Floor Push Program

Many want to look fit, slim and be in excellent physical shape. But, unfortunately, not everyone wants or can, due to certain circumstances, visit the gym or equip a sports corner at home. This is not required if you regularly perform push-ups.

Push-ups from the floor do not require the use of any specialized expensive equipment or simulators, the presence of sports equipment. To achieve good results, it is enough to have a desire to be in good shape, not lazy, and also use the appropriate push-up system (program).

The advantage of such trainings is that they have no restrictions. Absolutely everyone can push up from the floor - children, adults, elderly, men and women.


  • 1 The benefits of push ups from the floor
  • 2 How to start classes
  • 3 How many times do you need to push up
  • 4 Types of push-ups
    • 4.1 Classic
    • 4.2 Knee Pushups
    • 4.3 From a horizontal surface and from a wall
    • 4.4 Wide grip push-ups
    • 4.5 Wide grip for pumping pectoral muscles
    • 4.6 Mid Grip Pushups
    • 4.7 Narrow grip
    • 4.8 Push-ups on one arm
    • 4.9 Cotton push ups
    • 4.10 Push-ups on the fingers
    • 4.11 Push-ups
    • 4.12 Deep push-ups
  • 5 Example Beginner Push-ups
  • 6 Example program for advanced level
  • 7 Important Tips
  • 8 Summary

The benefits of push ups from the floor

This basic exercise simultaneously involves several muscle groups. It is considered universal and is necessarily included in any training plan.

During its implementation, the following are involved in active work:

  • rib cage;
  • shoulder girdle;
  • hands;
  • abdominal muscles.

Push-ups not only involve various muscles, but also allows you to shift accents to certain groups. To work out a specific zone, it is enough to redistribute the load by changing the reference points and the execution technique.

Musculature is involved in the work even when the initial (initial) position is adopted. To keep the body in an accepted static position, the intercostal and abdominal muscles, back, and arms and legs are activated.

Thanks to this basic, affordable, and, most importantly, effective exercise, muscle mass is built up. In addition, a person who regularly does push-ups from the floor becomes stronger and more resilient. The impact speed also increases.

The following muscle groups receive the greatest load:

  • Breast . Provide abduction and adduction, as well as rotation of the humerus. They are best worked out in a wide grip position.
  • Triceps. Thanks to the triceps, the arms are straightened, and they develop as well as possible in the position of a narrow grip.
  • Biceps They receive a powerful charge, which increases the strength of the biceps.
  • Deltoid. They acquire a beautiful relief, and, therefore, the shoulders look visually larger.
  • Toothed front. The lateral chest is worked out when performing a limited type of exercise, and push-ups are considered the best among them.
  • Pyramidal. The elbow muscles, which are a continuation of the triceps, provide easier extension of the forearms.

A properly designed program and performance technique allows you to benefit not only for muscle. Push-ups strengthen the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, bone tissues, joints, as well as ligaments, have a positive effect on the course of metabolism. Human health and well-being are noticeably improving.

To a person who does not go in for sports and does not go to the gym, this exercise allows you to quickly tone the weakened muscles. Thanks to this, it becomes much easier to perform routine work, which involves certain physical activities.

How to start classes

Having set a goal - to start push-ups, you need to understand that it will be difficult both psychologically and physically. At this stage, it is important not to overdo it, but to do everything right so that in the future it will be much easier to make the transition from simple to complex.

It is not recommended to bring yourself to exhaustion in the first lesson. The result obtained is determined not only by the number of approaches, but by the technicality of execution, which is much more important. And if you just crush with a number, not quality, there will be no effect. Beginners should start the classic version of push-ups after performing this exercise, first from a vertical plane, and then from the knees.

You should not rush. Each stage takes from seven days to several weeks. You need to focus solely on your training, as well as physical fitness. The readiness to proceed to the next stage is evidenced by the absence of difficulties with the implementation of the current level.

Particular attention is paid to the development of the initial position, which depends on the type of push-ups, the correct setting of breathing, the direction of each movement. The body falls on the inhale, and rises on the exhale. It is necessary to control that the body is constantly straight, and the lowering and raising of the body was carried out exclusively due to the bending and straightening of the hands.

