Kai green


  • 1 Anthropometric data
  • 2 Biography
  • 3 Best Achievements
  • 4 Kai Green Nutrition
  • 5 Kai Green Workouts
  • 6 Features of Kai Green

Anthropometric data

  • Height: 173 cm;
  • Weight: 136 kg (off-season), 116 kg (competitive);
  • Biceps: 56 cm;
  • Hip: 86 cm;
  • Chest: 148 cm.


Kai Green was born in Brooklyn County, New York City, July 12, 1975. The young years of the future famous athlete were not cloudless. Starting from the age of 6, Kai Green was placed under the care of the state, as he had serious problems in his family. Over the years, he had to live in one or another family, which greatly influenced the mental state of the young man. In order to somehow escape, the boy decided to go in for sports and began to attend the gym. In fact, he wanted to be an artist. This was useful to him in the future, when he began to go on stage, showing a beautiful and lively arbitrary composition. In addition, Kai Green loved drawing, so he used his body as a canvas, while creating works of art. In general, he was a gifted boy, although, to some extent, a problem one.

Back in the 7th grade, many teachers noted that Kai has excellent abilities, he is well developed and quite talented. The only thing that suffered from him was behavior that was not the best, to put it mildly. Therefore, the teachers decided to send him to the competition. Kai already in those years understood that he had excellent abilities and he would be able to achieve considerable heights in this sport, surpassing all his rivals. He decided to devote himself completely to sports. This confidence gave him courage when he once again went on stage surrounded by famous bodybuilders. During the school period, he often had to go to various competitions. Naturally, this experience was invaluable, as he quite often managed to occupy high places in decent tournaments. Teachers should also be given due, because it is not known which way this schoolchild would go. After that, he decided to make a short pause in order to significantly increase the volume of his muscles. He wanted to surprise everyone with his new form and appear before all a completely different bodybuilder. The future champion began training at 5th Avenue Gym, where experienced bodybuilders trained. Here he learns a lot of new information about the training itself, about nutrition, etc. At the same time, he tried to bring something new to the training process.

At age 18, Kai Green became a professional in his bodybuilding federation. He was proud of this, since he managed to win almost all the competitions in which he took part and in which his federation sent. In 1997, the athlete turned to the IFBB Federation of professional bodybuilding, but to begin with, he was advised to solve all problems with an amateur organization NPC. After that, the young talented athlete did not win victories and only in 1999 did he acquire the absolute Team Universe title. As a result, he was invited to the World Cup in Bratislava. If he won the championship, then he would have received the title of professional IFBB federation. Unfortunately, only 4th place was submitted to him, which crossed out his dream. Since there were rumors that Kai would never succeed, he believed these rumors and returned to school to remain a talented artist.

In 2004, the NPC Team Universe Federation decided to give a chance to the best athlete so that he could get the title of professional according to IFBB. Despite the fact that Kai Green has not been on stage for almost 5 years, he still managed to win in the heavy category. So he managed to become an IFBB professional, and this opened up new opportunities for him in bodybuilding.

Best achievements

At the initial stage of Kai Green’s sports career, his successes were mixed: he could take a prize, or even not get into the 17 best athletes at all. It was in 2006 at the New York Pro tournament, when the first place was subdued by the well-known Phil Heath. For the first time, Kai Green won only in 2007, taking part in the Colorado Pro tournament. There were quite worthy rivals at this tournament, such as Ronnie Rockel, Brenny Warren, Darrem Charles, Johnny Jackson, Denis James and others.

In 2008, he won the first place at the New York Pro, and then he won the Arnold Classic twice in a row in 2009 and 2010. In the same period, he wins the tournament "Grand Prix Australia". After that, he won 2 more victories - at the New York Pro tournament in 2011 and at the Prague Pro tournament in 2013. From 2012 to 2014, this athlete managed to take mainly only second places in various tournaments, and Phil Heath took first place.

