Calorie content of potatoes per hundred grams

Potato is a perennial herbaceous tuber plant of the Solanaceae family, brought from the Netherlands by Peter the Great in the eighteenth century, grown in almost every region of the country both in private gardens and farms. The flowers are poisonous. Only tubers are edible. Many of them liked their excellent tastes and variability of the prepared dishes.

Potatoes contain valuable substances for the body. The concentration of starch in 100 grams of the product reaches 20, and protein - up to 2 grams. Potato protein contains absolutely all amino acids inherent in plants. A small concentration of vitamin C is offset by frequent consumption of vegetables.

The high potassium content makes potatoes good for the heart muscle. In addition, the vegetable exhibits good diuretic properties. The pinkish tuber peel incorporates tuberosin. This particular substance resists tubercle bacillus.

It is difficult to find someone who does not like to taste potatoes. However, given the fact that those who want to lose weight or keep fit, constantly calculate the calorie content of their daily diet, the issue of calorie content of this vegetable is relevant for many. Especially, taking into account the fact that the cooking method dramatically changes the energy value of potatoes.


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Calorie Boiled Potato

Any boiled food is always healthier than fried. Cooking does not lead to the formation in foods of a high concentration of substances harmful to the body. Potatoes not only do not become junk food, but they also retain calories close to natural, that is, at a level of from 70 to 80 kilocalories.

In the process of cooking, the energy value, of course, decreases, but only by a small value. In order for the body to receive the necessary amount of phosphorus, carbohydrates, potassium, it is enough to eat 300 g of boiled potatoes per day.

How many calories are in fries ">

Potato slices fried in abundant amounts of vegetable oil are incredibly popular in fast food chains and are McDonald's signature dish. A special way to cook crispy potatoes increases the calorie content of the vegetable at times. For 100 grams of fries, about 400 kcal. This covers the fourth part of the daily calorie necessary for a person.

How many calories in fried potatoes

At times more than that of boiled, it approaches in quantity to fries. In 100 grams of fried potatoes, 327 kcal. The root crop acquires an additional amount of energy value due to frying. Therefore, the greater the amount of oil added during cooking, the higher the calorie content.

Uniform calorie potato

The root crop cooked in water, unpurified from its own peel, is cooked the fastest. Wash the potatoes and dip them in a pot filled with water. The calorie content of such a dish does not exceed 74 kcal for every 100 grams of product.

This indicator of energy value is really low, so you can eat potatoes in their uniforms even during a diet. Along with few calories, the dish has other benefits. It is rich in magnesium and potassium.

The most useful for cooking potatoes in their uniforms are young tubers. In the outer layer of these root crops a large number of trace elements are concentrated, which are important for human health.

The value of potatoes directly depends on the duration of the shelf life. The more time elapses from the time of harvest, the more harmful substances accumulate in the upper layer. Eating such unpeeled root crops is not recommended.