The most popular sports in Russia - TOP10

Sports competitions have always occupied a leading place among other types of active time spending in Russia. As various polls show, most of the country's inhabitants have tried themselves in one or even several sports. Such statistics, of course, involuntarily raises the question as to which particular sport is most popular in Russia ">


  • 1 The relationship between the spread of certain sports and the development of society
  • 2 Ten Most Popular Sports
    • 2.1 Football
    • 2.2 Hockey
    • 2.3 Volleyball
    • 2.4 Basketball
    • 2.5 Athletics
    • 2.6 Skiing
    • 2.7 Boxing
    • 2.8 Figure skating
    • 2.9 Tennis
    • 2.10 Chess
  • 3 What role does sport play in the life of Russian society?

The relationship between the spread of certain sports and the development of society

Unchanging leaders have been and remain football, hockey, biathlon, basketball. They are inferior in popularity, but such sports directions as athletics, skiing, tennis, swimming are also quite well developed. Within most species, there are various disciplines. According to the All-Russian Register of Sports, residents take part in over one hundred and fifty diverse sports disciplines.

Three thousand comfortable stadiums operate on the territory of Russia, more than four thousand pools for both amateur and professional swimming have been commissioned and successfully operate, over one hundred and twenty-three thousand sports complexes and facilities are located. Such a developed infrastructure allows Russians to engage on an ongoing basis with the sport that they prefer.

The development concerns not only the practical, but also the theoretical part of sport in terms of scientific developments. Sports medical organizations annually hold congresses at which serious issues and nuances of professional and amateur sports are discussed, as well as develop theories and conduct numerous studies. Such development of the practical and scientific side of sport contributes to its distribution in the country and the promotion of various disciplines and directions to the masses.

Ten most popular sports


Takes an unconditional first place. Of course, not all Russians who love football want to practice it professionally or have the opportunity and ability to perform at such a high level, to take part in championships not only of state but also of global importance.

Some young guys prefer to play ball with their friends in their free time. Others are limited to watching their favorite sport on TV, and there are those who watch matches from the stands as a spectator. The only grief associated with football is that Russian teams rarely win world-class competitions.


The second place after football, the Russians give hockey. Being a professional hockey player is quite difficult. A cherished goal can be achieved only through many years of hard and successful training in a close-knit and good team under the strict guidance of a professional trainer. Otherwise, a hockey player can never achieve a good game and prove himself.

Most Russian teams are very strong. This has become the main reason that many of them are members of the Continental Hockey League. Hockey players sometimes bring the country even more victories than football players, have consistently demonstrated, shown and will declare themselves many more times in the future.


This third most popular sport in Russia unites hundreds and even thousands of people. This is not only professional athletes, but also a huge number of fans for whom volleyball becomes a hobby and helps to maintain excellent physical shape and good health. Beach volleyball is beginning to attract no less attention, since absolutely all fans of active time spending during the summer holidays can play it.


The goal of this collective sport is to throw the ball into the basket of the opposing team. Two teams compete among themselves, in each of which five people. The winner is the team that scored the most goals in the opponents' basketball basket

There are no differences between men's and women's basketball in the rules of the game. However, if we talk about amateur competitions, then everyone plays in completely different ways. Basketball is popular not only in Russia, but also in the world. He invariably attracts the attention of a huge number of people.


A huge number of Russian residents give preference to athletics, doing this discipline at an amateur level. Many people prefer jogging to other sports. The high popularity of morning or evening running has not made professional track and field athletics the number one sport in Russia, it is only in fifth place in popularity.


In the northern part of Russia, in many areas during the winter months a large amount of snow falls and remains, which makes these territories a great place for skiing. Practically every resident of Russia is engaged in amateur walking and skiing. Recently, Nordic walking has become popular.


Boxing fights have become popular in the last few decades. Interest in him is due to the opportunities that he opens up for men. A strong half of humanity, engaged in boxing, gets a chance to demonstrate their strength, fighting spirit, will to win. The growing interest in this sport could not provide him with a higher place than the seventh.

Figure skating

Skates were brought to Russia from Europe by Peter I, and the sport discipline, which involves skating on a special ice rink, originated in 1865. The first competition was held in 1875. The excitement around figure skating has fallen somewhat in recent years, but sport remains among the top ten.


Tennis was originally called "lawn tennis" and began to develop in the nineteenth century. Included in the program of the Olympic Games, he invariably attracts attention, and in Russia many young people show great interest in him. This sport is inferior to others, but is becoming more popular every year.


For a long time there has been debate around the intellectual game over whether chess can be considered a sport. Today they are among the sports disciplines, close the top ten most popular in Russia.

Any sports competition involves a constant desire to improve their skills, regular training, mental and physical development (endurance, etc.), the need to overcome oneself, becoming emotionally stable and having good self-control. Chess requires a person to have all these qualities.

An analysis of the skills and characteristics that a chess player must possess allowed chess to be recognized as a sport in about a hundred countries, but not to get into the program of the Olympic Games. The latter is the main and main argument, which does not allow the professional game of chess to take a strong place among sports disciplines.

What role does sport play in the life of Russian society ">