How to make a stomach flat at home, 30 ways

The most problematic areas for weight loss are the hips and abdomen. To get rid of body fat in these areas, you must enter into a real fierce battle. Fat is removed from the waist not only due to aesthetic considerations and gaining self-confidence, but also in order to reduce the risk of developing diseases that can be caused by accumulating abdominal fat.

Do not hope for an instant result, setting yourself the goal of removing your stomach in seven days, if its volumes are really impressive. It is impossible in a week to completely lose the excess weight accumulated over the years. This does not mean that there is no means to achieve the cherished goal. There are many ways to find a flat tummy, thirty of the most effective of which are presented below.


  • 1 How to make a beautiful fit belly
    • 1.1 №1 Reduce calorie intake
    • 1.2 №2 Increase the amount of dietary fiber consumed
    • 1.3 №3 Use probiotics
    • 1.4 №4 Engage in cardio
    • 1.5 №5 Drink protein (protein) shakes
    • 1.6 №6 Include fatty monounsaturated acids in the diet
    • 1.7 №7 Minimize fast carbohydrate intake
    • 1.8 №8 Engage in strength training
    • 1.9 №9 Exercise exclusively in a standing position
    • 1.10 №10 Cook food with apple cider vinegar
    • 1.11 №11 Take daily half-hour walks
    • 1.12 №12 Try to completely eliminate liquid calories
    • 1.13. No. 13 There is single-ingredient and whole food.
    • 1.14 №14 Drink plenty of water
    • 1.15 No. 15 Eat exclusively in a meaningful way
    • 1.16 No. 16 Do not swallow air with carbon dioxide
    • 1.17 №17 Engage in high-intensity training
    • 1.18 №18 Try to stress yourself as little as possible
    • 1.19 №19 Focus on protein-rich foods
    • 1.20 No. 20 Control the amount of food consumed
    • 1.21 №21 Eat chicken eggs
    • 1.22 №22 Sleep enough time
    • 1.23 №23 Maintaining a short post
    • 1.24 No. 24 Include fish oil or fatty fish in the diet
    • 1.25 №25 Minimize sugar intake
    • 1.26 №26 Use coconut oil
    • 1.27 №27 Strengthen the muscles of the core
    • 1.28 №28 Drink plenty of unsweetened green tea and black coffee
    • 1.29 №29 Do not abuse alcohol
    • 1.30 №30 Lead an active lifestyle
  • 2 Summary

How to make a beautiful fit belly

It is possible to get rid of fat in the waist area by one’s own efforts and efforts, and a selection of 30 methods, the effectiveness of which has a scientific basis, is called to help in this. If you follow these recommendations, then the extra pounds will leave without a trace, and the tummy will become completely flat.

To get rid of the abdomen, you must:

No. 1 Reduce calorie intake

Weight loss and nutrition are inextricably linked. And if the energy value of the diet remains unchanged, extra pounds will not go away. This also applies to body fat at the waist. To lose weight per week by 0.5-1 kilograms, daily calorie intake must be reduced in the range from 500 to 1000 calories.

Do not go beyond the recommended rate. A more drastic decrease in caloric intake can negatively affect the body. If the energy value of the products consumed per day is minimal, then the metabolism can be significantly reduced or the number of calories burned when performing certain actions will change. A study was conducted in which one group of people a day was given food with a calorie content of 1100, and the second - 1500 calories. The results showed that the metabolic rate in the second group was twice as high as in the first.

The use of additional calories does not allow to restore the metabolism to the previous level. It will remain less than before reducing the energy value of the diet. Therefore, in no case should one overdo it by tormenting oneself with hunger. This will only negatively affect the state of the body.

No. 2 Increase the amount of dietary fiber consumed

This is especially true for soluble fibers. They absorb large volumes of moisture, which slows down the passage of food in the gastrointestinal tract. This significantly increases the duration of a feeling of fullness. Soluble fiber reduces the number of calories obtained from food and the amount of fat stored in the body.

