The best exercise equipment for weight loss

Well-being and physical fitness are two factors that testify to human health. No scientific and medical advances make it possible to obtain both. Things are completely different with sports. Training allows you to gain good shape and confidence, increase stress resistance and protective functions of the body.

The relevance of the sport today is great because of obesity, which affects a large number of people due to the lack of balanced proper nutrition and active daily activities. Interest in physical exercises is growing steadily and is caused primarily by the desire to lose weight.

There are many different exercises that are performed without any sports equipment, but you can engage in both at home and in the gym on various simulators that promote weight loss. And if it is decided to purchase such equipment for the home, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the main types of these devices in advance.


  • 1 Effective Weight Loss Home Fitness Equipment
    • 1.1 Elliptical Trainer
    • 1.2 Treadmill
    • 1.3 Exercise bike or stationary bike
    • 1.4 stepper
    • 1.5 Rowing machine
  • 2 Additional loads when exercising on simulators for weight loss
    • 2.1 Gymnastic hoop
    • 2.2 Fitball
    • 2.3 Rotating Disc
  • 3 How to choose a simulator for home "> 4 Where can I buy a simulator?

Effective Home Weight Loss Fitness Equipment

The best sports simulators include the following:

  • elliptical;
  • Treadmills;
  • bicycle trainers;
  • steppers;
  • rowing machines;
  • hand training equipment.

The equipment is presented by efficiency. To decide which one to give preference, you should consider the features of each.

Elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainers, judging by user reviews, are considered the most effective for losing weight. They simulate fast running, the peculiarity of which is that it is similar to skiing. Cardiologists recommend those who suffer from certain heart diseases to practice in the orbit track. According to experts, these sports devices are great for performing high-grade cardio.

Another advantage of the simulator is the minimum load on the joints. It can run even those who have suffered a trauma in the recent past. A half-hour training on an elliptical trainer is enough to burn about 350 or more kilocalories.


The most popular aerobic exercise machine. Its demand is not just high, but widespread. Treadmills are mandatory in every gym. They perfectly help those who are losing weight lose weight.

An important role in the popularization of such simulators is played by ease of use. The runner only needs to stand on the track of the running simulator, select the optimal speed and press the start button to activate the track. This simulator is considered the most convenient among aerobic ones.

The intensity of training on the treadmill is adjusted to individual characteristics. It is determined by the speed and angle of inclination of the moving web. For beginners, it’s best not to run, but to do the simplest - steps that mimic everyday walking.

When practicing on a treadmill, it is necessary to gradually increase the intensity - to increase the speed with which the belt moves. Sudden jumps in loads can cause serious harm to the body, so the loads increase in stages, and not immediately.

Exercise bike or stationary bike

The best choice for fans of cycling, allowing you to combine your favorite pastime and the process of losing weight. Depending on the landing, exercise bikes are available in two types - horizontal and vertical. The latter type has a design that is similar to a conventional bicycle, except for the absence of wheels. Vertical is the best option for those who have problems with the spine.

The models of this simulator are presented in a wide assortment. Preference should be given to the fact that they allow you to control the degree of load of the "rider", as well as having automatic adjustment of resistance. The speed mode, the distance covered and the time spent on training, and other indicators in exercise bikes are set automatically.

Modern exercise bikes are equipped with a large number of additional options and devices, including sensors for burning calories and heart rate, bottle holders and much more.


It is a simulator of climbing stairs. A great option for those who want to lose weight, but have problems with their knees and feet while exercising. To choose a high-quality stepper, you should pay special attention to how stable the purchased device is.

Rowing machine

This sports equipment belongs to rather complicated devices. Exercises performed on a rowing machine are not only difficult, but also require a lot of strength. Most people do not like to practice it because of excessive complexity and stress.

The difficulty of working on the rowing machine is its strength, as it provides high efficiency and effectiveness. Its principle of operation can be compared exclusively with rowing on a boat, which leads to rapid fatigue.

Due to the large energy costs, the weight does not stand still, but is significantly reduced after a short period of time. The rowing type simulator involves the upper and lower muscle groups. This allows not only to lose weight, but also to develop the strength and beautiful shape of these parts of the body.

Rowing machines are difficult to practice, but the chance of getting injured while doing the exercises is minimal. Short-term workouts make it possible to compensate for longer ones involving other devices. All modern models of this equipment are equipped with an integrated ventilation system.

Additional loads when exercising on simulators for weight loss

The purchase of a simulator for home is not a reason to refuse other types of physical activity. Do not focus on one thing. The more diverse your workouts, the better. It is not necessary to purchase expensive equipment, there are many types of simple and affordable equipment that allows you to complement classes on simulators and improve your figure.

The most effective and popular sports equipment that are used in the gym and at home, allowing you to make the figure more attractive, are jump ropes, expanders, rubber and some others. Those wishing to get rid of the fat layer in the abdomen are recommended to pay attention to the following sports equipment:

Gymnastic hoop

The modern variety of hula hoops is strikingly different from the usual hoop common in the USSR. You can twist the projectile around the abdomen absolutely anywhere.


It is an orthopedic ball for fitness, with which people of any age can engage. It is available in various diameters and is made from materials that make it as effective as possible during training.

Spinning disk

Inexpensive and easy to use, the device is based on the fact that side-to-side rotation strengthens the abdominal muscles. Engaged in such a projectile is recommended every day for 20 minutes.

How to choose a simulator for home "> Where can I buy a simulator?

In a specialized city or online store. The main thing is that the selected supplier has all the necessary certificates for the equipment offered for sale. Much about the quality and integrity of the seller will also be reflected in the reviews of customers who purchased exercise machines for home use or in the gym.