Ben vader

In every area of ​​human activity, there are people who have made an invaluable contribution to the development of this area and have become true legends. Bodybuilding is no exception. The list of those who made an invaluable contribution to the development of bodybuilding is quite impressive. Not the last place in it is occupied by the Canadian coach Ben Wyder, whose surname is spelled Vader in some Russian-language sources. He became famous not only in his homeland, but also far beyond Canada, remaining in the memory of bodybuilding fans and bodybuilders themselves.


  • 1 Biography
  • 2 Start a sports career
  • 3 Foundation IFBB
  • 4 The Death and Last Years of Ben Wyder's Life
  • 5 Ben Vader College of Bodybuilding and Fitness


Ben Wyder was born in Montreal on February 1, 1923. Annie and Louis Wyder (Ben's parents) were not wealthy and quite often felt the need for money. Often the family didn’t even have enough money for groceries. Keep in mind that Ben was the youngest of three children. Financial difficulties were not the only problem. In Canada, where the family lived, at that time foreigners were rather intolerant, which made the boy’s childhood unbearable. He was teased. The boy constantly had to endure ridicule and mockery from his peers. To have a complete picture of how the family of the future legend of bodybuilding treated the family, you need to know that Ben's parents were Polish natives, and they did not have a high position in society.

At school, the boy had a pretty hard time. Ben did not graduate, but left after seventh grade. The teenager did not go wandering and did not become a loafer. To help his family, he got a job. Ben had to work 10-12 hours daily.

This did not stop the young man from attending dance and boxing classes and meeting with friends. The problems that the family experienced did not affect the character of the guy, he always looked with optimism and confidence on life and the future.

The beginning of a sports career

The young man was purposeful in nature. Once in the gym, he forever remains faithful to the training, which devotes almost all his free time. It should be clarified that weightlifting, which Wyder became interested in, in those years did not cause increased interest among others. After some time, this sports discipline became the second most important in the Canadian championship. This was the beginning of the hype around weightlifting. Brother Ben was professionally involved in this sports discipline. His career was rapidly growing. He performed well in the Mr. Montreal contest.

During the Second World War, Wyder (in 1942) enlisted in Canadian intelligence and went to the front. For three years, Ben faithfully performed his service, and then returned to his hometown. When he arrived in Montreal, he decided to seriously promote bodybuilding. This became the basis of his future success. Together with their brother in the forties of the last century, they work hard to achieve their goal, but often become the subject of ridicule. The reason for this is that both scientists and physicians at that time believed that hard and intense training, as well as the use of nutritional supplements did not bring absolutely any benefit.

This neglect of the work of the Wider brothers was provoked by the fact that in the scientific community the development of a “sports heart” due to power loads leads to adverse consequences. Physicians in those days promoted a completely different idea from today's point of view. They argued that increased power loads make a person weak and susceptible to a wide variety of diseases, and, consequently, to the onset of early death. This did not affect the brothers at all. They believed in their rightness, considering training the only sure way to keep the body in good shape and stay healthy.

IFBB Foundation

The International Federation of Bodybuilding or abbreviated IFBB was founded by Joe and Ben Wider in 1946. The works of the brothers were not in vain. The International Federation of Bodybuilding exists today. It became a fairly powerful force, which even the American Athletic Union, which then watched all the achievements of weightlifters, tried to annoy at that time. The main argument of this organization was the threat of the removal of athletes from the championships if they take part in the competitions organized by the Widers, since they saw a serious competitor in the federation.

Such attacks by the Americans did not stop the brothers. In addition, after some time, other organizations began to join the federation, which also sought to promote bodybuilding. Ben Wyder, who dreamed of making bodybuilding a cult, traveled around 100 countries, telling athletes about the IFBB and the seriousness of the goals pursued by the federation. He attracted athletes, convincing people that bodybuilding is a full-fledged sports discipline, and not just a hobby or hobby of those who attend the gym.

To date, the federation founded by the Wider brothers is the most influential bodybuilding world in the world and is much ahead of its competitors, as evidenced by both media publications and the amount of cash flows from organizations controlled by the IFBB.

In 1975, Ben Wyder was awarded Canada's Most Honorable Order for his longstanding commitment to a cause that improves the lives of people around the world. Nine years later, he became a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. These achievements are direct evidence that this man has become a legend not only in his homeland, but also far beyond its borders. In addition, in the year he received the Canadian Order, one of the iconic bodybuilding films was released, dubbed "Pumping Iron." The shooting took place in South Africa, in which there was an apartheid regime, but Pete Kornhov, who was then the Minister of Sports there, adored bodybuilding and dreamed of holding an iron championship in the country. Ben gave his consent to the organization of such a competition, but on the condition that all athletes will live and train on equal terms at the Mr. Olympia in South Africa.

The death and last years of Ben Wyder's life

Being a fan of bodybuilding, Ben, at a venerable age, did not limit himself to bodybuilding, but began to get involved in history and various aspects of this field of science. For several years he was the chairman of the International Society for the Memory of Napoleon. He had a huge number of relics from the time of Bonaparte, including the emperor himself.

The last years of Wyder's life were quite eventful. Ben died at 85. On October 18, 2008, he was found dead, but even after death, his name forever became legendary for world bodybuilding. The contribution that Wyder made to the development of bodybuilding cannot be overestimated, because it was thanks to his efforts that iron sports became popular and recognized throughout the world. This man has become a cult person, and his name is forever immortalized in the history of bodybuilding.

Ben Vader College of Bodybuilding and Fitness

In order to perpetuate the name of the legendary personality, in 1992 a college of bodybuilding and fitness was opened, whose branches are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The idea of ​​creating such an educational institution belongs to Vladimir Dubinin, who also promoted bodybuilding. Education in college is conducted by correspondence and full-time. It has the following areas:

  • gym instructor;
  • personal trainer in bodybuilding and fitness;
  • group aerobics instructor.

The cost of training is about 28800-48200, depending on the form of training. The institution has all the necessary licenses and certificates.