Powerlifting Training Programs

The main goal that is set for each athlete involved in powerlifting is to maximize weight in one of the basic exercises - bench press, squats with a barbell, deadlift. Previously, this list consisted of four exercises. A large number of injuries sustained by athletes led to the exclusion of the bench press standing from the competition. To perform weight lifting in powerlifting, an athlete needs to develop strength indicators.

Only an experienced athlete who fully understands the essence and ultimate goal of the whole process can draw up a training program for a powerlifter. Particular importance is given to the individual abilities of the athlete, which include: strength, experience, anatomical and physical indicators. Beginners are encouraged to start independent training after visiting a powerlifting section. At the initial stage, you should find a mentor who can help with understanding the basics of powerlifting, the technique of performing basic exercises.


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The term "penetration" refers to the maximum possible weight that an athlete can lift. It must be carried out by everyone who wants to engage in this discipline. This is due to the peculiarity of the program, which consists in drawing up the training process on the basis of a certain percentage of the weight lifted by the athlete. There are three types of training - easy, medium, heavy. The first is to lift weights from 50, the second from 65, and the third from 90% of the weight that an athlete lifts.

In one day, you can perform a run immediately on all muscle groups. The main thing is that between the approaches a big break is made. First you can do a squat, then a bench press, and then a deadlift. Of course, before each difficult approach, you need to warm up and warm up well. Work on driving is best with someone in tandem. This is necessary for the correct determination of the maximum lifting weight. The projectile in the final approach should be so heavy that it could not be lifted. At the time of failure, you will need the help of a partner who will insure the athlete. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury when pressing or squatting. Driving is carried out on a principle from larger to smaller. First, the step between approaches should vary from 10 to 20, and in recent attempts, from 2 to 3 kilograms.

Powerlifting Workouts

The training program is developed by an experienced specialist who takes into account the results obtained during the implementation of the penetration, individual opportunities. The total duration of each training plan is a maximum of three months. This limitation is due to the addiction of the body, the absence of any progress. After 90 days, you need to perform the drive again, change the program.

Most of the workouts designed to increase the power indicator in powerlifting involve conducting classes three times a week. The training process is arranged in such a way that between the day to perform squats and deadlifts in the schedule there is always a lesson in the bench. This step is explained by the high load on the legs when doing traction and squats. Therefore, this muscle group needs more recovery time, which allows you to get a training day with a bench press. When two basic exercises are done at once in one training session, then one is performed with a low weight, and the other with a large one.

All of these principles together make up the training program in powerlifting.

No. 1 Training Program

First day:

  1. Heavy bench press
  2. Light squats
  3. If you still have strength, you can do a French bench press, or push-ups on the uneven bars.

Second day:

  1. Deadlift
  2. If there are forces left, then we do hyperextensions and barbell lifts for biceps + hammers.

Third day:

  1. Bench press
  2. Heavy squats
  3. If there are forces left, then we are working on deltas - swings in the slope, on the sides, in front of us.

Training weights will depend on the results of your progress, that is, on the maximum performance. The number of repetitions and the execution methodology will depend on the cycle you use (the Russian cycle and Verkhoshansky are very well known in powerlifting). Professionals know how to use these cycles, and for beginners, we recommend contacting a coach who will direct you in the right direction.

No. 2 Training Program

Day 1 - chest:

  • Light squats - 5 sets of 5 reps with 60% of maximum weight;
  • Bench press - 5 × 5 with 70-100%;
  • Army bench - 5 × 10.

Day 2 - back:

  • Deadlift - 5 × 5 with 70-100%;
  • Shrugs - 5 × 20;
  • Narrow grip bench press for triceps - 5X10.

Day 3 - legs:

  • Squat - 5 × 5 with 70-100%;
  • Rises on socks - 4 × 20;
  • The pull of the bar to the chin is 4 × 10.

The duration of this training cycle should not exceed 3 months. Train 3 times a week, in the first 7 days, work with 75% of your maximum that you set on the penetration. Next week, work with 80%, and then increase your working weight by 2.5% every week. After the end of the program, you need to replace it, or start over, having done the drilling again.

№3 Training program

Day 1:

  • Heavy squat - 5 × 5 - 75-85%;
  • Light press - 5 × 5 - 65-70%.

Day 2:

  • Deadlift - 3 × 5 - 75-80%;
  • Inclined rod pull - 3 × 6-8.

Day 3 :

  • Squat light 3 × 5 - 55-70%;
  • Heavy press 5 × 5 - 75-85%;
  • Narrow Grip Bench 3 × 8-10.

Classes 3 times a week. Using this training program in powerlifting is recommended for beginner athletes. If there is a desire and strength, then to the basic exercises you can add a couple of isolated to separate muscle groups, but practice shows that this set is enough for a beginner.

Video “Training program of Pavel Badyrov”

Video “Educational program for educational programs”