Potassium Orotate in Bodybuilding

There are several conflicting opinions on potassium orotate in bodybuilding. Some compare its anabolic qualities with Mildronate. There are those who consider potassium orotate to be ineffective. For medical purposes, this acid is prescribed for children with dystrophy, taken during the recovery period after suffering a heart attack and to support the normal functioning of the heart muscle.


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How does potassium orotate affect the body?

This acid is most often taken as a reducing drug. The action of the drug is individual non-specific. To date, no evidence-based evidence of the high anabolic effect of potassium orotate exists. The only established fact is that the drug improves protein synthesis. Acids are best shown in combination with adaptogens, minerals, and vitamins.

What drugs are potassium orotate used in bodybuilding?

To achieve a certain effect, bodybuilders combine potassium orotate with the following agents:

  • with tocopherol acetate to increase antioxidant effects;
  • with riboxin during the “drying” period, which allows you to maintain your heart during the transition to intense cardio loads;
  • with B vitamins to optimize metabolic processes;
  • with aspartame to maintain cardiac contractility.

The drug shows a diuretic effect, but also helps to increase appetite. This is the main reason that those who lose weight, who have decided to take potassium orotate, are not able to adhere to a strict diet, as desire to eat is strengthened. Acid has no effect on body fat. Therefore, information about the benefits of the drug for weight loss can not be taken literally.

How to take potassium orotate

There are no special courses or other programs. Potassium orotate is consumed either on an empty stomach, that is, one hour before a meal, or four hours after a meal, as well as before bedtime. The total number of tablets per day is three. Each pill must be chewed thoroughly, and then washed down with water. It is most convenient to drink tablets before meals.

The main reason that athletes begin to use this acid is the transition to an intensive training regimen, physical overload, and muscle mass gain. Often, potassium orotate is drunk by those who change aerobic to interval loading.

Possible side effects

Potassium orotate did not reveal typical side effects. Combined intake with mineral and vitamin complexes for a long time can lead to skin rashes. In some sources, you can find information that the use of this acid can cause gout. This fact is not confirmed, but people with this pathology should better refrain from taking potassium orotate.

Reviews on the use of potassium orotate in bodybuilding

They are not unambiguous. Some athletes who use acid, note a significant increase in muscle volume and strength indicators, but take other drugs, which does not allow attributing the resulting effect to orotat. There are athletes who classify this drug as anabolic steroids, expecting a completely different result, which is unusual for him.

There are many reviews and opinions. Some are dissatisfied with potassium orotate, since no effect was obtained, while others, on the contrary, write about how this acid helped increase the density of muscle tissue and contributed to improving the performance of the bench press. There are opinions from losing weight, which the tool helped to accelerate the metabolic rate.