.722.80260 kcal
Boiled sausage amateur5712.2280301 kcal
Boiled sausage Milk62.811.722.80252 kcal
Boiled Sausage Separate64.810.120.11.8228 kcal
Cooked Veal Sausage5512.529.60316 kcal
Smoked amateur39.117.3390420 kcal
Smoked Cervelat39.628.227.50360 kcal
Ham53.522.620.90279 kcal
Beef67.718.912.40187 kcal
Braised Beef6316.818.30232 kcal
Beef Udder72.612.313.70173 kcal
Beef Heart79fifteen3087 kcal
Beef Brains78.99.59.50124 kcal
Beef Kidneys82.712.51.8066 kcal
Beef Tongue71.213.612.10163 kcal
Beef liver72.917.43.1098 kcal
Smoked brisket217.666.80632 kcal
Geese49.716.133.30364 kcal
Tourist Breakfast (Beef)66.920.510.40176 kcal
Tourist breakfast (pork)65.616.915.40206 kcal
Turkey64.521.6120.8197 kcal
Minced meat63. kcal
horsemeat72.520.270143 kcal
Smoked loin37.310.547.20467 kcal
Rabbit65.320.712.90199 kcal
Chickens68.920.88.80.6165 kcal
Pork kidney80.1thirteen3.1080 kcal
Pork liver71.418.83.60108 kcal
Half-smoked Krakow34.616.244.60466 kcal
Half-smoked Minsk522317.42.7259 kcal
Half-smoked Poltava39.816.4390417 kcal
Smoked Ukrainian44.416.534.40376 kcal
Pork Sausages53.710.131.61.9332 kcal
Lean pork54.816.427.80316 kcal
Fat Pork38.711.449.30489 kcal
Braised pork51.114.932.20349 kcal
Pork heart7815.13.2089 kcal
Dairy sausages6012.325.30277 kcal
Sausages Russian66.21219.10220 kcal
Pork sausages54.811.830.80324 kcal
Raw Smoked Amateur25.220.947.80514 kcal
Uncooked smoked Moscow27.624.841.50473 kcal
Veal7819.71.2090 kcal
Chickens71.318.77.80.4156 kcal
Ducks51.516.561.20346 kcal
Pork tongue66.114.216.80208 kcal