Steroid baldness, baldness remedy

Some steroids can cause baldness, unless of course you are predisposed to it, fortunately there aren’t many such people, and mostly they rarely suffer from baldness from steroids, but what if you belong to the group that is destined to bald ... why is it destined to ">


  • 1 bit of theory
  • 2 Where does DHT come from
  • 3 About the prospect of becoming bald
  • 4 The remedy for baldness on the course
  • 5 Duration of treatment

Bit of theory

In the hair follicles (follicles) there are dihydrotestosterone receptors (DHTs), they react to the presence of DHT, and in the follicles on the body, face, and intimate areas, these same receptors stimulate hair growth, and in the follicles on the head everything happens exactly the opposite, i.e. e the follicle first degrades, and subsequently dies, which means that the hair first becomes thinner and falls out, and subsequently no longer grows, and as you know, if the follicle has died, this process is not reversible, and the hair in this place will never grow again! Also similar to rec tori is in the sebaceous glands and the prostate, so DHT can cause prostate enlargement and a strong oily skin that can lead to acne.
The number of receptors is determined genetically, and does not change throughout life.

Where does DHT come from

DHT is formed from testosterone due to the effects of 5a-reductose, and the more testosterone, the more active 5a-reductose producing DHT. Most DHT is formed during puberty, which is why most adolescents become covered with acne and become aggressive. There are drugs that block the formation of DHT, and this helps us a lot, but even blockers are not able to protect against steroid alopecia when using some drugs that are derivatives of DHT.

About the prospect of becoming bald

If you have a lot of DHT receptors, then it’s your intention to take into account ... (( this means that even without using steroids you will all be exactly balding slowly, and the rate of baldness depends on the number of these receptors and the concentration of DHT in the blood. In other words, even if there are few receptors and DHT not a lot, then everything is smooth, sooner or later the hair will become noticeably smaller, it’s a matter of time, someone bald by the age of 20, and someone by the age of 60 ... but in the end it inevitably happens, and steroids just for everything just speed up this process, but fortunately fellow pitching, not everything is erased ides contribute to baldness, and 5a-reductose blockers greatly slow down this process!

The remedy for baldness on the course

There are many similar tools on the Internet, but most of them do not work! I tried various tools and found a really working and relatively inexpensive tool for myself.

This is Minoxidil, there are different concentrations, I take Kirkland Minoxidil 5%. One bottle is enough for a month, it costs about $ 15. I take it in the store.

This remedy of many really works, it prevents hair loss, if the hair has already fallen out, unfortunately it will not help.

On the course, DHT is greatly increased, Minoxidil neutralizes it. For greater effect, you can combine with Revita shampoo.

Minoxidil + Revita Shampoo - give a good result.

Treatment duration

The problem of baldness is not in steroids but in a genetic predisposition. Steroids just speed up this process.

You will have to take Minoxidil all your life, just like you brush your teeth 2 times a day.

On the course - Minoxidil + Revita Shampoo
After the course - one Minoxidil

Review of Minoxidil from pitching in English