General recommendations for beginners:

  • You should start push-ups with 10 repetitions. It is recommended to increase the pace gradually. The main thing is to listen to your own feelings about how the body responds to the current and increasing load. After class, feeling tired should be light. No overvoltage. This is especially true for the first training.
  • Before starting classes, you always need to do a ten-minute warm-up, and the planned number of repetitions to complete in several sets with breaks of 2-3 minutes.
  • You need to do push-ups regularly. Training should never be tailored to your routine.
  • Drawing up a training program must necessarily be accompanied by specific goals. If you need to build muscle, you have to exercise daily. Push-ups to maintain oneself in good physical shape and to normalize body weight can be from two to three times a week.
  • If you decide to exercise daily, you should go to this pace gradually. First you need to do it every other day to prepare the muscles for exertion. Rest and gives the muscles an impulse to gain mass.
  • When starting an exercise, you should always carefully study not only the description, but also the recommendations.
  • Doing push-ups, you can experiment and allow some liberties, but even when all movements are honed, strength, dexterity and endurance are well developed, that is, with experience that comes with time.

The first few lessons are recommended to be done in front of the mirror. This allows you to see all the errors and flaws to immediately correct and correct the technique.

How many times do you need to push up

Beginners are most often interested in the question of how many repetitions to strive for. It is enough for women to bring the number of push-ups to 30-40, and for men - to 50-100 push-ups. These are decent results, but not limiting. People who want to have a powerful, powerful body or go in for sports should set higher goals.

For a month and a half, if you practice regularly, women can reach 50, and men 100 repetitions. In this case, you need to train no more than 10-15 minutes. This is quite enough to increase the strength of the hands, as well as the appearance of visually noticeable changes. One important point to consider here. There is an opinion that more than 15 repetitions per approach will increase stamina, but only to the detriment of increased volume and physical strength.

To increase strength indicators and muscle growth, increased attention should be paid to performance technique, to complicate the movements and amplitude. You can do push-ups from stops or other complex options.

Types of push-ups

Seemingly simple exercise has many options. According to some experts, the number of different variations is more than fifty.

Most well-known athletes and bodybuilders constantly introduce various additions and changes to push-ups, which allow shifting stress accents and opening up new possibilities.

Choosing lightweight options or doing training is even more difficult - this is a private matter for everyone. The choice is determined by personal wishes, pursued goals, physical abilities.


Familiar to everyone since school times, performed in physical education classes. Emphasis is taken lying down, resting on socks and palms. Hands set slightly wider than shoulder level, palms pointing forward. The emphasis is on the toes of the legs, divorced a little wider than the shoulders. Classical push-up movements include triceps, chest, and deltas.

Knee push ups

They are a lightweight variation suitable for beginners, people of advanced age or having problems with the vertebral section. The initial posture is similar to the classic version, but only with emphasis on the legs bent at the knee joint, and not on the socks.

At the same time, the feet are kept above the floor, laying one on the other. Thanks to this position, the load is removed from the lower back, the effort decreases from various muscle groups. Studies have shown that the workload in classic push-ups is 64, and with a focus on the knee joints - 49 percent.

From a horizontal surface and from a wall

The first ones are quite complicated, especially for beginners, and if you start with them, then physical stress can become the reason that all desire to keep going will be repelled. The first steps are best to start with push-ups performed from a vertical plane, that is, from the wall. It is lightweight, but practical enough, as it prepares muscles and joints for much higher loads.

The technique is quite simple. You need to stand straight, stepping back from the wall by about one step. The distance between the shoulders should be slightly larger than the width of the shoulders. Heels are best kept torn off the floor when the load of the body weight is transferred to the arms. You need to move towards the wall by bending your arms in the elbow joints until the chest touches the surface, and rise by straightening the elbows. In this case, the body should be kept level, hands should work exclusively.

Wide grip push-ups

The distance between the arms apart is approximately two shoulder widths. The elbow joints look to the sides, and the emphasis may fall on both clenched fist and open hands.

Socks resting on the floor surface, on the contrary, reduce shoulders. Going down, make sure that the elbow joints remain directed to the side. Touching the floor, quickly rise up.

The effectiveness of the exercise depends on the position of the body, which should be kept straight from the feet to the head. If you lower your stomach, stick your buttocks up, bend in the lumbar region, this will violate the technique of execution.