Kai Green Food

Kai Green has never disclosed anywhere according to what scheme he eats, since everyone believed that this athlete was a mysterious person. Therefore, to find in any sources any information on this subject is practically unrealistic. Even at a young age, this athlete ate quite densely, eating up to one and a half kilograms of beef per day, ate dozens of eggs, including with yolks, ate a lot of rice, oatmeal, potatoes, washed down with protein shakes. As a snack, he used chicken breasts. Rumor had it that he could eat up to 30 chicken breasts or up to 200 eggs in one day. It is hard to imagine how much food this monster ate per day and how much money it took. When Kai Green was preparing for the competition, he did not refuse carbohydrates, but their number was noticeably cut. Kaya was sponsored by Muscle Meds and provided him with quality sports nutrition. This athlete preferred a meat protein concentrate. Either the athlete liked his taste more, or the amino acid composition was more suitable.

Kai Green Training

Many athletes, during their careers, have changed several gyms. And this is right, because everyone wants a change of scenery, new simulators and new faces. Kai in this regard was no exception. Moreover, all athletes, sooner or later, gather in one hall, which for them becomes a legend. Kai Green himself trained in such a hall, along with such famous bodybuilders as Phil Heath, Dorian Yates, Flex Wheeler and other eminent bodybuilders. In this room, the real Kachkov atmosphere was always maintained and the name of this room is Power House Gim.

At first, the athlete trained, starting from 3 o’clock in the afternoon and until 7 o’clock in the evening, like most athletes, but then he switched to another mode and began to devote his workouts to morning time before noon. As the athlete himself said, this helps to concentrate properly, since during this period there are not many people in the gym, compared to the evening period. Thanks to this, only fruitful training is always obtained.

Kai Green worked on his muscles according to his own technique. He did not work with exorbitant weights. Naturally, when performing complex basic movements, such as deadlift, tilt bar presses and T-bar lifts, all back muscles are involved. But at high loads, it is not possible to concentrate on the work of individual muscle groups. In this case, all the attention is focused on the very rise of the projectile. In addition, lifting large weights often leads to injury. Therefore, this approach was not welcomed by the athlete. Often this athlete used a different method to concentrate on the work of individual muscle groups: he simply pulled himself between sets. Basically, this approach to the training process is associated with the fact that not only to work out all muscle groups, but also to maintain a brain-muscle connection at the proper level. When Kai really felt the work of his muscles, he began to apply such a philosophy to other movements related to working out the muscles of the back, including such a difficult exercise as deadlift.

While training the leg muscles, Kai Green performed a rather interesting exercise that few people perform in modern gyms - Jefferson Squat or Jefferson Cravings.

Such an exercise has a strong effect on the buttocks, including the biceps of the thigh and quadriceps. Thanks to this exercise, Kai managed to work out his buttocks as if they were chiseled.

Some athletes are trying to find ways to facilitate the task, lifting weights and not really thinking about the consequences. Kai Green does not belong to this type of athletes. On the contrary, he always tries to complicate exercises, and not stupidly lift weights. If you carefully study the video, with the participation of Kai Green's trainings, you can clearly see that this athlete does not work with exorbitant weights, does not use jerk technique and partial amplitude. He prefers to work in isolation for each muscle group, working out individual sections, and for this they are not needed overload.

Features of Kai Green

Kai Green is considered the most artistic bodybuilder of all time. Each appearance on the stage, each display of his muscles is not just stone poses, but real artistry. He always stood out from the whole crowd of athletes. Particularly attracted attention was his arbitrary posing. He could carry out a headstand, make various coups and become in an unusual position. Therefore, we can safely say that this is not just an athlete, but also an athlete with the talent of an actor. His braids are not just a desire to stand out, but a desire to prove to everyone that he is not an ordinary athlete, but a talented athlete, especially since the braids were not superfluous. In addition, Kai Green noted that he does not like to stand out, especially on the street and, especially in the area in which he lives. Since the area is not entirely prosperous, even in summer the athlete walks almost completely wrapped in clothes so that no one will recognize him.