The beneficial effects of dietary fiber have been proven in one study over several years. It showed that ten grams of dietary fiber introduced into the daily diet for five years is enough to reduce the weight gain at the waist by 3.7%.

To reduce fat deposits in the abdomen, it is necessary to eat oatmeal, legumes, blackberries, flaxseed, Brussels sprouts. These foods are rich in dietary fiber.

# 3 Eat Probiotics

Probiotics are called microorganisms that are of great importance for regulating weight and the process of losing weight. Intestinal bacteria in organisms of people with normal and overweight are different. In a complete person, the intestinal microflora contributes to an even larger set of kilograms, and probiotics allow this to be changed. They increase the number of beneficial bacteria, which reduces the risk of excess fat in the abdomen.

The most effective probiotics to reduce belly fat are three strains of Lactobacillus:

  • fermentum;
  • amylovorus;
  • gasseri

Probiotics are found in kefir, pickles, kimchi, and some yoghurts. Along with products, they can be consumed in the form of special additives that contain several strains of this lactobacillus at once. The main thing when acquiring such a tool is to make sure that it contains the three most active types.

№4 do cardio

Aerobic exercise and cardio workouts help burn fat and improve overall health. Conducted studies have proved the fact that cardio helps to strengthen the middle part of the body, reduce waist.

The optimal duration of aerobic exercises with high and medium intensity is about 150-300 minutes. This is about 20 to 40 minutes a day. At the same time, they get the greatest efficiency when practicing jogging, brisk walking, rowing, and cycling.

If you constantly leave time on your cardio in your schedule, then the abdominals will tighten and become flat.

№5 Drink protein (protein) shakes

This is the easiest way to get the right amount of protein. Its intake to a sufficient extent allows you to increase metabolism, suppress hunger - appetite, reduce weight, including in problem areas. This is especially true of the middle part of the body. The effects of protein-rich shakes on the formation of a flat and toned abdomen have been confirmed by many studies.

Thanks to these drinks, the body fully compensates for the deficiency of this substance, which is important for maintaining normal vital functions. Adding such cocktails to your usual diet allows you to get a much-desired thin waist.

No. 6 Include monounsaturated fatty acids in the diet

They belong to the useful category of fats and have a liquid consistency at room temperature. Studies have shown that they prevent the accumulation of abdominal fat, which is the most dangerous for the body.

An example of a diet rich in monounsaturated fatty acids is the Mediterranean diet. The presence of these fats in the diet can significantly reduce the risks of obesity, including in the abdomen.

Monounsaturated fatty acids are rich in seeds, avocados, olive oil, nuts.

No. 7 Minimize fast carbohydrate intake

Reducing the calorie intake, which contributes to weight loss, gaining a flat stomach, is to limit simple, that is, fast carbohydrates. Refined are especially dangerous. The effectiveness of this approach to the diet is confirmed by numerous studies that recommend replacing refined carbohydrates with useful whole ones.

The risks of developing abdominal fat in people who eat whole grains are reduced by seventeen percent compared with those who eat fast carbohydrates. Therefore, by minimizing the number of the latter, giving preference to useful, you can significantly improve the appearance of the body and get rid of fat accumulations in the waist.

№8 Engage in strength training

Fat burning diets have a significant disadvantage in that muscle mass is lost along with fat. When this happens, not only the metabolism is disrupted, but much less calories are burned. Weight loss exercises can prevent muscle loss by improving the quality of metabolic processes in the body. An important fact is that such physical activity strengthens the muscles of the press.

Performing aerobic and strength exercises is the most effective way to make the waist thin. In addition, we must not forget that weight training allows you to preserve muscle mass even when dieting, which positively affects the process of burning abdominal fat and metabolic rate.

№9 Exercise exclusively in a standing position

The effectiveness of physical activity is directly dependent on how it is performed. If we compare the exercises on simulators and in a sitting position with those that are done while standing, the latter are much more effective. This is due to the use of more muscles to maintain their own body weight and balance, which requires an increase in energy expended.

