Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition

The energy complex Amino Energy, manufactured by the American company Optimum Nutrition, is an additive rich in fast-absorbing amino acids by the body, including the BCAA complex. The product contains a variety of stimulants of natural origin, as well as components that activate the production of nitrogen.

The complex is a valuable source of energy. It helps to improve the quality of mental concentration during the training, improves endurance and quality of recovery processes. The supplement stops catabolism and promotes pumping. Taking the product improves your productivity and training.

Optimum Nutrition's Amino Energy Complex has no limitations. Athletes can take it, regardless of their goals. The additive is useful both during the drying period and during mass gain. No surplus calories. One serving contains no more than 10 kilocalories. The complex can be consumed fearlessly even on the toughest diet.

Amino Energy Composition

For each portion of the additive, consisting of 9 g of the substance, it is necessary:

  • protein - 5 g;
  • carbohydrates - 2 g.

Calorie portion does not exceed 10 kcal.

The complex contains a complete set of amino acids necessary for an athlete to have good pumping, increase stamina, increase and restore muscle tissue. Along with the amino acid component, the supplement also contains energy substances, including caffeine, green tea, as well as trace elements that contribute to improving mental concentration in training.

How to take Amino Energy

According to the manufacturer's recommendations, Amino Energy should be taken three times a day. The first time the complex is drunk in the morning, then before and after the training. To prepare a serving, in two milliliters of water or juice, two scoops of the product are bred.

Morning intake immediately after waking up allows you to suppress night catabolism and recover faster. Before training, it is recommended to drink the prepared portion of the supplement for half an hour. This allows you to get a good energy boost and increase the effect of pumping. The use of the complex after the completion of the lesson contributes to a better recovery.

Professional athletes quite often along with Amino Energy from ON accept other complexes. The complex is usually added to gainers or protein shakes. Some athletes combine the supplement with creatine. The taste qualities of the energy in question are quite high, and the smell is very pleasant. The complex does not present any side effects or health hazards. There is no point in increasing dosages above the manufacturer's recommended dosage. This will not lead to an improvement in indicators that will remain at the same level as with the normal norm.

The manufacturer advises caution when using the supplement for minors during gestation. The complex must be stored out of the reach of small children.

Amino Energy Reviews

Most athletes who comment on the experience of taking the supplement respond to the complex in a positive way. Many note the fact that with the purchase of a product there is no need to purchase individually pre-exercise and amino acids. Adding a complex to a gainer or a protein shake, as athletes write, can significantly increase progress on goals set by an athlete. Not without negative reviews. There are those who claim that the supplement does not work as an energy supplement when the weight of the athlete is over 100 kilograms.

Amino Energy is available in a variety of flavors. If you analyze the reviews left by athletes, you can understand that the most popular is the watermelon and grape supplement. Complex with the taste of green apple or fruit, few people like it. Most training athletes are generally satisfied with the product, and the fact that it does not cause digestive problems and there are no complaints about side effects is especially important.