Greg Plitt

World fame Greg Plitt brought not only professional athletic achievements, but also acting, as well as modeling career. The bodybuilder actively promoted a healthy lifestyle and is the author of the special training system MFT28. Plitt appeared on the covers of fashion magazines over two hundred times. He was adored by women. He was a real icon for many novice bodybuilders. The tragedy that took place in 2015 was a real shock for numerous fans of Plitt.


  • 1 Anthropometric data
  • 2 Biography
  • 3 Fitness Model
  • 4 Television career
  • 5 cause of death
  • 6 Greg Pitt Training Program
  • 7 Nutrition

Anthropometric data

  • Height: 185 cm;
  • Weight: 188 cm.


Gregory Plitt Jr. was born on November 3, 1977 in Burbank. His father was engaged in real estate, and his mother was an employee of a design agency. Greg was the second child in the family, since the couple Plitt already had a daughter. As a teenager, he began to actively engage in sports, playing golf and football, as well as visiting the arm wrestling section.

The love for an active way of life was handed over to the boy from his father, who made a gym in his house with his own hands, in which Greg spent a lot of time studying on shells such as the bar and bars. His sister studied at the Naval Academy of New York, and when she returned after the first year of summer vacation, she made a huge impression on the teenager.

After graduating from school in 1996, he followed in the footsteps of his older sister and went to the same educational institution.

Concessions at the Naval Academy did not give anyone. Greg often recalled how tough the morals were. Children who were not accustomed to strict discipline found it especially difficult. This also applied to those who went through the “street life school” and tried to expose their own ego, but the teachers quickly put them in their place.

Only those who realized how important discipline, subordination, and obedience to order remained at the academy. The rest just went home. Having learned this lesson, Plitt became a paratrooper and ranger. For the next five years, he served as a ranger. During these years he visited different hot spots of the world, rose to the rank of captain and completed more than 1, 500 parachute jumps.

Fitness model

Plitt moves to Los Angeles and becomes a licensed trainer and educates young athletes. Greg joins MET-Rx. He is awarded the title of "Athlete of the Year", is developing his own training program called "MFT28", which is quickly gaining popularity among bodybuilders. He draws his attention to himself and often appears in magazines that write about a healthy lifestyle.

Most of the time, training takes him, but this does not prevent him from developing in other directions. He becomes the face of a project called "Thierry Mugler's Angel Men", and also acts as a guest model in commercials of such famous brands as ESPN, Calvin Klein, Old Spice, MTV and other world-famous companies.

Plitt decorated the covers of fashion magazines over two hundred times and participated in the filming of over thirty clips. In the United States, he was recognized as the most successful male model. He is the only one who managed to get on the cover of the famous fitness magazine for five consecutive years.

TV career

Plitt was a huge success as an entrepreneur. Greg launched several successful projects that brought multimillion-dollar profits, including Whey Up (a protein supplement) and Metaball (a multi-functional trainer). Plitt's success was not limited to achievements in sports and modeling. He was remembered by many for his roles in such films as “Downhole Rematch”, “False Temptation”, as well as “Terminator: May the Savior Come”. Greg has been invited to many popular television shows.

In 2014, Plitt entered the list of twenty five most influential men of the United States of America. This rating was compiled by the reputable Fitness Magazine. He competed even with President Obama and such a cult actor as Will Smith. In the television show EXTRA, Plitte was called the most enviable bachelor of the United States. According to a rating from the publisher DNA, Greg entered the list of sixty sexiest men in the history of mankind.

Cause of death

A bodybuilder, businessman, fitness model and actor died during the filming, being under the wheels of a train. Plitt took part in an advertisement for a well-known power engineer, when, due to a tragic coincidence, his life was cut short. Gregory was only 37 years old, and the accident itself occurred due to the negligence of Plitt.

In the commercial, the athlete overtook a moving train. After one sip, the energy engineer Plitt was supposed to appear in the image of Superman, but this was not destined to come true. After drinking the drink, Gregory ran a race with the train, but it turned out that he was driving too fast, which led to the tragedy. From the blow, the athlete died on the spot. That is exactly how one of the most famous Americans of the beginning of the twenty-first century died.

Greg Pitt Training Program

The text was taken from the diary of an athlete, which are many bodybuilders:

Plitt trained at least five times a week. Each lesson was devoted to working out and strengthening any particular muscle group. In other words, one training day per back, legs, shoulders, arms, chest. At least 10-15 minutes after each main lesson the athlete devoted to the study of the abdominal press. Usually, according to Gregory’s notes, Monday and Tuesday were devoted to chest training, Wednesday to shoulders, Thursday to arms, and Friday to feet.

After this cycle, everything changed the other way around. Only the final part of the training on the abdominal muscles remained unchanged. The main thing is that Gregory has always taken into account the fact that the abdominal region consists of three departments, so he alternated between working out each of them. When the lower abdomen was being worked out, it means that exercises were performed on a straight leg lift, the number of which varied from 30 to 50 times. Such a circular training allows you to change the load, that is, to engage without days of rest and to avoid overtraining, since each muscle group rests for four days.

Plitt started at half past five in the morning. In such early hours, as the athlete himself noted, of course, it would not be worth practicing, but there was simply no other way out, since his schedule was scheduled by the hour. In addition, over the years, Gregory’s body has become accustomed to such a regime. Thanks to such morning exercises, as the athlete himself wrote, he felt more alert, concentrated and active.

He did not advise taking such a training regimen into service, since he himself would prefer to engage in the evening, when the body has the opportunity to relax, since the night is ahead. But, not being able to afford such training, he simply drank a portion of the protein shake in the evenings, which helped the muscles relax after a hard day's work.

In addition, as Plitt wrote, he never allowed the same type of training. To diversify the classes, he constantly introduced some new exercises into his program, changed the number of approaches, the order and intensity. One day, for example, he took the usual working weight, and on the other, on the contrary, the maximum. This made it possible not to overload the body and make training more effective and interesting. Three times a week, Plitt did cardio workouts and simply adored swimming, thanks to which he became more resilient, and also worked out and stretched his muscles. He devoted evening time to these activities, which allowed him to burn calories accumulated during the day and go to sleep soundly. Regardless, he always drank a protein shake. This drink makes up for a protein deficiency in the body.

Plitt training program:

  • Monday: morning - chest, abs; evening - pool (45 min).
  • Tuesday: morning - back.
  • Wednesday: morning - shoulders, abs; evening - 8 km run.
  • Thursday: morning - hands, abs; evening - pool.
  • Friday: morning - legs, abs.
  • Saturday: morning - chest, abs; evening - a walk with dogs (2 hours).
  • Sunday: morning - back.


Before training, Plitt drank a cocktail made from the following components:

  • 50 grams of whey protein;
  • 1 portion of the pre-workout complex (1-arginine, caffeine);
  • 1 serving of creatine.

After completing the training, Gregory drank a cocktail from:

  • 50 g of whey protein;
  • creatine and glutamine taken in 1 serving;
  • regular carbohydrate juice.

Plitt prepared an intermediate cocktail from:

  • 50 g of casein protein.

Among foods that are rich in protein and contain a minimum of carbohydrates, it should be noted chicken, peas, broccoli, corn, green beans, beef, fish.