It was experimentally confirmed that when a person is standing, then muscle activity during exercise increases in the range from 7 to 25%, and breathing improves significantly. The last advantage of training is almost imperceptible, but it makes a significant contribution to strengthening the muscles of the middle part of the body. It is physical activity carried out in a standing position that allows you to increase calorie consumption and the amount of oxygen entering the body, stimulate muscle work.

No. 10 Cook food with apple cider vinegar

The composition of apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, which has a positive effect on health. As shown by animal experiments, it inhibits the production of adipose tissue. In humans, experiments of a similar nature have not been conducted, but there was one significant study.

Overweight people took one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar every day for two weeks. After the end of the experiment, it turned out that the waist in girth decreased on average by 1.4 centimeters.

№11 Make daily half-hour walks

The best way to lose weight and improve your health is to combine a diet with physical activity. It is not necessary to immediately take up complex intensive training, you can limit yourself to simpler exercises.

Daily fast walking from 30 to 40 minutes, for which about 7500 steps are taken, has a positive effect on the condition of the lower back and abdominal region. The latter helps prevent the appearance of fat at the waist.

№12 Try to completely eliminate liquid calories

Carbonated sweet juices and water, as well as energy drinks contain a lot of sugar and calories in liquid form. Their feature is that they are drunk in large quantities. The main risk of such a drink is that liquid calories are absorbed by the body much worse than solid ones. Therefore, they should be deleted from the diet very first.

During a scientific experiment, it was possible to identify the fact that each drinkable bottle of carbonated sweet drink increases the risk of obesity in children by 60%. Such drinks contain a large amount of fructose. This is what directly affects the collection of excess fat in the abdominal cavity.

No. 13 Eat single-ingredient and whole foods

The most important dietary recommendation for a flat stomach. Whole foods have a lot of minerals, water, trace elements, fiber. To overeat such food is almost impossible. In addition, it overwhelmingly helps to reduce weight.

Single-ingredient foods include: dairy products, vegetables, whole grains, fish, legumes, unprocessed meat, nuts. They allow you to quickly satisfy your hunger, provide the body with many useful substances, lose fat at the waist.

№14 Drink plenty of water

Drinking fluid acts on the body in three directions at once, when water is drunk in large quantities:

  • accelerates metabolism and increases the energy expenditure of the body by about 100 calories per day;
  • reduces the amount of food consumed if the liquid is drunk immediately before a meal;
  • relieves bloating and constipation.

Those who want to lose weight need to drink one glass of water before each meal.

Abundant drinking activates the metabolism, saturates faster, normalizes digestion, eliminating constipation. All this allows you to make the stomach more flat.

No. 15 Eat exclusively in a meaningful way

To eat meaningfully means that it refers to food not only as a source of satisfying any feelings or emotions, but also as a means intended to compensate for the need for it. Food according to this scheme should be deliberate, contributing to weight loss, and not with the goal of eliminating the stress that provokes overeating.

If you rebuild your eating habits, restraining your own emotions in relation to food, then controlling your own weight will become much easier. Thus, food will cease to be a tool for a person to achieve only satiation, but will become a means exclusively to eliminate the physiological feeling of hunger.

No. 16 Do not swallow air with carbon dioxide

This does not concern the respiratory process, but the use of carbonated drinks - the main source of carbon dioxide. It is present in the vesicles, released after ingestion. Carbon dioxide can provoke nausea or digestive upset.

Similar negative consequences are obtained from chewing gum when talking during a meal, drinking drinks through a straw. To eliminate the effect of fat accumulation on the stomach caused by carbon dioxide, it is necessary to eat food in silence, drink liquid in glasses, replace carbonated drinks with plain water.

Chewing gum and carbonated drinks cause stomach problems for many, not just those who are overweight.

№17 Engage in high-intensity training

Exercise of increased intensity, performed for short periods of time, with short breaks between the individual approaches, forces the body to work on enhanced fat burning, speeding up the metabolism not only during classes, but also after training. You can do jumping, rowing, sprinting.

The advantage of such training is that they have a short duration, taking from 10 to 20 minutes. This allows you not to spend a lot of time on training, but at the same time accelerate metabolism, remove fat from problem areas.

