Workout program with dumbbells at home

A slender and toned body is the goal that everyone who decides to play sports strives for. And if there is no time for a regular visit to the gym, many mistakenly believe that it is impossible to find the treasured relief and cubes. This is not entirely true. Exercise with only dumbbells at your disposal, possibly at home. However, efforts must be maximized.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the training program with dumbbells at home does not differ in a wide variety, and the body quickly gets used to the same load. And, of course, in order to achieve this goal, you should be engaged not only at home, but also on the street. An alternative to going to the gym can be jogging, cycling, pulling up on the horizontal bar and parallel bars. If this is not done, achieving the goal will become even more difficult.

Do not count on any result for those who have at their disposal dumbbells with low weight. To build muscle mass, significant loads are required, that is, a lot of weight. And if there is a desire to increase muscle, then you need to stock up with heavy dumbbells. The best option would be collapsible. When such equipment is at home, then the training will certainly be effective and will bear fruit.


  • 1 Recommendations for more results
    • 1.1 Loads must be progressive
    • 1.2 Do not train to failure
    • 1.3 Resting the body
    • 1.4 Eat Right
  • 2 Dumbbell home workout program
    • 2.1 Day One
    • 2.2 Day Two
    • 2.3 Day Three

Recommendations for more results.

Home exercises with dumbbells will bring maximum benefit when four fundamental rules are observed:

Loads must be progressive.

Muscles quickly adapt to stress. And if they are exactly the same, then progress is inhibited. To avoid this, the weight must be constantly increased. As soon as there is a feeling that it is possible to increase the load, it is necessary to change the weight of the weighting agents. You should not pursue this goal exclusively, neglecting the technique and the number of repetitions, which should be at least 12-15 in each set. When both the technique is observed and the repetitions are performed in the required limit, it is possible to increase the load, but not significantly, but little by little. A sharp jump can lead to a violation of technology.

Do not train to failure

All approaches should be performed only when there is confidence in one's own abilities. You should not start the approach if you do not feel that it can be mastered. Approaches and weight matter, but technology is more important. Do not "help" yourself, simplifying the implementation, to do another repetition or to raise excess weight.

Give the body a rest

You need to sleep at least six hours, but eight is better.

Eat right

No physical exertion can compensate for improper and irrational nutrition. It is naive to believe that while continuing to eat chips, burgers and other fast carbohydrates, that training will bring any result. Neither the press nor the raised muscles will not be until until you review the diet. You should not choose a diet, it is better to eat the right and wholesome foods. Starvation will only cause malnutrition.

Training program at home with dumbbells

It is designed for classes with dumbbells at home three times a week, that is, every other day. The program is aimed at both men and women. Extra cardio is best done either in the mornings or in the evenings. Be sure to warm up before class.

The first day

  • Squats
  • bench press;
  • deadlift;
  • rises for biceps;
  • bench press;
  • press.

Second day

  • lunges;
  • draft in an inclination;
  • bench press;
  • shrugs;
  • lifts on socks.

Day three

  • climb to the bench;
  • breeding dumbbells lying;
  • pull-ups;
  • rises for biceps;
  • French bench press;
  • press.

All exercises are performed with dumbbells in 3 sets with 12 repetitions in each.