Supersets on the buttocks for girls

The most attractive part of the body in women is the buttocks. Unfortunately, not all girls can boast of attractive, supple, beautiful buttocks, unfortunately. This also applies to athletes. Among the fair sex, regularly training in the gym, only every third or fourth girl can boast of inflated and developed gluteal muscles.

There are many reasons for this. Buttocks can be undeveloped due to the predominantly sedentary lifestyle, as well as the lack of a proper training program. Correct the situation will help the program of supersets on the buttocks for girls, designed specifically for pumping the buttocks, the effectiveness of which is beyond doubt.

To give the buttocks a perfect shape, you need to pay increased attention to the development of the back of the thigh. The latter plays an important role in the formation of attractive legs that evoke the admiring glances of men.


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    You need to start the workout by warming up the legs and knee joints. A warm-up consists of doing regular squats. They are made in 2 sets to a parallel of 30 repetitions.

    When the warm-up is completed, proceed to the direct training:

    Block 1

    Squat “plie” (that is, with a dumbbell between the legs) “plus” deadlift with dumbbells

    It consists in performing squats with an instant transition to deadlift in about ten seconds. Next, a break of 45-70 seconds follows and a ligament is repeated.

    Achieving the desired result implies that the superset needs to be done 2 times, and the number of repetitions in each should be adjusted to 15.

    Block 2

    Lunges with dumbbells and a small feed forward

    This exercise is not a superset, but is aimed at working out exclusively gluteal muscles.

    You need to lunges with maximum dedication. There should be at least three approaches, and at least 15 repetitions in each. An ideal option is to perform lunges as many times as possible, until burning in the buttocks begins to be felt.

    Once the lunges are over, move on to the next superset, which allows you to develop hip biceps, not just gluteal muscles.

    Block 3

    Leverage back legs "plus" hyperextension without weight

    It assumes execution from 2 to 3 superseries, in each of which 15 repetitions are done. The main thing is to observe the correct rhythm. Rest between separate approaches in the set should be a maximum of 15 seconds, and between series - no more than 60 seconds.

    This training program is a highly effective program, thanks to which the buttocks become rounded and elastic. It is important to remember regularity. It is necessary to engage in the presented complex at least once a week. It is not recommended to devote more than forty minutes to working out the gluteal muscles in one session.

    What to consider when correcting the buttocks ">