How to remove belly and sides

A sagging belly formed by subcutaneous fat is the main enemy on the path to gaining a harmonious and harmonious figure. It is not necessary to dream of a beautiful and pumped-up press while there is a hanging belly.


  • 1 Why the stomach starts to grow "> 1.1 High-calorie diets
  • 1.2 Sedentary lifestyle
  • 1.3 Disruption of the hormonal background
  • 2 What is harmful fat on the stomach?
    • 2.1 Lowering the level of intellectual capabilities
    • 2.2 Decreased Testosterone
    • 2.3 Chronic health problems
    • 2.4 Progression of Obesity
  • 3 How to get rid of fat on the stomach and sides?
    • 3.1 Fully revise gastronomic preferences
    • 3.2 Have a goal for every month
    • 3.3 Starting with simple diets
    • 3.4 Go smoothly to sports
    • 3.5 To study the scientific literature and methods for burning fat
    • 3.6 Get muscle instead of fat
    • 3.7 Strengthen the abdominals
    • 3.8 Exercises to Reduce Belly - Video
  • Why does the stomach begin to grow?

    There are three main reasons leading to the formation of an impressive abdomen:

    Junk food

    Many people justify extra pounds by a genetic predisposition, age-related changes. Such excuses do not negate the fact that a person’s culinary preferences lead to obesity, when the amount of energy consumed with food is greater than the amount spent.

    The "harmful" category of products include:

    1. Sweets. They not only contain a huge amount of calories, which are immediately deposited in fats, but also increase appetite. An increasing feeling of hunger prompts a person to again feel an urgent need to eat sweets. It takes about three or five hours to digest and assimilate a serving of meat with green vegetables, and cans of Coca-Cola, which has a similar energy value, take from 30 to 40 minutes. Consequently, satiation from sweet foods is fast enough.
    2. Fatty food. Weight gain is directly related to the consumption of edible fat, but you can not completely abandon it. Natural fats are essential for health. If these foods are excluded from the diet, this will lead to metabolic disorders. The problem is the amount and type of fatty foods. Overeating and opting for foods containing simple carbohydrates are two mistakes, the admission of which provokes an increase in body fat.
    3. Salty food. Salt gives the dishes a taste. Its sharp reduction reduces the amount of food consumed, because it seems tasteless. Along with the stimulation of appetite and overeating, it contributes to the retention and accumulation of fluid, which contributes to weight gain.

    Sedentary lifestyle

    Lack of physical activity can not lead to weight gain in itself. Obesity occurs only if overeating, high calorie foods consumed. Many programs and methods developed for losing weight developed at the beginning of the 20th century did not imply an increase in activity, but, on the contrary, were based on minimizing movements.

    Hormonal imbalance

    Among overweight people there are those who have this problem associated with a genetic tendency to be overweight. However, such cases are very rare. This also applies to metabolic disorders in the body caused by iodine deficiency.

    What is harmful fat on the stomach ">

    Along with aesthetic unattractiveness, fatty subcutaneous deposits entail other consequences:

    Decrease in intellectual abilities

    Many scientific studies prove the relationship between obesity and weight loss. A significant role is played by the consumption of products containing simple sugar.

    Testosterone reduction

    An increase in the mass fraction of fat in a man’s body activates the process of converting testosterone to a female hormone, estrogen. The male chest becomes similar to the female, muscle mass and libido are reduced.

    Chronic health problems

    An impressive belly against the background of excess weight contributes to a violation of the metabolism and protective functions of the immune system. The changes relate to the position of internal organs, which are displaced. Increased stress on joints and bones changes gait.

    Obesity progression

    Even a medium-sized stomach starts the process of further weight gain. The longer the weight problem is ignored, the faster it grows, and, consequently, health deteriorates.

    How to get rid of fat on the stomach and sides ">

    It is necessary to follow the recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle:

    Fully redefine gastronomic preferences

    You should not rush to the gym or go on strict diets. It is necessary to change the diet gradually, replacing foods with a high glycemic index, that is, fast-digesting food, with fruits and vegetables. Slow transition to dietary nutrition will allow you to stick to a limited diet longer and easier to get back in shape, find a flat stomach.

    Have a goal for every month

    The presence of specific motivation is half the success in achieving the set result. The task must be realistic. If you decide to lose 15 kg per week, which is impossible to achieve, then due to the lack of such progress, disappointment will quickly come and the desire to continue will disappear. When you need to lose 30 kg, this task can be divided into 6 stages, trying to lose 5 kg per month.

    Start with simple diets.

    Diets act more effectively on men than on women, so you should not immediately go to strict ones. Otherwise, the lost kilograms will quickly return. Even paleo-diet and the Mediterranean will help achieve results in a few weeks.

    Go smoothly to sports

    Those who have never been involved in jogging do not need to abruptly start half-hour daily runs. Excessive stress will provoke pain in the muscles and joints, but not weight loss. Increased enthusiasm for sports can create a false sense of high energy consumption and calories, which entails a return to the usual diet.

    Study scientific literature and fat burning techniques

    No need to dwell on the results achieved. You should know how the body accumulates and loses fat. Theoretical knowledge will make it possible to understand what really helps, not to waste time on ineffective methods, but to make progress in gaining a flat stomach.

    Get muscle instead of fat

    A set of muscle mass increases testosterone, accelerates the natural process of burning fat, gives physique attractiveness, and regains self-confidence. However, it is not possible to gain muscle effectively and lose fat at the same time. These goals are different.

    Strengthen the abdominals

    The final phase, which is started when the stomach ceases to stand out under the T-shirt. Everyone has a press, only the full ones are hidden under the fat layer. To return a flat stomach will only allow proper nutrition. No exhausting exercise can help if a person overeats.

    To get rid of the abdomen, to prevent its reappearance, you need to remember one simple rule - extra pounds appear due to high-calorie foods. If you adhere to the rules of proper nutrition, you can lose weight without additional physical activity.

    Belly Reduction Exercises - Video