Porridge in bodybuilding

The main source of complex (slow) carbohydrates for athletes involved in bodybuilding are cereals. The most valuable are rice and buckwheat, which contain protein, fats, carbohydrates and minerals. Long-term use of cereals from these cereals on an ongoing basis ceases to bring pleasure, therefore, some variety is required to be added to the diet. For this purpose, it is necessary to consider which cereals are best introduced in your menu.


  • 1 Semolina in bodybuilding
  • 2 Oatmeal in bodybuilding
  • 3 Barley porridge
  • 4 Pea porridge

Semolina porridge in bodybuilding

The taste of this dish is familiar to everyone since childhood. Adults also do not mind eating semolina, but, unfortunately, not everyone can cook porridge correctly. With buckwheat, everything is much simpler. It is poured with water, put on fire and removed after 30 minutes. Semolina porridge requires constant monitoring during cooking. To prevent milk from escaping, they constantly regulate the fire. In addition, the semolina itself must be constantly stirred. This process scares many, but for the second or third time everything starts to turn out without any problems, and eventually it comes to automatism.

The main advantage of semolina is its high protein content. There is not much protein in the cereal itself, but due to the fact that it is prepared in milk, the finished porridge is enriched with this element. Eating semolina is best for breakfast, which makes it possible to fill in the lack of carbohydrates in the morning, and also not to worry about excess fat accumulations, because during the day sugar and its derivatives begin to be spent in the form of energy, and not stored in a fat depot. Therefore, you can safely sweeten porridge even with jam. If the semolina is unsweetened, it will not be very tasty.

Bodybuilding Bunting

Another dish that allows you to diversify your daily diet and take a break from rice with buckwheat. Some bodybuilders eat oatmeal on a par with buckwheat and rice. 100 g of this cereal accounts for about 12 g of protein. Along with protein, oatmeal is rich in fiber, which suppresses appetite. It is recommended to use it on diets and during the drying period.

From oatmeal, you can cook not only ordinary porridge, but also many other dishes. Cookies are very tasty. They are much more useful than various purchased sweets. In addition, a variety of protein shakes are prepared on the basis of cereals.

Barley porridge

Not very popular among bodybuilders, since few people can cook a dish really tasty. If you choose the right recipe, then it will become one of your favorites. Barley contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B, which is part of cereals, is involved in protein synthesis and the process of blood formation, which is a definite plus for those who are engaged in bodybuilding. Barley stimulates the production of collagen - a substance that supports bone health.

Pea porridge

A dish contains much more protein than other cereals. One hundred grams of this cereal has at least 21 grams of protein. In addition, peas are rich in antioxidants and potassium. The disadvantage of cereals is that it contributes to increased gas formation, as a result of which not only an unpleasant smell appears, but nutrients are also absorbed worse. However, if this does not complicate life for others, this porridge can and should be eaten, because it completely covers the daily need for protein.