Bodybuilding for beginners

To engage in bodybuilding is not just to do strength training, but also to devote a lot of time to enhanced training, showing great willpower. A beginner who decides to become a bodybuilder, it is not enough just to visit the gym. It is necessary to have a sufficient supply of knowledge and basic principles of bodybuilding. Otherwise, it will be simply impossible to draw up a rational training program. A solid foundation allows a novice bodybuilder to adapt to regular physical activity. The main thing is to approach the training process competently and not to burden yourself immediately. There should be no rush. The main bodybuilding is the correct distribution between loads and recovery.


  • 1 Training Diary
  • 2 Proper nutrition is the basis of success in bodybuilding
  • 3 Allowed and Prohibited Products
    • 3.1 Healthy food
    • 3.2 What foods are harmful to the bodybuilder "> 4 Normalization of the schedule
    • 5 The concept of load progression
    • 6 Training program
      • 6.1 Warm up
      • 6.2 First cycle -1-4 weeks
      • 6.3 Second cycle - 5-8 weeks
    • 7 Essential Tips for Beginners
    • 8 How much can you pump up?

    Training diary

    To monitor your own progress, timely adjust the program, if necessary, the first thing any beginner bodybuilder should do is to keep a training diary. The following items should be recorded in your personal notebook:

    • results;
    • training
    • outline training programs.

    Thanks to the diary, the athlete has the opportunity to control his progress and set new goals. In addition, the achievement of certain results recorded in a notebook is a motivating factor.

    Proper nutrition is the basis of success in bodybuilding

    Bodybuilding is not only a rational approach to training and recovery, but also a thorough approach to the selection of products included in the daily menu. Food for a bodybuilder is a source of energy and material for building muscle fibers. A balanced diet for a bodybuilder involves observing certain rules, which boil down to the following points:

    • separation of carbohydrate sources, rather than mixing several products at once;
    • drinking a lot of water during the day;
    • careful control of portions through weighing;
    • lack of foods with a high concentration of fats and carbohydrates in the diet;
    • the use of olive oil for dressing salads;
    • exclusion from the menu of "empty" calories - soda, chips, factory juices and other drinks with additives, as well as snacks;
    • meal no earlier than two to three hours before the start of the workout.

    Important! If you really want to eat, you can have a bite to eat, but with an apple or something similar. The main thing is to eat the fruit for half an hour before class, and not later.

    Allowed and Prohibited Products

    There is healthy and unhealthy food. One is a mandatory part of the diet, and the other, on the contrary, is extremely undesirable and harmful. The latter is able to minimize all the efforts and forces that the bodybuilder puts into training.

    Healthy food

    To build good muscle mass, foods with a high protein content must be included in the diet:

    • veal and chicken (you can choose one of the two);
    • cottage cheese and eggs (chicken);
    • seafood;
    • legumes.

    The listed food helps the athlete get building material to build bulk muscle, because it contains a lot of protein.

    For effective training, an athlete needs energy that enters the body along with food containing carbohydrates:

    • various cereals, but mostly buckwheat;
    • apples, cucumbers, greens, tomatoes;
    • pasta.

    The latter must be prepared from hard varieties.

    What foods are bad for a bodybuilder ">

    It is impossible to achieve good results without abandoning certain products. From their usual menu they must exclude:

    • smoked meats;
    • soda;
    • pickles;
    • baked (buns, pies);
    • semi-finished products;
    • confectionery.

    Adhering to strict nutritional standards is half the success. Beginners need to immediately review their diet and make appropriate adjustments. Otherwise, gaining good muscle mass will not work. Carbohydrates and proteins are most beneficial after training. They should be consumed within the first 20-40 minutes at the end of the lesson.

    Normalization Graphics

    Bodybuilding is not just training, but a lifestyle. If you want to benefit from the classes held in the gym, you must abandon bad habits. No smoking, alcoholic drinks or lack of sleep. You must sleep at least eight hours a day. The daily routine is of utmost importance. It allows the body to adapt to the upcoming loads and feel alert and full of energy.

    Full supercompensation, that is, the absence of fatigue, makes the training effective and as productive as possible. In other words, coming to the gym should only be well rested. This does not mean that you need to arrange yourself a long recovery period. The main thing is not to bring yourself to a state of overtraining and not to engage when there is a malaise.

    The concept of load progression

    It is impossible to load from the first lessons to a state of complete failure. Better results should be gradual. Progressive loads can vary. It involves either a decrease in the speed of a particular exercise, or an increase in the intensity of the training. Both options are more suitable for experienced athletes. It is better for a beginner to focus on working scales, which are gradually increasing. This approach is due to the fact that beginners still can not well feel the signals sent by the body.

    Forced repetitions will only cause a lot of errors and can cause inhibition in progress. To prevent this, it is necessary to increase working weights and master the technique, and not chase the increase in the number of approaches. This approach should be followed in the first year of training. After 12 months of intensive and regular training, it will already be possible to focus on the complexity of the training program itself.

