CrossFit at home

CrossFit - this is the methodology of training, thanks to which you can develop almost all muscle groups. With the help of these exercises you can form a beautiful body, and significantly increase endurance and strength even at home. The principle of employment is the alternation of exercises performed one after the other with high intensity. Crossfit training is called “Workout of the Day” (training of the day, or WOD for short).


  • 1 Principles of training:
  • 2 What exercises can be done at home
  • 3 Mode and training program
  • 4 1 - Mahi with one hand
  • 5 2 - Bear Walk
  • 6 3 - Mahi with two hands
  • 7 4 - Lunges with a dumbbell
  • 8 5 - Sumo Style Dumbbell Deadlift
  • 9 6 - Box Jumping
  • 10 7 - L-pose and push-ups on the hands
  • 11 Other useful and effective exercises:
  • 12 There are two ways to practice:
  • 13 CrossFit training

Principles of training:

  • CrossFit is designed to increase your stamina, so try to minimize the time of breaks between all approaches. Of course, at first it can be incredibly difficult, but the results will appear faster.
  • Try to achieve a state of severe fatigue, do exercises through the "can not".
  • Distribute exercises by day so that each workout is varied and interesting.
  • Training should work out all muscle groups, but it is necessary to evenly alternate exercises for different muscles.
  • Try to drink water only after training, not during.
CrossFit supporters will say that doing crossfit will develop your abilities, strengthen your health and improve your stamina, of course, if you survive!

What exercises can be done at home

We present to your attention a training program developed by the famous athlete and crossfit coach Lauren Plumey specifically for practicing at home. All you need: small dumbbells weighing from 2 to 5 kilograms, a bench or box. And this is enough to start doing crossfit! “These workouts may be short enough, but you will definitely feel a burning sensation in your shoulders, legs and buttocks.”

Training mode and program

Twice a week, perform 16 repetitions of each exercise. Try to make movements as fast as possible. Time the workout and try to beat your best time every week.

1 - Mahi with one hand

Involved: legs, buttocks, back, shoulders and arms. Place your legs slightly wider than your shoulders. Place the dumbbell on the ground between your legs. Squat slowly and grab the dumbbell with your right hand, palm facing the body. With a quick motion, straighten your legs and stand on tiptoe, trying to lift the dumbbell with the movement of your whole body. Bend the elbow of the working arm at the same time and move it to the side [A]. Bend your knees and straighten your arm directly above your head [B]. After straightening, return to the original position [C]. Change the working arm in the middle of the set (after 8 repetitions).

2 - Bear Walk

Involved: the whole body. Start with all fours facing down. The wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips and knees should be in one line. Straighten your knees. Shoulders and arms should remain in line. This is the starting position. Start moving forward, while rearranging the opposite limbs. For example, the left arm and the right leg. You can do a bear walk in different ways. Take dumbbells in each hand if you want to complicate the exercise. Move sideways or backward. Take 30 bearish steps after each exercise.

3 - Mahi with two hands

Involved: legs, buttocks, arms, abs and back. Place your legs slightly wider than your shoulders and turn your foot slightly. Squat while holding a dumbbell or kettlebell with both hands between your hips [A]. Straighten up quickly and raise your hands above your head [B]. Return to starting position.

4 - Dumbbell lunges

Involved: legs, buttocks, abs and arms. Take the dumbbell in your working hand and lift it above your head, palm facing the body. Lunge forward, knees bent 90 degrees. Holding your hand over your head, return to the starting position. Lunge with the other foot. Continue alternating legs. Change the working arm in the middle of the set.

5 - Sumo style dumbbell pull

Involved: legs, buttocks, back, shoulders and biceps. Take a dumbbell in each hand. Stand with legs wide apart and feet apart. Hold dumbbells between your hips, palms looking at you. Sit down a bit and lean forward, keeping your back straight [A]. Straighten and pull the dumbbells to shoulder level [B]. Return to starting position.

6 - Box Jumping

Involved: legs and buttocks. Stand facing a drawer or bench (choose the height that is right for you). Sit down and then quickly jump over the obstacle. Turn around and repeat the movement in the opposite direction.

7 - L-pose and push-ups on the hands

Involved: arms, chest, buttocks and back. Sit on your knees with your back to the wall at a distance of about 60-90 cm. Put your hands on the floor a little wider than your shoulders. Straighten your body, resting your feet on the wall, so that your body takes the form of the English letter "L". Hold for 15 seconds. To make this exercise more difficult, push up in this position.

Other useful and effective exercises:

Burpy is one of the main exercises in crossfit. You need to crouch with your palms on the floor so that your knees touch your chest. Then, throwing down your legs, sharply go to the lying position, then return to the starting position and take a jump. Do 10 to 100 repetitions, depending on the level of your training. You can complicate this already difficult exercise by adding full push-ups in the second phase or picking up small dumbbells.

Cardio training.

If you can run on the street, then use it. Interval run with acceleration every 200 meters perfectly trains endurance.

Develop “explosive” muscle strength and endurance with these exercises:

  • high jumps so that the knees are pressed to the chest;
  • a jump from a low squat with hands on the back of the head;
  • quick push ups with cotton;
  • quick pull-ups on the horizontal bar;
  • push-ups with alternating hand clapping on the chest;
  • simultaneous raising of the trunk and legs lying on the back;
  • walking on hands;
  • Squats on one leg.

You can combine these exercises with your own training program. Perform the exercises clearly, but try to achieve maximum speed and intensity . Do not consider each approach separately, your task is to overpower the entire training session and give it as much as possible.

There are two ways to practice:

  • You limit your workout time in advance. In the allotted time, you perform all the exercises in a circle until the time runs out.
  • You draw up a lesson plan based on the number of exercises and track the time during which you completed the workout. This option is preferable, because by recording the training time, you try to improve your own result every time.
One of the minuses of training at home is that no one will force you to perform approaches, no one will be equal to . Find yourself the right motivation, write down the results, set new goals, break your records. Be sure to pay attention to all muscle groups, do not try to hackle and then your stamina and strength will grow significantly!

CrossFit Workout