Creatine and protein, gainer or protein - which is better?

Creatine and protein

Protein itself is a very useful product, and in combination with others can significantly increase the effect of training, thereby bringing the goal closer. Very often they combine protein with creatine. This is due not to the presence of a reinforcing effect of one due to the other in direct interaction, but to the coverage of several mechanisms of building muscle mass at once. Also, there are no features and connections when they are taken together, even often they are mixed into one cocktail - for convenience and speed of use. In order for the use of protein and creatine to be most optimal, you need to familiarize yourself with their instructions separately.

Gainer and protein

But the choice between protein and gainer often raises many questions. For example, what are the differences between them, what is better to choose, and whether to choose ">

A gainer is also a protein, even often a combination of proteins, combined with carbohydrates. The latter are responsible for energy, being the main " fuel " with an effective set of muscle mass. The phase preceding the “ drying ” stage is not complete without gaining weight gainers, because at that time the muscles are actively building up - the foundation is being laid for further strength work. The protein component of the gainer does not allow the muscles to break down and also contributes to an increase in their mass. Replacing a gainer with protein at this stage is not possible. However, proteins are needed after training, during the day and at night. This means that you should not choose between these products - it is better to combine them. Correctly choose the optimal combination of protein and gainer and the mode of their intake, and gain muscle mass.

But at the “ drying ” stage or with a low-carb diet using fat burners and L-carnitine, one should forget about the gainer, preferring a protein shake. To do this, you need to select the correct composition and schedule of use, and it is also possible to diversify with other products of the sports industry, for example, amino acids.