    To learn to understand the signals that the body sends, and listen to your own body, you should not immediately begin with complex exercises. Experts recommend focusing on basic movements first. Hone technique in basic exercises allows you to move on to more complex ones without any problems with correct execution.

    Training program

    A competent selection of exercises for a beginner bodybuilder is the most crucial stage on which the athlete's further success depends. A properly designed program is the key to establishing a neuromuscular connection, allowing the body to respond to the movements made, and also makes it possible to prepare for heavy loads, that is, progression. This allows not only to lay a good foundation for more intense training, but also to reduce the likelihood of injuries. And if experienced athletes can already independently make their own program, a beginner should definitely listen to the advice of an experienced trainer.

    The first lessons should be devoted to circular training. They consist of basic elements, which allows you to quickly master the technique of execution, as well as improve physical fitness and without any serious problems move on to more complex exercises. If you listen to this advice, then increasing the load will not be a problem.

    Circular training is perfect for absolutely all beginners, but only in the first stages. The further program is made taking into account the individual characteristics of the bodybuilder, as well as the goals that he sets for himself. If the training plan is general or absent at all, real progress is simply impossible.

    Warm up

    Each novice bodybuilder must master the technique of performing three basic exercises - deadlift, bench press, squats. Of course, only these movements cannot compose a program. It is necessarily complemented by other elements. The main thing is not to forget that excessive loads and the addition of other complex exercises can lead to overtraining, as well as to a decrease in efficiency in mastering the correct technique.

    The first thing that a beginner should take care of when he comes to the gym is to determine his working weights. This is not very difficult to do. The weight with which the athlete can perform ten repetitions for each of the exercises is considered appropriate. The last repetition should be such that the following is simply beyond the power to do. If the set is easy, then the weight is small. When it is not possible to do ten repetitions, giving all the best, therefore, the load is too big.

    First cycle -1-4 weeks

    After determining the starting weight with which they begin to work, they begin training. The main thing to consider is that the load should be gradually increased. Each subsequent week add 5 kg. For the bench press, the weight gain is 2.5 kg. This allows you to increase the load, but without overvoltage. Beginners should even do exercises that in the future, when an individual program will be drawn up, will become optional.

    The second cycle - 5-8 week

    There are no fundamental differences in the approach. Weights continue to increase in each warm-up set. When the moment comes that the sets will be given with maximum difficulty, the weight gain is halved, that is, 2.5 and 1.25 kg each, and not 5 and 2.5 kg each. Resting between separate sets must be at least one and a half minutes.

    Basic tips for beginners

    Experienced and professional bodybuilders need a longer recovery period than beginners who can train more often. This difference is due to physical aspects. Bodybuilders with experience stretch their muscles much more. Beginners can afford to visit the gym more regularly, but it should be noted that the results will become noticeable in some after six months, and in others by the end of the first year of training.

    Recovery is also required for those who have recently come to the gym. It helps normalize damaged muscle fibers. In this context, damage refers to “microtraumas, ” which cause the body to direct its forces to restore muscles, and, therefore, prepare for the next exercises. In other words, the athlete takes a step back, but two forward.

    For training to be of great benefit, you must constantly monitor your classes. In the diary, you should definitely note the number of repetitions performed, working weights and other important nuances. These notes become the basis for the next program.

    How much you can pump ""

    Do not wait for instant results. Bodybuilding takes time and regularity. To get a beautiful and sculpted body, you need to devote two or three years to training. Such a long period of time is required by the body for restructuring, implying a stable neuromuscular connection and the establishment of metabolism.

    There are many methods by which a bodybuilder can train, but the one that assumes an increase in working weight is considered the most optimal. In addition, the age of the athlete is also important. Not everyone comes to the gym at 20 or 30. There are men over 40 who decide to take up their bodies. At this age, it is already difficult to withstand the loads that younger people can do.

    To achieve your goals, everyone who comes to the gym with the goal of pumping up their body needs to remember the following important nuances:

    1. Planning a training program should not be neglected. Records should be kept regularly, as they will help control the entire process.
    2. Be sure to adjust your diet and time for rest. No sports supplement can replace protein and carbohydrate-rich foods. It is recommended to recover exactly as much time as the body requires, but not more or less.
    3. To give all the best in training, but in the first months only with the goal of creating a good base for a real intense power load. In other words, they first prepare their body and learn to listen to it, and only then they begin hard training.
    4. Do not abuse large weights. The load should be increased gradually, but it is necessary to start with the one that suits a particular athlete.
    5. If you do not always have time to visit the gym, you can do it at home with dumbbells, a barbell, and a weight. The main thing is that there are no breaks. Otherwise, all achieved results will be lost.

    Starting training, you should be patient and systematically move towards your goal.