№18 Try to stress yourself as little as possible

Worrying and arriving in a stressful state is absolutely normal for every person, without exception, but hiding the danger of developing various diseases, as well as overeating. Due to stress, cortisol is synthesized in the body. This hormone provokes an increase in appetite, overeating, increased accumulation of fat in the abdominal cavity.

Shocks are especially dangerous for fat people. This risk group is most vulnerable to an increase in the fat layer in the waist area against the background of the release of cortisol into the body. To take control of your experiences, not to let bad emotions win, you should meditate and do yoga.

# 19 Focus on protein-rich foods

The most important nutrient on the menu of every person who decides to lose weight is protein. Against the background of its assimilation, a large amount of carbohydrates and fats are burned in the body. And if foods with a high protein content are present in the daily diet, this leads to the burning of another 80-100 extra calories per day.

Suppression of appetite, faster onset of satiety, and better preservation of muscle mass also play an important role. As a result of scientific research, a relationship was found between protein intake and a decrease in waist coverage, rather than with a minimum content of protein-rich food in the diet.

The required daily protein intake depends on physical activity, gender, age. The optimal amount of this substance from the total calorie daily dose is from 20 to 30 percent. The correct protein diet allows you to increase metabolism, preserve muscle mass, and reduce obesity in people who are overweight.

№20 control the amount of food consumed

Чтобы избавиться от лишних килограммов, необходимо следить за собственным питанием. Можно подсчитывать количество калорий, вести дневник, куда подробно записываются все приемы пищи и перекусы, либо фотографировать, все что съедается.

Достаточно делать это несколько дней либо недель. Это даст шанс знать, сколько калорий потребляется, необходимо ли сократить рацион или выбранное меню позволяет добиваться поставленной цели. Благодаря мониторингу своего питания, потерять килограммы и обрести более тонкую талию можно гораздо проще.

№21 Употреблять куриные яйца

Белки, которые в большом количестве содержит куриное яйцо, способствуют потере лишних килограммов. В крупной яйце заключено не более 77 калорий. Если ежедневно в течение двух месяцев есть на завтрак яйца, то можно похудеть на 65% больше, нежели при употребление других продуктов.

Съедаемое в утренние часы яйцо позволяет снизить калории в организме в последующие сутки. Кроме того, этот продукт гораздо более полезнее другой пищи с аналогичной калорийностью, а также помогает снизить жировую прослойку на талии и животе.

№22 Спать достаточно времени

Хороший сон является неотъемлемой частью похудения. Процессы набора лишнего веса усиливаются тогда, когда взрослые спять меньше пяти, а дети — десяти часов. У женщины нехватка сна провоцирует увеличение талии.

У страдающих от постоянного недосыпания людей ожирение возрастает на 55%. Это последствие легко устраняется после увеличения времени, проводимого во сне. Иначе проблема с весом будет и дальше все больше усугубляться.

№23 Поддерживание кратковременного поста

Держать пост в течение непродолжительного времени — это питать по схеме, где обычное меню чередуется с постным. Наибольшей популярностью пользуется соблюдение поста на протяжении суток от двух и до четырех раз в неделю. Есть и другой подход, когда 16 часов в день ничего не едят, а принимают пищу в промежутке между обеденной трапезой и ужином. Это ведет к употреблению меньшего количества калорий.

Придерживаться поста полезно и эффективно, поскольку это позволяет ограничить ежедневное употребление пищи. Главным преимуществом такого подхода являет то, что он гораздо проще изнуряющих диет. Кратковременный пост не требует доводить себя мучительными ограничениями, а порой и настоящим голодом. Пост дает возможность перенести лишения рациона значительно легче.

№24 Включать в рацион рыбий жир либо жирные сорта рыбы

Есть жирную рыбу следует от одного и до двух раз в неделю. Этот продукт имеет в своем составе Омега-3 жирные кислоты, а также белки высокого качества. Оба эти вещества невероятно полезны для здоровья.

Благодаря Омега-3, значительно сокращается синтез жира в области брюшной полости, а также печени. Когда жирной рыбы нет, достойной альтернативой становится рыбий жир или добавки, в состав которых он входит.

