L-carnitine Liquid by Biotech USA

Sports supplement L-carnitine Liquid, manufactured by the American company Biotech, is pure L-carnitine. The supplement helps to accelerate fat burning processes and increase the relief of muscles. The main advantages of this sporpit over analogues are the purity of the composition, affordable cost, optimally balanced dosage.

Among fat burners, it is L-carnitine that is the safest. It does not adversely affect the body and does not deplete the central nervous system. The supplement has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, removes harmful cholesterol from the body, and improves performance and endurance in training. Taking L-carnitine increases the effectiveness of other fat burning supplements. It is often drunk with sports nutrition made on the basis of guarana, caffeine or ephedra extract.


Each serving of L-Carnitine contains:

  • protein and carnitine - 2 g each;
  • green tea extract - 10 mg;
  • inulin - 100 mg.

The composition of sports nutrition also contains vitamins from group B.

How to take L-carnitine Liquid

Specialists of the American manufacturer Biotech advise drinking this sports nutrition once or twice a day. The best time to eat is the morning before you eat (i.e., on an empty stomach) and 30 minutes before your workout. Experienced athletes recommend consuming a fat burner only once a day, since more than two grams of carnitine per day is simply not absorbed in the body. This fact is confirmed by research.

L-carnitine Liquid, manufactured by Biotech USA, has the greatest effect when taken with other supplements. The drug is added to other fat burners, pre-workout complexes, protein or amino acid shakes. The sports nutrition in question brings a good result even without observing the correct diet and when a person does not exercise regularly. The duration of the course is from three to four weeks. Then you should take a break for the same period. If you do not observe the recommended duration of the course, the level of production of your own carnitine is significantly reduced. Normalize it allows the constant use of exopreparation.


Biotech USA is a leading manufacturer of sports nutrition in the world. The quality of the products of this American company is not in doubt. The reviews that athletes leave on various forums and sites are mostly positive. People who use this fat burner note that it does not cause side effects, is highly effective and quality, and also has an affordable cost, is available in a convenient form.

There are those who are dissatisfied with L-carnitine, leaving negative reviews. They write that sports nutrition did not live up to expectations. Such comments in most cases are left by people who do not change their usual diet and do not train at all. If you do not eat right and do not exercise at least sometimes, the effect will be minimal. It rises when fat burners with guarana or caffeine are additionally taken.

It must be understood and remembered that the main advantage of the drug is its safety. Training and the transition to a balanced diet - this is what will enhance the effect of L-carnitine and get the desired result in achieving the goal.