Popular steroid courses

For modern athletes, the purchase of good quality steroids and sports nutrition is not a problem. Now on the Internet you can find almost any information, including about them. Steroids appeared on the market for a long time, and the results of their administration have already been described in numerous reviews. Moreover, such notes are written by people who are not interested in selling such goods. Any athlete can get advice from a more experienced colleague in a short time, and then draw up the optimal version of the substance intake program for the fastest possible gain in their own body weight.

One of the recognized steroid specialists is nandrolone. He is widely known and received good reviews in 90% of cases. Retabolil (active substance) perfectly showed its positive sides, and only 10% of people who used this drug did not get the desired effect and were unsatisfied with the time spent and investment. It is impossible to judge the objectivity of the assessment of this minority, since the accuracy and correctness of taking this steroid are unknown.

As it became known when analyzing the polls, rollback (the phenomenon of weight loss after stopping the course of taking the drug) is observed in almost all cases, but to a different extent. But 75% of people achieved a good result, fully satisfying their desires. 25% of respondents noticed a rather serious rollback. Up to 90% of respondents believe that muscle mass was gained correctly and is of good quality. Its characteristics are diverse: an increase in muscle volume, improved terrain, evaluation of the final result, and others.

Almost all athletes report side effects, but only 20% of them rate them negatively. They observe too many unpleasant consequences, their high frequency of occurrence. Information about steroids on forums, blogs is complete enough to find out the price, availability of drugs and the opinions of different people about them. Steroid injection tolerance can also be found in the descriptions. According to 75-90% of people who evaluated when using nandrolone, these indicators are at a good level.

For a deeper study of the issue, you can consider an example of the course of oxandrolone. The program for taking it is designed for 6-8 weeks with a gradual increase in injection volume (from 20 mg to 80). The result satisfied 85% of people taking this drug. They noted a good set of muscle mass, its quality and relief, a small amount of kickback. But if you analyze the cost of oxandrolone in different online stores, and then compare the opinions about it in blogs and forums, we can conclude: about 2/3 of the athletes consider its price to be too high. As a result, they are advised to search for another option that is more optimal in terms of accessibility.

This is how you can analyze any widespread course of steroids. Conducting an investigation, you can get information not only of a general nature, but also learn about specific cases, resolving necessary issues. For example, the calculation of the injection dose per day, at which the maximum effect is achieved at this stage of the course. You can get an assessment of the risks of exceeding the recommended dose, analyze the consequences of this. Manufacturers of steroid drugs in most cases adhere to a dose that is safe in any case or medium. But such a dosage does not always lead to the desired effect.