Creatine 2500 caps by Optimum Nutrition

Creatine 2500 caps from Optimum Nutrition - Creatine Monohydrate in convenient capsule form. The supplement is intended to improve strength indicators, it contributes to the set of muscle mass, helps to tolerate strength training, and progress in working weights. Some also use creatine on a dryer to keep muscle calorie-deficient. Creatine is one of the few supplements, the effectiveness and necessity of which is recognized not only by athletes, but also by academic scientists.

The product is suitable not only for professional bodybuilders, but also for crossfit athletes, powerlifting, weightlifting. You will be surprised, but sprinters and representatives of game sports accept creatine. The product helps to train more intensively, even at a high frequency of training sessions.

Reception effects

  • Muscular hypertrophy;
  • Preservation of muscles on drying;
  • Accelerated protein synthesis;
  • Increased strength in exercise;
  • Increased speed, power and explosive power;
  • Effect on the secretion of anabolic hormones

A creatine-taking athlete can work longer, exercise harder, and recover faster. Of course, the effect is not comparable with the action of anabolic steroids, but creatine does not cause any harm to the body.

How to take Creatine 2500 caps from Optimum Nutrition

It is not a powder like most other creatine preparations, but capsules. One gel capsule gives us 1.25 mg of creatine monohydrate. To cover the daily requirement, you need to eat 4 such capsules. Usually they are washed down with water, but it is also possible with warm tea or coffee. Creatine with caffeine can increase not only productivity, but also mental concentration. In training, this is no less important than just doing all the approaches and repetitions.

To improve the absorption of creatine, “transport” is recommended, that is, the intake of a substance along with something that quickly converts to glucose. Ideally, creatine should be washed down with juice or sweet tea. But there are people who are easier to take some solid sweet food after drinking creatine.

On the training day, creatine is drunk half an hour before the start of the lesson. Is it important that the stomach is empty ">

Before us is a quality product from a well-known company. Many athletes checked the quality of the powder by opening the capsules and saw there the usual white creatine powder. Unsurprisingly, Optimum Nutrition is committed to offering only the best products.

A little negative for domestic athletes is the price of the drug. Yes, American sports nutrition supplements are more expensive than domestic ones. But this is not a reason to refuse them, especially when buying creatine from OH, you can be sure that the bank does not have flour, but creatine monohydrate. By the way, if someone is very worried about quality and is afraid to buy a fake, he can open one capsule and see what is there. Creatine is a white powder that does not dissolve in water and characteristically “creaks” on the teeth.

Many people think that capsules are not a convenient form of taking the drug. Indeed, the body will need some time to absorb creatine from them, since it will still be necessary to dissolve the gel shell. But it’s easier to dose creatine, and it will not be another useless supplement, half of which we simply wake up past a shaker or a bottle.

Yes, creatine powder is a little cheaper, but this does not mean that the capsules are not effective or poorly absorbed. Most authors of reviews on sites and forums are happy with this product.