With a wide grip for pumping pectoral muscles

To transfer the load on the muscles of the chest, legs are placed on a hill - a sofa or bench, and palms are left on the floor. Moving the emphasis to the stand with a height of 60 cm, according to experts, allows you to increase the load up to 75% of its own weight. If you do the reverse transfer, that is, place your arms and legs on a hill, then doing the exercise will be much easier. The greater the height of the bench, the easier it is to do push-ups.

The load on the muscles of the chest depends on the grip. The wider it is, the higher it is.

Mid grip push ups

The hands are in line with the level of the shoulder joint, that is, along the trunk. The elbows are pointing back. They stand either in the palm of your hand or on your fists. The position of the legs should be such that they are already shoulder width apart. Moving down, the arms are bent, moving them along the body, guiding the elbows back. Touching the floor, holding the body straight, immediately rise up. This execution technique allows you to work out triceps. Placing legs on a hill makes exercise difficult, and arms make it easier.

Narrow grip

It is a complex version of push-ups, thanks to which triceps and the frontal zone of deltas are worked out.

The emphasis is made exclusively on the palms, which are located next to each other so that the fingers rest on the surface of the floor and turn slightly inward, if it is necessary to facilitate the implementation. The toes of the legs are either slightly wider, or on the same level with the shoulder girdle.

To lower down, the arms are bent, moving the elbows along the body. They are directed back and slightly to the sides. At the end point, you need to touch the back of the hand. Move up until the arms are completely straight.

Push-ups on one arm

Providing stability of the position allows legs wide apart. The right arm is left on the floor, and the slightly bent left arm is wound behind the back. To protect and ensure maximum convenience for execution, it is recommended to use special stops.

The supporting (right) arm cannot be shifted to the side. It should be in line with the body. The fulcrum, instead of four, is only three, and keep your balance legs apart. When lowering, the elbow bends and moves to the side.

The downward movement is continued until the rib cage touches the floor, and then push-ups are performed, rising to straighten the arm. The shoulders should be parallel to the floor. Having done a certain number of times, a hand change is performed.

In order not to experience difficulties in performing this exercise, it is necessary to have well-developed abdominal muscles.

Complicated Variations

Cotton push ups

This training perfectly loads the muscles, helps to develop good indicators of strength, speed and dexterity. To make cotton, it is necessary to take a position in which the socks of the legs are at the same width or narrower than the shoulder girdle, and the arms are spread 1.5 or 2 times wider.

The body is pushed up with a powerful push, lifting its palms from the floor, and quickly clap their hands. The return should be a soft and graceful touchdown. You can’t flop on the floor.

Touching the floor lightly, you need to repeat the entire chain of movement "powerful push-cotton-soft landing." Hands should move rhythmically, harmoniously, strongly, quickly. These push-ups include boxers in their training programs. They are useful for sprinters and those involved in various types of martial arts.

Finger presses

The emphasis on the fingers helps strengthen the bones and increase the strength of the hands. The grip can be either narrow or wide. The main thing is that the emphasis falls solely on the fingers.

Doing push-ups of this type is necessary only when in good physical shape and when the fingers are able to hold the body as securely as possible. In preparation for it, to strengthen the brushes, you should work a little with the expander.

Weighted push-ups

Designed for athletes involved in power disciplines, and those who want to build bulk muscle, have a beautiful and clearly drawn relief. The use of special weighting agents allows you to increase the load, so that muscle tissue is worked out as deeply and efficiently as possible.

As a weighting, they often wear vests equipped with weights. This inventory is also used by those who pull themselves up on the crossbar, do push-ups on the uneven bars. Instead of a vest, you can use a regular pancake from the bar. This cargo should be used with caution and only when there is someone nearby to secure. The partner must make sure that the pancake is located on the back correctly and does not fall. Push-ups themselves also require caution.

It is necessary to start push-ups with weights from a small weight. It is increasing gradually. It is recommended to add no more than one or two kilos per week.

Deep push ups

Increasing the amplitude of movement allows you to work out the muscles as efficiently as possible. To achieve this, it is necessary to remove the lower limit, that is, the floor.

To achieve this allows the use of three fulcrum, which are three strong chairs. One becomes a support under the legs, and the other two - under the arms. Instead of chairs, it is allowed to use a variety of coasters having a height of 10 to 15 centimeters.

Items used as reference should be reliable. It is better to buy special handles designed for push-ups. Without the use of additional devices, it is impossible to do deep push-ups, allowing you to fall below the level of the hands.