№25 Минимизировать употребление сахара

Продукты, которые содержат сахар, считаются одной из причин развития риска многих недугов, среди которых заболевания печени и сердца, а также диабет. Такая пища получила высокое распространение, что и послужило проведению многочисленных исследований.

Их результаты продемонстрировали связь между сахаросодержащими продуктами и приростом жира в области живота и талии. Особенно это касается употребления разнообразных сладких напитков. Чтобы избежать подобного последствия, необходимо всегда изучать состав приобретаемого продукта.

№26 Применять кокосовое масло

Этот продукт имеет в своем составе уникальную комбинацию жирных кислот. Именно в кокосовом масле содержатся среднецепочечные триглецерины в большой концентрации. Когда они начинают употребляться вместо обычных жиров, то количество израсходованной энергии возрастает, а насыщение наступает гораздо быстрее.

Кокосовое масло содержит жирные кислоты, но никак не тормозит процесс похудения. Однако следует учитывать и тот факт, что этот продукт имеет в составе жиры, калорийность которых на каждый грамм составляет 9 калорий. Следовательно, кокосовым маслом нужно именно заменять другие виды масел, а не вводить его дополнительно.

Если этот продукт со среднецепочечными триглецеренами правильно добавить в свое меню, то можно быстрее насыщаться, терять жировые накопления в организме. Главное, другие масла обязательно исключают.

№27 Укреплять мышцы кора

Тренировка пресса и выполнение скручиваний направлены на укрепление здоровья, улучшение физической формы. Регулярное выполнение этих упражнений укрепляет брюшную мускулатуру, увеличивает ее в объемах, что позволяет предотвратить появление боли в области спины.

Сильное и развитое телосложение помогает улучшить осанку. Это положительно отражается на облике человека. Он становится увереннее в себе, смотрится выше. Разработка пресса укрепляет поддерживающие живот мышцы. Лучшими для этой области считаются упражнения из пилатеса и планка.

№28 Пить побольше несладкого зеленого чая и черного кофе

Эти два напитка считаются максимально эффективными для человека. Употребление кофе повышает расход калорий от 3 и до 11%. Чай, приготовленный из экстракта зеленого чая, увеличивает количество сжигаемого жира на 17, а затрачиваемых калорий — на 4%. Это касается и черного, и китайского чая улунг.

Проводимые с животными и людьми эксперименты продемонстрировали то, что употребление чая с кофе позволяет снизить выработку брюшного жира. Это делает область талии более выраженной, а фигуру подтянутой.

№29 Не злоупотреблять алкоголем

На каждый грамм содержащего алкоголь напитка приходится порядка 7 калорий. Это обусловлено присутствием жидких калорий. Энергетическая ценность пива аналогична газированным сладким напиткам, а красного вина вдвое больше.

В умеренных количествах алкоголь не окажет какого-либо влияния на вес в сторону увеличения. Систематическое употребление неминуемо скажется на фигуре в виде набранных лишних килограммов. Людям, которые желают не иметь животика, обязательно следует отказаться от алкоголя или позволять себе его лишь изредка.

№30 Вести активный образ жизни

Это касается не физических упражнений, а обычной повседневной деятельности, то есть абсолютно любого движения, совершаемое ежедневно человеком. Когда что-то делать не сидя, а стоя либо двигаясь, то расходуемая энергия повышается в 5 или даже в 6 раз.

Точных доказательств нет, но ученые полагают, что регулярная активность значительно повышает затраты энергии. Они доходят до двух тысяч калорий в сутки. Разговаривая по телефону, не следует просто сидеть, как можно больше вставать, ходить по лестнице, а не пользовать лифтом.


Представленные способы позволяют придать животу подтянутость, упругость, плоскость. Если воплотить в реальность эти советы, то уже спустя достаточно короткое время можно увидеть кубики на прессе, которые были сокрыты жировые отложениями. Однако, конечно, не следует рассчитывать на мгновенный результат. Потребуется упорство и время.