How to refuse sweet

To control the craving for sweets, there is a program consisting of seven steps, following which you can start to treat him completely indifferent.


  • 1 Step One. Giving up sweets takes time
  • 2 Step two. Sugar exclusion
  • 3 Step three. Combating Addiction
  • 4 Step Four. Refusal of sweeteners
  • 5 Step Five. Lack of sweets in sight
  • 6 Step Six. Hidden Sugar Recognition
  • 7 Step seven. Change in attitude towards sweets
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Step one. Giving up sweets takes time

You can’t stop wanting sugar in a few hours or days. It takes about a month to accustom yourself to calmly do without him, to arrange a “sweet time”, but not to break down and not overeat. This time period is due to the fact that sugar causes both physical and emotional dependence.

The constant need for sweets that the body experiences is on the surface. To get rid of this craving is much easier than to give up alcohol or quit smoking. The main thing is to tune in to the fact that this process will take a certain time, and not be instantaneous.

Step Two Sugar exclusion

This is the first step on the road to giving up sweets. It is necessary to remove foods from the diet that contain pure sugar. This category includes: carbonated drinks, juices in tetra packets, chocolate, jam, sweets. It is necessary to stop drinking such an isotonic drink for athletes like PowerAde. It contains a lot of sugar.

No need to give up fresh fruits and fast carbohydrates, for example, potatoes. Limiting the use of sugar in its pure form is a manifestation of concern for one’s own health, does not pursue weight loss, as opposed to a carbohydrate-free diet. This difference should be understood and taken into account.

Step Three Combating Addiction

The first days of refusing sugar are the most difficult. Many during this period are overwhelmed by an irresistible desire to eat something sweet, which takes all their thoughts, and does not allow them to focus normally on anything else. Overcoming this craving helps the adoption of a hot shower or a short walk. The most effective way to forget about sweets is a twenty-minute run.

In moments when you want to eat sweetness, a person is driven by physical dependence, which helps the body to stop experiencing without access to an easily accessible source of energy - sugar. To achieve this as quickly and efficiently as possible, jogging and other aerobic workouts on an empty stomach.

Step Four Refusal of sweeteners

For a long time, fructose was considered a dietary sugar substitute. However, it turned out that it is even more harmful. Entering the body, fructose is immediately deposited in the fat depot. The benefits of honey grass - stevia, as well as many other natural sweeteners, also raise some doubts.

Excessive sweetness of sweeteners becomes an extra reminder to the body of sugar, which negatively affects the process of getting rid of addiction. It is better to have a cup of coffee with real sugar than to use a sweetener. Since the harm from the latter is much greater.

Step Five Lack of sweets in sight

It is imperative to check all the sugar reserves and sweets containing it in the house. Do not buy sweets in large quantities so that it is constantly on the table. Pure sugar should not be at home. For those who cannot drink unsweetened tea, you can add a few drops of honey to it. Milk will help replace sugar in coffee.

Instead of desserts and cakes, you need to eat fruit, and dry sweet breakfasts - drink freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices. The use of industrially prepared foods and processed foods should be minimized.

Step Six Hidden Sugar Recognition

There are products to the taste of which it is difficult to guess that they have sugar. A person continues to consume them without even knowing about it. These are various ready-made sauces, semi-finished products, fast food.

To exclude such food from your diet once and for all, you need to carefully study the composition of the purchased product. It is especially important to be able to understand the names of substances related to sugar, including glucose, fructose, agave nectar, sucrose, maltodextrin, dextrose.

Seventh step. Change in attitude towards sweets

Completely abandoning sugar or simple carbohydrates - the goal is almost unattainable, but here to learn to treat them calmly under the strength of everyone. It is necessary to consider sweetness as an encouragement, occasionally afford an orange, a sweet coffee.

The main thing is not to go over the face by eating sweets, cakes, chocolate in unlimited quantities. The harm is not caused by sugar, but by its excessive consumption.

To overcome addiction to sugar and sweets, you need to accustom yourself to treat them indifferent. Of course, this will require a certain exposure and will take some time, but, following the recommendations given, to achieve such a task is quite realistic.

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