Example of a program for push-ups from the floor for beginners

At the first stage, you need to determine for yourself three to four days a week for classes. Even if you plan to push up daily, at first they train only every other day. It is necessary to give the muscles time to recover and rest, not to strain during the first training. At the first stage, they usually draw up a monthly plan, changes in which occur every week.

A training plan may look like this:

First week:

  • warm up
  • первый подход — до 8 отжиманий
  • перерыв — 1 минута
  • второй подход – на два отжимания меньше, чем в первом
  • перерыв – 1 минута
  • третий подход –5 повторов
  • перерыв – 5 минут
  • четвертыйподход – 5 отжиманий
  • следующие два сета по пять повторов с минутным отдыхом

Вторая неделя:

  • разминка
  • четыре сета по 8 повторений, паузы по 1 минуте

Третья неделя:

  • разминка
  • четыре подхода, число повторов по максимуму (без чрезмерного напряжения и с высоким качеством)
  • отдых между подходами — 1 минута

Заключительную (четвертую) неделю посвящают увеличению количества отжиманий. Следующий тренировочный месяц планируют самостоятельно и составляют программу уже на каждый тренировочный день.

Пример программы для продвинутого уровня

Прошедшим начальную подготовку, готовым к полноценным занятиям, желающим заняться формированием сильного и красивого тела нужен более продвинутый подход. Необходимо разрабатывать и менять планы каждые пять-семь недель, нацеливаться на повышение повторов.

1-й день:

  • разминка
  • отжимания с отягощением — 4 подхода по 12-15 раз
  • упражнение на пресс — 1, 40-50
  • отжимания руки вместе — 4, 10-12
  • упражнение на пресс — 1, 40-50

2-й день:

  • разминка
  • 100 повторений для выбранного упражнения (менятьотжимание каждую неделю)
  • первая неделя 10 сетов по 10 повторений *
  • пауза между сетами 2-3 минуты

* Далее постепенный переход на 4 подхода по 25, затем 2 сета до 50 раз.

3-й день:

  • разминка
  • отжимания с широким хватом 1 подход по максимуму
  • упражнение на пресс – 1 подход по максимуму
  • отжимания со средним хватом 1 подход по максимуму
  • упражнение на пресс – 1 подход по максимуму

4-й день:

  • разминка
  • глубокие отжимания — 3 сета по 20-25 раз
  • приседания– 3, 20-30
  • отжимания руки вместе — 3, 10-12

Important Tips

  1. Описания к упражнениям позволяют сформировать правильную технику выполнения, но дают возможность корректировать исполнение согласно своим особенностям и целям. Располагать руки на плоскости всегда нужно так, чтобы не ощущалось никакого дискомфорта в суставах. Необходимо стараться не допускать того, чтобы они скручивались, разгибались, сгибались. Всегда нужно находить максимально удобное расположение ладоней.
  2. Обязательно следует уделать внимание развитию гибкости, дополнительно выполняя специальные упражнения, а также разминать запястья перед занятием.
  3. Чтобы избежать травм и растяжений, рекомендуется надевать напульсники либо бинты. Эта защита актуальна для тех, кто выполняет сложные приседания с хлопками, на одной руке, без упора на носочки ног.
  4. Не всем женщинам удается добиться полной амплитуды движения из-за большого бюста. Чтобы «устранить» преграду, следует воспользоваться упорами. Благодаря этим приспособлениям, девушки могут увеличить амплитуду.
  5. Сложность отжимания зависит от положения ног. Чем они выше, тем сложнее упражнение и нагрузка, оказываемая на мускулатуру. Опытные атлеты даже могут не использовать столы, скамьи, табуреты, а делают вертикальные отжимания, когда ноги находятся наверху.
  6. Каждая программа тренировок обязательно предполагает включение в план упражнений на пресс и бицепс.
  7. Не следует забывать и о важности правильного питания. Чтобы мышцы развивались и формировались, нужно кушать побольше мяса и овощей.


Отжимания от пола представляют собой эффективный универсальный и проверенный временем тренинг, приносящий пользу не только для физической формы, но и здоровья. Первые упоминания об отжиманиях были сделаны более, чем две с половиной тысячи лет назад. Они практиковались еще древними культурами, не потеряли своей актуальности и по сей день, являясь частью практически всех тренировочных программ. Выполняя программу отжимания в домашних условиях, можно иметь хорошую физическую форму, добиться прекрасных результатов.