Impact Whey Protein by MyProtein

Impact Whey Protein is a quality whey protein from MyProtein. It turns out a food supplement based on a high-quality whey protein concentrate. Its advantages are high returns, excellent quality, no problems with the digestive tract and great taste characteristics. With each dose of protein, an athlete receives more than 20 grams of quality protein.

Impact Whey Protein is used both during drying and in the process of gaining muscle mass. Protein stimulates the mechanisms of muscle tissue growth, optimizes recovery processes, increases strength indicators, as well as physical returns during training. Experienced athletes take this supplement during the period of losing weight to protect muscles from catabolism and preserve them during periods of high-load training.

Impact Whey Protein Composition

One dose of Impact Whey Protein, which consists of 25 grams, contains:

  • 2 grams of fat.
  • 1 gram of carbohydrates.
  • 21 grams of protein.

In addition to high-quality whey protein, the food supplement contains various sweeteners and aromatic substances. Since there are more than two dozen flavors, food colors, emulsifiers and sugar substitutes may also be included in the additive.

How to take

The manufacturer recommends using a dietary supplement 2-3 times a day, depending on the intensity of the workouts. Before using the drug, it is stirred in water or milk. To do this, take 25 grams of protein and mix it in 200-250 ml of liquid. In other words, the food supplement is diluted in one glass of water or milk. As a rule, the mixture is taken in the morning, before training (half an hour) and 10 minutes after its completion.

Impact Whey Protein may be combined with other sports nutrition supplements. This allows you to increase the effect of playing sports. This is especially true for bodybuilders. In addition, protein can be combined with other drugs, which depends on the goal. If you intend to optimize the set of muscle mass with increasing strength data, then it is permissible to add creatine monohydrate or BCAA amino acids to the cocktail. If you need to get rid of excess weight, while maintaining the accumulated muscle volumes, then Impact Whey Protein should be taken with L-carnitine.

Important! Impact Whey Protein is absolutely not dangerous for athletes of any categories and does not cause harmful side effects. The food supplement is recommended to be taken continuously, without any interruptions or cycles.


MyProtein is a major supplier of such products to the sports nutrition market. It can be safely compared with suppliers such as Optimum Nutrition, Dymatize and others. After reviewing reviews of the Impact Whey Protein dietary supplement, we can conclude that they are mostly positive. Athletes who have used this product indicate superior quality, effectiveness and affordability.

MyProtein produces a nutritional supplement in at least 20 flavor categories. It is almost impossible to single out one of them that athletes like the most. The fact is that the reviews of athletes indicate that any tastes are quite bright, so it is impossible to miscalculate.